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This guide is an easy, fantastic read for fans of Roman history. It cover a fascinating amount of time in the Roman Republican period that you can draw parallels with today.

Mike's writing style is like his podcast style, informative, yet easy to read and get immersed in., We loved the History of Rome podcast, and the author’s transition from tone to prose is excellent. This material is simply as essential and nearly as impressive as the Caesar/Pompey/Octavius fall of the republic, but less often told. Highly suggested., Mike Duncan is an expert at crafting a cohesive narrative from rare and sometimes contradictory sources. His years of podcasting on the history of Rome and later historical revolutions have paid off here tremendously. I could not recommend this more., Fantastic book, have listened to a history or Rome and this book includes more information told in the same wonderful way., Genuinely exceptional book on the history of Rome. Extremely approachable, well written, and well sourced. Great read., Fantastic read this so far, Duncan always makes the story interesting and useful., I sometimes feel that books maintaining a four star rating are often skipped by Amazon buyers, as if four superstars were the new 3 stars. I can't in all conscience give this guide five stars, because We believe that should be stored for true masterworks of history, and also this isn't one. What it is is a very interesting, if a trifle dry, account of what I guess is best described as the middle many years of the Roman Empire--after the founding but before the Caesars.

Though it's easy to draw parallels to modern day shenanigans, to his credit author Mike Duncan for the most part lets the historical narrative speak for itself without opining much. He has a knack for inserting entertaining and insightful quotations at just the right moments. He manages to make things like the passing of an ancient law on land distribution genuinely suspenseful. And the time period itself was not done to death (in fact this individual states that's why this individual picked it to write about). What I valued most, though, is that we aren't treated to graphic accounts of folks being hacked to death in battles, a current literary trend. Duncan writes read more about the workings of the Roman government and the people and circumstances that formed laws and traditions that still resonate in consequence as a result of our day. This specific book would be perfectly appropriate for a teenager, or even preteen (it will have to be a smart preteen. Which of course your own is, naturally. Dumb people don't research books on Ancient Rome! ).

Flaws? Not necessarily many. It is as mentioned slightly dry, which to me is not actually a downside. If I'm reading right before bed We don't want anything too electrifying because then We can't sleep. More of a problem (and what keeps this from being five stars) is that the figures in this book have long Latin names that sometimes sound alike and Duncan doesn't always the actual best job differentiating them from one another. We also could have appreciated a graph at first outlining the differences involving the quaestors, praetors, consuls, etc . in both the scope and power of the various work. He does go over it, however you basically have to memorize the order and job details to understand the subsequent happenings. A easy-to-refer-to chart could have been nice.

Other than that, not just a bad job at all and a fun read, for the right mind. A strong fours stars and rating overall:

GRADE: B+, Rome's history was always lively, but as to the information of the Republic and its institutions, it hummed along on cruise control for a couple centuries, then things got interesting, and then it all went smash. This specific book is the history of the " interesting" years that set the stage for the last damage of the Republic and rise of the Disposition. It starts with the newest Gracchi brothers, proceeds to Gaius Marius, and ends with the dictatorship of Sulla.

This book is not written by a tenured historian but by a podcaster that specializes in Both roman history. Mike Duncan is one of many serious amateurs who produce a very creditable job. He is in the company of a history of the English Language podcast, or the Bell Beaker tumblr, folks who might as well have a PhD in the field in that they have done about just as much work as a pro, and devoted as much thought. It does not resemble a mashup of his podcasts, but a retelling according to that research. Perhaps much more his prose a little more narrative and less dry than an educational, but he does discuss the motivations and greater picture in addition to telling a smashing tale.

Duncan obviously leans seriously on the primary sources. Most of the facts of the history are sourced to various Both roman authors, although he enables the reader know when said author is simply propagandizing. (Interestingly, this book covers the same period as the popular Masters of Ancient rome series of historical books by Colleen McCullough. Right now there are many small displays that I assumed McCullough invented. I see many of them in this history, but with details to the original authors. ) The book also has a good bibliography.

Almost all in all, this guide is a satisfying predecessor to the of the many fine histories of Caesar, the civil wars, and the rise of Augustus.

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