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I think it couldn’t get any better than “The Dream” but oh ya it can!! The author has hit it of the sports event with, " Revealed, " Book 2 in the Dark Stranger series, the players are the same with a few new characters to amp in the storyline. All are impeccably created and presented to us, the readers, with mastery. We have swept into the pages and thrown around for a while and then released well content with our experience. Kudos to the author, please keep on writing you have a tremendous flare because of it!, Dark Stranger Uncovered covers where Dark Unfamiliar person The Dream left of, with Kian walking away from Syssi, and planing to keep his distance while she is hiding in the clan's secure high rise. But his solve soon falters and he seduces her. Syssi is powerless to resist her attraction to Kian, even though she doesn't think a man like Kian could want her for anything meaningful.
While both Kian and Syssi try to persuade themselves that their relationship is nothing more than a casual, short term affair that would last only until it's safe for Syssi to go home, the torment each of them feels at the outlook of parting states otherwise.
The plot thickens when Dalhu, the leader of the enemy unit, learns from Amanda's stollen research papers about Syssi's and another test subject's strong paranormal abilities. Dalhu strategies to snatch the two potential Dormants for themselves also to discover the precise location of the clan's hideout.
Meanwhile, Syssi begins to notice peculiarities about Kian and his people, and piecing together a terrifying but mistaken picture. the lady decides to run.
If Darkish Stranger The Dream was hot, then Dark Unfamiliar person Revealed was scorching. And if the first one had me panting with anticipation for what will happen next, this one got left me breathless. Aren't wait to find away!, I took a chance on a new author and found out an amazing read. The characters are phenomenal and the tale and the backdrop are epic. It kept me on the edge of my seat from book 1 to book 3. (I'm on book 4 now and it's just getting better and better. )
This is not a simple boy meets girl story with a few romps and a few twist and then it's the end. It's a saga that creates on and as well as each book ads another level. A lot of background is crammed into the first book but it's needed to set up such an epic story. Publication 2 is all about the romance. I've just finished reading fifty tones and I loved it but some of the scenes were cringe worthy. In this story the dominance and submission is very gentle and adoring, it's more in nature than physical. I liked it much better.
In a nutshell, I highly recommend it to enthusiasts of superior paranormal love., In the first book, Syssi is pulled into Kian's secret world of Immortals, and the interest together is a start of a budding romance. Publication two focuses on Syssi and Kian's relationship. Kian still doubts that Syssi is the flagship of the Godly gene but as his feelings on her behalf grow better he begins to dread the day he'll have to wipe her memories of him great clan. Syssi finds Kian's dominance thrilling and discoverers that she likes things a little spicy in the bedroom. But even though she is dropping under his spell the lady starts to notice oddities about Kian and his large as well as suspects they are involved in some sort of against the law business.
Meanwhile, Michael who is the other potential Dormant on Amanda's list, is preserved form the Doomers and introduced to benefit rise. The particular scenes about Michael's relationships with Kian and with the female Guardian Kri made me laugh away loud.
The particular character development continues in book two, along with a while the names in chapter headings become superfluous because each has such a unique voice that it is clear inside a phrase or two who the speaker is. The world building continues at a slower pace than in book one, with more subtle layers and detail added to the tale for a totally impressive experience., Dark Stranger: The particular Dream-Revealed-Immortal
Textbooks 1-3 within the Children of the Gods Series
I. T. Lucas

Books 1 through 3 of Lucas’s Children of the Gods series
Lucas’s Children of the Gods series is unique, eye opening and addicting. Her premise of descendants of Gods combating it out through the centuries and almost cleaning out the other and the human race is excitingly fresh in a genre gone stale. The contest may be ancient however they surround themselves with the amusement and technologies. With a plucky dialogue, action packed moments and unforgettable characters they are hard to put down and quite a few impossible to stop at just one.

Textbooks one through three is Kian and Syssi’s tale and must be read in order. In these first books of the series you will meet almost all of the characters, learn their history and will become intimate with a few key players. Lovers of things urban fantasy, myth enthusiasts and fans of kick-butt hero and heroines this is for you.
The audible edition told about by Charles Lawrence provides the listener a much deeper perspective of the tale by magnifying all the emotions and actions of the characters. His seductive baritone does a great job with all the sounds and the intonations of the very different characters, females and males, individual and immortals.
From the beginning of time there were near immortal creatures who may have molded humanity, been the item of worship but who as a contest almost destroyed the other and human civilization.
Now only two Gods are left both sworn enemies:
The particular followers of Morta, the Doomers and the descendants of the Goddess Annani.

Kian, the son of Annani is the head of his clan all descendant of the Empress they live a lonely existence denied true love because the only other of their kind are their greatest enemy. Any time Kian’s sister, Amanda finds out that humans who have certain psychic traits could be in fact dormants of their kind he’s skeptical until he meets her assistant and most likely candidate, Syssi and falls head over heels in lust with her.
Syssi understands she landed the perfect job as Doctor Amanda Dokani’s lab assistant that is until there is a break in at the labrador and Amanda insists the lady stays with her until the danger passes. Any time Syssi meet’s Amanda’s beautiful, unsettling brother, her whole world turns inverted and she has no idea what’s in store for her.

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