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We purchased Marshall Dotson’s guide in order to have a greater understanding of how to make15447 goals for my characters and strengthen the plots of my stories. I must say, this guide far exceeded my anticipation. Dotson utilizes a six-act framework (which can certainly fit into a three-act structure) to show the progression of actions and goals. Mister. Dotson organizes each chapter brilliantly, so that there is no way you can move past that chapter without having a strong comprehension of the concepts. This individual uses multiple examples from movies and books to show the progression of goals and actions in a story. He pauses each act down into a structure that is easy to follow and he includes a reference guide at the finish with a complete outline of most half a dozen acts. I started taking notes until I realized that the reference guide provided everything I needed. This individual also gives a ultimate outline of all of the movies and books he referenced, so you can see how each follows this framework from beginning to conclusion. As a bonus, Mr. Dotson writes with humor and there were many times We found myself laughing at his jokes. I’ve read a lot of publications on structure, but this one tops record. We hope Mr. Dotson puts out more books on writing., This is an interesting book on story framework. It focuses on structuring a story into a series of half a dozen acts that correspond with the protagonist's changing goals and his/her actions to reach the goal. This kind of structuring system makes a lot more sense than the other, classical types of story structure (at least for me). The breakdown of many popular books and movies help to illustrate how versatile this type of story structuring can be. It's especially useful for planning the story's middle, which can go nowhere if you're not careful.

This is not a how-to book, but it's not hard to see how this method could be applied to a story's brainstorming and outlining process. We have already begun rereading and note-taking (which is something I do only for craft-of-writing books I really like).

A couple of minimal complaints. The author's attempts at humor are sometimes distracting and inappropriate, and the book isn't available in hard copy. Regardless, We highly recommend this guide to anyone who writes, or enjoys reading craft-of-writing or story structure books., This is the best book on story structure I've read up to now. Coming up with story is one of my biggest struggles with writing and I need a whole lot of guidance. I depend on structure as prompts to help me think of plot points and scenes. I was previously using the three act framework but it's so hazy. I manage to think of a story skeleton with it but have a hard time completing the scenes between those points.

Doston provides an in-depth look at each of the six acts AND the various points that will make them up. He doesn't just say, for example, that the first work is the setup and leave it in which like many other resources. This individual explains exactly how the setup tends to happen (initial goal, oppressive competitors, disturbance, dilemma, new role), which helped me plan the first act better.

Although he doesn't explicitly say this, his system also accounts for the personality arc so you don't have to plan it separately. He provides many diverse examples and summarizes everything in a cool little package at the finish for quick reference. I was going to create my very own template but then I took a look at his website (sixactstructure. com) and he or she even has templates for you.

I used the template to plan my next project and came up with a story that I feel pretty delighted with. I haven't started out writing it yet but I don't feel lost or unsure of exactly what is going to happen, which is the #1 problem I have when We finally start writing a first draft. Completing the template only took a few hours, compared to the days I did previously spent trying to think of story.

If you, like myself, have trouble with plot and find that the greater structure and guidance you have, the better, then you'll probably enjoy this book., How can I place dependence on the skill and integrity of an writer who labels Hagrid a borderline pedophile and thinks the key character of the Harry Potter books is Lara Croft - and publishes it. This really is an instance of hubris - an author who thinks he does not need an manager.

From the book:
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

97 Novel

Written by JK Rowling

Lara Croft

Ultimate Objective
Stop Voldemort from using the Philosopher’s Stone to come again to life.

Total Runtime: 17 chapters

However, this self-published title, 'The Story Structure Secret - Actions and Goals', still is exploring and develops a audio structure for a story or screenplay, and is worth the cost. You will have to overlook some rather particular and often peculiar redundant attempts at humour and several poor self-editing. It is worth 3 stars due to sloppy and indulgent errors and humour, but it should be worth five stars due to entry to the authors useful website and the book's intellectual rigour., This guide should maintain every author's toolkit. Dotson creates a road map and clarifies it better than anyone I've read so far. If you want to be a good storyteller, first you have to learn how to share with a story. What will keep the reader engaged? If you don't think you should try, bear in mind that 70% of viewers never finish a guide. Why? Either they get lost or maybe the writer just can't keep the viewer engaged.

If you follow Marshall Dotson's map, you'll finish up with the story. How so? This individual takes the best publications and movies, slices and dices the narratives and draws you a range to get from point A, to point B, to point C and beyond. I can't say enough concerning this book. We couldn't have devoted the time it took to get this done. And, even if We had the time, We couldn't have written it any better than Dotson.

Every writer wants a template. Well, here it is., This book is great! I have a library of screenwriting books I've bought on Kindle and this is one I come back to. Typically the film breakdowns are a variety of current movies that really help you grasp this concept. Produces a great roadmap for your screenplay.

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