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To offer you an idea as in order to how sloppy the job is, imagine if Ben Mezrich wrote an e book concerning Neil Armstrong and the celestial body overhead landing. In the Mezrich version Neil Armstrong, after partying all night in addition to a little high upon cocaine, steals a rocket and along with two strippers/girlfriends makes the very first moon landing. Armstrong after that makes it back to planet landing around the lawn regarding the Playboy mansion simply in time for a great amazing blowout party together with Heffner and the ladies. While it holds true Armstrong was the first guy to walk on typically the moon, the entire bank account is fictionalized.

Ben Mezrich seems totally unaware regarding the true story around Absolute Poker and Greatest Bet. There is simply no excuse. The storyplot is broadly available. Good grief, 60 minutes did a portion on the cheating scandal. It is really too bad because the story is actually pretty interesting and would have made a great non-fiction book., Challenging to put this book down. This fast-paced story will likely end up being converted to a movie someday. This is a great read., Although the background Costa Rican story load is a bit overstated and not believable in order to one who have lived regarding over 30 years in Costa Rica as We have, the State side tale line and legal aventure sound plausible and most regarding the " Sports Book" operations in San Jose are now closed thus there has to be something to typically the reported fact that the USG is actively pursuing these kinds of operations. The book concentrates on a poker performed over the internet in addition to how was thought of because a skilled activity in addition to not a game regarding chance... to this not gambler's mind a actual stretch, but therefore the tale goes... that when the people in the book started out their operation and moved it to Costa Natural, there was no law against it.... until typically the U. S. DOJ determined that poker was really a game of possibility and that's when typically the plot thickens..... Its a great interesting read... just avoid believe all of typically the hype about how untrustworthy and unprofessional Costa Natural employees are..... not really real!, great read!!! i adored it. really motivating publication to get up and do something big!!!, Fun publication to read., Item received not surprisingly, If you usually are looking for a great summer read at typically the beach, I suggest an individual avoid this hastily created book that is short upon details and long upon fraternity boy humor in addition to international hookers. The publication seemed in a rush to get done, often skipping 6th months to a 12 months and several details about starting/running the company, very simplified look at business from a HBS graduate. While We realize it was told from the point regarding view in the frat males, this book had a definitive anti US, anti His party angle to it, making Brent out to end up being some kind of hero falsely attacked by the government. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid, big disappointment from Mezrich, Great read!

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