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Michael Finkel, author of the real story of THE NEW PERSON INSIDE THE WOODS: THE REMARKABLE STORY FROM THE LAST REAL HERMIT, you have my utmost respect. Not only is this story of Chris Knight one of the very compelling that I have read in some time, but the lengths that you went to, to analyze his venture into the woods of Maine, to understand him, to get to know him, evidently better than other people has, also to represent him with such dignity, astounds me.
Getting never heard of this story, I was riveted from the get-go. Just what would have got a person to want to leave society and be completely isolated from their family and all society for that matter. It wasn’t until the finish of the book that I actually truly understood Knight’s hoping for this lifestyle. I am not sure that when he set out to live as a hermit, that he knew yet either.
Although some, especially those whose homes were burgled, might still never understand what would cause a person to want to live in such extreme conditions let by yourself in solitude, far removed from the ‘regular’ world, after reading the book, while I will never spend a night, let by yourself an hour in the woods, what drew Knight makes sense to me personally now.
Since the author quotes thinker Merton, among others, “true solitary does not seek himself, but loses themself. ” This book instructs us a great deal about what it truly means to be around oneself. The seriously profound and intellectually rousing thoughts that come from doing so, most of us all will probably never know. It is not necessarily merely a story about how a person one day wandered into the woods and decided to leave his life behind and just eat the land, and the pantries of hundreds of local cabins. It is so much more. A lot more thought-provoking. It’s not to say any time reading THE PARTICULAR STRANGER INSIDE THE WOODS that every reader will certainly feel compelled to pick up and leave their jobs, households, and the comfort of modern society behind, but it sure does offer food for thought.
Finkel points out “that most of us feel like something is missing from our lives, and wondered then if Knight’s journey was to seek it. But life isn’t about searching endlessly to find what’s missing; it may be about learning to live with the missing parts. ”, I wanted to read this book as the Maine woods have been a part of my life and am was unfamiliar with this story until I actually saw this book. I actually realized from the start that essentially of this story was an important topic I have already recently been worrying about that I actually feel American society either is unaware of or is purposefully ignoring: the neuro-atypical person and the challenge of how they will live (not thriving but suffering) in modern America.

I found the guide a page turner from the start. I did sneak to the Internet as I was dying to know more and found many videos online such as press conferences with the investigating local legislation enforcement and video of the now-disassembled camp site. The story was written in a way that was engaging and it also moved at a pace that was just right. It can a short 201 web pages and the individual details were provided in only nine hours of interviewing, limited by the " hermit's" choice to tell only a great deal and no more, keeping some points private, and posting his opinions that are sometimes short and straight-forward (not pontificating).

This is the story of a man who walked into the Maine woods with a small quantity of items who chose to live in privacy, robbing lakeside summer campement (vacation cabins) for food and basic supplies. Without military or survivalist training other than reading industry books such as the Foxfire series, he devised systems and carved a llife that allowed him to live for 27 years in the brutal Maine hardwoods, sometimes in 20+ below zero the winter season. He only interacted along with other people 2 times, once saying just " hi" to a hiker and once with hand movements and body gestures only. Knight was content and found peace in living that life until he was caught with the aid of complex surveillance equipment while robbing food from a nonprofit get away for disabled children (including kids on the Autism Spectrum).

While telling the story of Christopher Knight's life as a hermit, Finkel weaves in his research on the related subjects of voluntary solitude versus loneliness, mental performance and what scientific studies have told us about the human requirement of social relationship, the role of hormones, and about various (supposed) disorders that our modern society has invented and given names to. To a layperson Knight seems to have Asperger's, but which a diagnosis that now no longer exists, it's been has been renowned and grouped under the broader umbrella term Autism Spectrum Disorder. From my own reading of the book Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children and Adults by James Webb et al I wonder if Knight's IQ is the one that is so high that other neuro-atypical elements also are present. Available it was said that doctors refused to make a diagnosis of Asperger's because Knight was too high functioning in daily life to qualify for the diagnosis. Typically the heartbreaking part of this story is usually that the suffering that Knight endured was credited to square pegs not fitting in the round holes of modern American modern society, his relief and contendedness was found residing in solitude in nature, but this is not really granted in America, and when possible it's only available to those who are able to financially support themselves due to a inheritance or some income supply that they are fortunate to discover that meshes with their talents and abilities. Also explored available was how other cultures around the world have places for hermit-types to go also to live supported for their need for food and shelter by modern society (not financially self-sufficient). Prior to the disassembling of the asylums in the United States, perhaps a few of the residents were those who were square pegs.

If you just want to hear the story of who, what, when, where, why and how, all that is here in a short easy read. I actually finished it off in under 48 hours reading between living my regular life. I could have finished it in one sitting easily wanted to stay up past too far or clear my calendar for a morning. But this book provides more food for thought, for me personally at least, than just Knight's hermit years tale. I hope this book is a catalyst for People in america to think about this issue, with the growing rates of Autism and mental illness, we have more people this ten years than ever before who are not fitting in with the mandatory American public school system and who are not fitting directly into work jobs as adults enough to support themselves independently let by yourself the issue of if a person is happy or content. When a person suffers now they are labeled as depressed, should they worry too much, they have got anxiety. The rise in the use of psychiatric medications to try to help people who are not fitting in with American society's described " right way to work and be" is not at all times successful in converting a person into being something we call cured. All of us don't just let people be, anyone found to be atypical is seeking to be fixed. In case relatives take in a family member with what we call a disability or mental illness, the price tag on living can be so high that it's hard to afford it. This societal problem is going to worsen in the upcoming decades. But I digress.

This guide is a great read that informs and it was written with respect and portrays Knight with dignity. It's not sensationalized for entertainment purposes and it is not patronizing (thank goodness). Rating 5 stars sama dengan Love It. This REQUIRES TO BE CONVERTED TO The MOVIE so it can reach a wider audience and that income perhaps can support Knight's ability to live the kind of life he needs to feel inner peace and contentment., After reading a few chapters of this book, I actually was hooked immediately. I actually couldn't input it down. Since someone who is attracted both to nature and seclusion, I was interested in Christopher Knight's retreat from modern, Western society, into the heart of Maine's hardwoods. Many of us dream of secluding from the busyness of modern living—the fast-paced, noisy, cyclical character in which life has become; yet many of us do not have the courage or tenacity to pursue such a dream, much less accomplish this dream for the amount of time that Knight did.

In case you are like me—a dreamer, a wanderer, a hopeless romantic for escape—then this book will instantly capture you. You will end up attracted into a story of a man that psychologists and therapists have no categories for. You will be drawn into a tale of a man who survives the intensity of Maine's weather and the stop of isolation. I assure, whether you agree with his choices or not, you will be attracted into this man's life, enthralled by his zeal for solitude, and his utter brilliance in the whole quest.

On a practical stage, Michael Finkel has written this biographical account excellently. The book is written well, getting out of the relationship wanting more and more of the storyplot when the chapters finish. The chapters are brief so that one can read briefly each night and still make substantial headway in a few weeks. The account of Knight's life is both set up in narrative and in some ways, topically. In case you are buying new book that will catch your attention, make you question a few of your options, and leave you desiring more out of life—please, pick up this guide!

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