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Just so you know, I have nothing put in in whether you buy or read this publication other than the want to share with the planet the freedom that I actually now feel from no longer requiring nor looking for alcohol in my life. You imagine it’s going to be hard, that you will feel deprived, well something just clicked for me while reading this article publication. Without thinking about it, after 22+ years of drinking every night, I just decided to stop. I possess absolutely no desire to take another drink. Sure, there is a little anxiety around stopping because it was so much a part of my life, but now I'm looking ahead to seeing what like will end up like without being a slave to alcohol consumption. I felt powerless to quit for so many reasons all the while knowing I needed to. The constant battle with drink is exhausting. Every single attempt to " control" my drinking just changed into a constant battle of how much and when and how often. I was consumed with thinking about consuming 24/7 and stuck and utterly powerless to do anything about it. I didn't want to do it any longer but I really did feel powerless to prevent. Why did I keep doing the same thing? A chain smoking good friend of mine suddenly dropped her ciggs like a hot rock after reading Allen's Easyway to Stop Smoking, I thought there might be something to this. While browsing the Easyway to quit smoking I arrived across this title. We have known for a while that I couldn't go on the way I actually have been, enough was enough, but how would I stop. You will discover something to be said about the moment you find clearness, when it's revealed to you that you are a rat in a maze and the maze is the booze and I actually have been running around like a rat since the first time I actually tasted it. None of my friends or family know the degree of the struggle that I actually have gone through. We have even been able to hide it from those nearest me and that too has been exhausting. Nevertheless I need not worry about any of it, because I actually made a choice not to drink.

The book just has a way of getting you to this place.
Difficult too good to be true. I read the reviews and though the same thing. " Yes, right.. How could this be true? " When you read this book with an open mind and at least somewhat sober and truly take in what saying, you cannot help but see the truth behind all of the is alcohol has been telling you for years. I actually how to start about you but I abhor being humiliated to. Now I am left to find fulfillment in the " real world" instead of the dead ending at the bottom of any bottle. Wishing you best wishes., A few months ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 liver fibrosis. This means the liver has developed scarring and links between the scarring, restricting the liver's function. That is manageable and even reversible. For those that don't know, stage 4 is called Cirrhosis. Stage 4 is when you have reached the point of no return and your liver will gradually die off (in a nutshell).

Before my analysis, i'd never even considered quitting the booze. Even after my diagnosis I spent more time rationalizing alcohol consumption intake than focusing on my health. " How much can I break free with? What if I actually only drink beer? What if I cut again to only 1 binge per week? " Have been the questions running through my mind. I panicked once I realized, No, I actually have to quit. Luckily, on an unrelated discussion an aquantance mentioned his success with Allen Carr's " Easy way to prevent smoking". I quit smoking over 5 years ago and I was " comparing notes" on the method I used to quit which Allen carr's method. A google search soon led me to this book.

I got my last beer on Sunday, January 24th and started reading this publication on the 28th. I actually never looked back. I actually am down 25 lbs and my liver conditon has already neutralized and is on the path to healing. This particular book may have saved my life. I don't know how it works. That claims to remove brainwashing, its probably a brainwash of its own, but welcomed. As a hard drinker for 20 plus years I am lastly enjoying life sober.

