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For me personally the book was a stupidity and money. For others it could be just what they wanted. The book was very general masking many farm animals but gives no more information that a basic website would about an animal. Was expecting something more specialised about miniatures.
Would suggest some textbooks like raising beef cattle, dairy cattle, meat goats etc. which are Storey's Guide to. These will give more specifics.
General information it can Okay., I have several of Sue Weaver's books, and I have grown to trust her on most subjects regarding animal treatment. This is another example of her work, that we have always found to be clearly and simply written, factual, and perfectly toned (there are few things more offensive than reading a 'how to' guide where the author clearly feels his audience is beneath him; Ms. Weaver, as always, comes across in a friendly and instructive manner without being condescending)

This book is split into two sections: Raising Miniature Livestock plus the Species. Each and every section is then divided into chapters. The first second is, as it is aptly titled, about increasing minis. The chapters in the first section are as follows:

1 Before starting (basically about whether you are really ready and able to have livestock, mini or otherwise)

2 Which Species? (the title is self-evident, but , generally, the chapter compares the several miniatures available, helping you choose which you are enthusiastic about learning more about--Section 2 of the book covers the individual varieties more throughly)

3 Getting Started: Education, Vets, and Where to Buy (information everyone needs to consider in preperation for any animal)

4 Selecting Miniature Livestock (This chapter helps you learn what to look for as far as healthy minis go. Additionally, it delves into the genetic problem of Dwarfism. )

5 Livestock Guardians

6 Facilities and Fences (goes over what kind of housing your livestock will need)

7 Feeding ( I did not realize before I picked up this book that miniature goats, sheep, and the sleep of them have different food needs than their full-sized cousins (other than the evident difference in porportion). But Ms. Weaver explains the several needs that Minis have)

8 Well being (a very, very basic primer on healthcare, things you must know, such as worming and caring for wounds)

9 Identification (about permanent/temporary tagging)

10 Transportation (helps you get your stock from point A new to B with little stress and danger to all concerned)

11 Mating (basically, ways to get baby minis and a little on how to care for baby)

12 Got Milk? (fairly self-evident, but a start on dairying your minis... but you'll need anything greater than this book if you really want to get started in that)

13 The business enterprise End (How to market your minis so they at minimum pay their way)

Section Two covers each of the livestock included (Mini Cattle, Horses, Donkeys, Espadrille, Goats, Llamas, and Sheep). This includes a piece of photographs (though all the pictures are together, not spread out through the book)

I found most of the information to be reliable and fair. Prosecute Weaver loves most creatures (especially donkeys) and you will inform when reading her work.

There is one little issue, though I do not hold this againist Ms. Weaver, as the lady is not the photographer, is that there exists a image of a goat in this book that is also in Storey's Guide to Livestock Breeds, and which the books each classify differently. I avoid know how this came into being, but since it is not the author's problem, one can hardly keep her accountable.

All in all, I suggest this guide if you are a new comer to the miniature world. A few of the information is something that someone with a little experience wouldn't need, but it is great for beginners, and even the experienced can learn something useful!, I am a huge Sue Weaver fan. She is a knowledgeable and articulate author. She has a great sense of humor and the one which does not overwhelm the text. I've read all of her books. I highly recommend each and every one. Up until now, the Donkey book was the best. I chosen up Raising Miniature Animals because I can't decide what kind of creatures to raise and minis have a lot proceeding for them! Lo and behold, there are so many bits of wisdom here for raising all types of livestock--large and small--everyone will reap the benefits of this book. Raising Minis is indeed a treasure. Thanks, Sue, another enjoyable and immensely helpful guide. Keep up the great writing!, This is a very informative book. We are learning things that individuals had no idea about. We certainly have read most of the " Storey's Guide to... " books, and have found them to be most helpful. This is another example of their excellent work. I would definitely recommend this guide to anyone looking to get into miniature creatures., Very. excellent overview of miniature barnyard animals, I have many books related to animals and pet care. This is my primary interest and lately I have acquired several miniature species. Their treatment and welfare as well as their actions are different than standard size creatures and this book is very useful in that value. I am referring to it constantly as the an excellent reference book., I wanted to learn about raising small livestock that I could handle by myself (I'm old). Lots of reliable information. Storey's are always good sources for beginners.

Now easily can just come up with the 00 for a mini jersey heifer. My neighbor has offered the girl acre of pasture in exchange for milk. And have two customers looking for raw milk.

Examining soon with our local AG Office for comprehensive info., good book

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