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In case you only buy one publication about raising ducks, this particular is the one you want.

This book aided me pick a breed, design and style a predator-resistant duck house and duck yard, plus create a healthy feeding/watering plan. With its assist, I raised mail-order ducklings to some healthy laying flock--losing only 1 out of being unfaithful ducklings.

It is a VERY FUNCTIONAL guide written by a guy who has tons regarding experience breeding, raising, plus showing ducks of numerous different breeds. It offers most likely some of the greatest breed descriptions (although, regarding course, not lots of stunning color photos) in any sweet book I've read. His / her duck feeding, watering, plus housing guides are in-depth and practical. I refer to them frequently since the needs of my head change. I find if I'm running into trouble--it's usually because I disregarded certainly one of his suggestions. His / her health section has suggestions to prevent illness in typically the first place, and remedy ideas keeping in mind the real world value of your average duck. There exists a short section on butchering/ recipes too, as properly as showing., I really like the " Storey's Manual to Raising... " publications. They are just loaded with great information. I am getting ready to start my backyard ranch and the publications will be indispensable. Items list all of typically the chapter headings for each regarding the books I got in order to give you an concept of the information you will be getting. Here's record for Ducks:
Why Ducks
External Features and Behavior
Choosing typically the Right Duck
Bantam Breeds
Lightweight Breeds
Mediumweight Breeds
Heavyweight Breeds
The Importance of Preserving Rare Breeds
Hybrid Ducks
Understanding Duck Colors
Acquiring Stock
Rearing Ducklings
Managing Adult Ducks
Understanding Feeds
Health and Physical Problems

This specific book also contains Acknowledgements, a Foreword, Glossary, plus Appendix including; Mixing Sweet Rations, Symptoms of Vitamin plus Mineral Deficiencies in Ducks, Predators, Duck Recipes, Using Down and Down, Duck Breekers and Hachery Guide, Options of Supplies and Gear, and Organizations and Publications.

Like I said, loaded with great information., If you need to raise ducks, are pondering about raising ducks, dream about raising ducks, or maybe like to read regarding ducks, this is typically the book you need. This guide is the Everything you always wanted to understand geese written by one regarding the preeminent professionals about ducks, covering subjects these kinds of as genetics, housing, nourish, and many others. Admittedly Mr Holderread is not the liveliest writer inside all the world nevertheless he knows his products, and that is what I came for. It may well be true that inside farming there is zero teacher really like knowledge but I have referred in order to these pages many times in order to help me to formulate feed, avoid potentially serious problems by understanding certain behavioral characteristics, and create sound management selections not merely for that ducks but my other birds also. I am really certain that my ducks and most likely my other birds as well derived great take advantage of the information gathered from these web pages, and possibly live healthier and happier lives., 5 years after purchase plus I still readily guide this from my bookshelf.

Originally purchased as the personal reference while functioning as a naturalist with a waterfowl wildlife refuge exactly where I was assisting inside tending habitats and care for wild waterfowl plus injured-secured wild or domestic waterfowl. One year later, I brought home an abandoned, domestic muscovy duckling from job -- who then necessary a friend and obtained a domestic khaki campbell duckling.

I've used this guide and Kimberley Link's " The Ultimate Pet Sweet Guidebook" (which is crazily costing the moment regarding writing, but I obtained when used) as my reference guides inside duck keeping and they will are the only 2 I own on typically the topic. They both include some similar material nevertheless also vast other amounts individually. Both have become a great set to lend to new duck proprietors before each goes out plus buy any guides or perhaps reference material for by themselves., I had developed ducks growing up but am basically getting ducks for the first time now that we have 2 youngsters and reside in the nation. I plan on getting 3-4 and simply need a quick easy reading book that I can reference to quickly if needed. This guide will be great because it provides a tun of info. But there's a great deal information that I don't want in it and each and every topic is covered inside great detail. I got a little bored together with the book and just skimmed from the specific subjects I was searching for. I am disappointed there's no color pictures and not the lot of pictures in order to help with descriptions. Difficult a very fun publication. This guide appears like it would be excellent with regard to someone wanting to be a duck farmer rather than just using a couple dog ducks. I recommend the publication, Duck Eggs Daily by Lisa Steele for those who want to have the few pet ducks., Thus far, so good. I have got been doing a lot of research online concerning raising ducklings. This publication came recommended by many people dog breeders. The book is loaded with information. Some regarding which I will skip above.. IT goes into other breeds of ducks i perform not own and first-aid. Things that I numerous need to know in the future. I do wish that the book when more in detail of actual brands that the author uses. Adding Niacin or not adding Niacin with different types of fall apart is confusing to me. I'm still researching this particular subject online. Perhaps a evaluation between the food brands. Manna Pro vs Purina, vs chick feed. I have definitely learned a lot using this book., Needless in order to say, a great publication, but I'd recommend also buying The Ultimate Dog Duck Guidebook, which provides some information that this particular book doesn't. With both inside hand, you'll be arranged!, I have this guide with regard to chickens and it's been my main source of information with regard to the past five many years. Now that we are usually getting some ducks I knew accurately which publication I wanted to buy. Informative and simple to navigate.

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