Again, I never wanted to quit drinking. Even after my diagnosis, i was attempting to find ways to keep alcohol consumption in my lifestyle. This particular book fixed that for me. I recommend this to anyone who needs to make change., Considering that I cannot state something that has not already been said about this book here on good ol' Amazon, please simply take this review as more of any testimonial to the effectiveness of Carr's work. Let mine be only one more voice to tell anyone out there who might be reading these words and considering getting your drinking under control, please, do yourself a favor and at least give this book a genuine, honest chance. It may perfectly be one of the better things you've ever done for yourself and the people around you.
I won't give you all the many details of my own story, but here are some extensive strokes, just so you know I'm not full of crap (not about this issue anyway). I was raised in a good, supportive family by parents who taught me the pleasures of good food, art, company, music, and wine. My folks aren't problem drinkers (but alcoholism is in the family, that's for sure), and so I actually have warm memories of having one or two glasses of quality wine with meal. Somehow that's where it started for me. Over the years, living wild and free, I went from occasional social drinking to imbibing daily, to weekly binge drinking, to basically never stopping. What started being an embracing of a life well lived became a living nightmare of daily hangovers.
I actually can barely recognize who I was a yr ago. At that time, my life was shaped around consuming. I hid boxes of wine around the house, so my wife did not know how much I actually drank beyond the usual half a dozen pack or bottle a day. I kept a separate banking account for a long time, just so I actually could spend money on booze with as little of her suspicion as you can. I actually drove drunk fairly frequently, if only in the mornings on the way to work following a long night either drinking with friends or alone. My body, at 33, wasn't looking too bad on the outside, but my internal organs literally ached and my mind was blurry and haunted by anxiety and guilt. I actually slept poorly, hardly got an appetite for food, and had a strong, dark fear that booze was going to ruin my life in some way. Dear lord, I was a mess.
It took some very real and difficult soul-searching to admit, however quietly and internally, that I a new Really Big Problem and that I couldn't just quit with the " Willpower Method" (as Carr puts it). I'd taken breaks here and there before, and tried moderating my intake, but always returned to drinking with a vindicte sooner or later. While researching all the typical methods of tackling this issue (A. A., rehab, detox, religion, therapy, etc ... ), I kept finding Allen Carr's work as something of an outsider's take on quitting. This particular appealed to me, and i also started to read the reviews/testimonials of others who had encountered this book. A new lot of the balances I read were really eye-opening. Many of them made myself cry with their beautiful descriptions of being free from the slavery to alcohol. I wanted so, so desperately to be one of those people who said, " I cannot believe it but Used to do it, and SO COULD YOU".
When it arrived, I required the day off of work and read the publication in one sitting. I actually followed the instructions set out in the beginning chapters like it was my first day of Boot Camp. No messing around. If a passage in the book seemed recurring, I took it on good faith that there was a purpose to it. If a part felt like it was patronizing because I already realized the info being presented, I actually would force myself to read and fully comprehend every word on that page. I highlighted pathways that were particularly significant. I read, and re-read any part that I actually didn't agree with until I could at least appreciate the objective fact in it. By the end, I was willing to change my life for the better.
Did it happen all at one time? Nope, not for myself. After reading the publication, I enjoyed four weeks of very happy sobriety, amazed at how much better my life got gotten, on so many levels. My thoughts and body felt a lot better than I could remember in quite a while, and it just seemed like I'd really turned a major corner in where I was going.
The how and why of it may really matter, but I found myself lingering over the memories of that one glass of wine with dinner. My spouse was away of town, and our house guests (field scientists who left town for days at a time) got left a box of wine behind them. " Surely the world won't come to an ending if I drink a a glass. I'm over it now. I can be 'normal', just like everyone else. " Cut to the chase, I found myself waking upwards one morning, having ingested that box of wine the night before, completely F'd up- A after effect so bad, I was seriously considering calling an ambulance. Spending my lunch break (yup, it was a weekday) at the back of my car, thinking how it might actually be possible to die from dehydration there, like a unhappy rat. I was beyond disgusted with myself, beyond dissatisfied. It was at the same time amazing, and painfully obvious how I'd wound up in the same old self-appointed Hell.
Regardless of whether or not I was actually going to die is debatable, but I actually sure felt like that was the case, also it dawned on me then how much I did not want it to go down like that: without any shred of dignity, no reason worth mentioning, only a shameful drunk who died a completely useless death. That scared me beyond any other danger I've have you ever been in, because this situation was so pathetic.
I was hungover and deeply shaken for days. On a stroll inside the woods by me personally, still trying to pull me personally together, I broke down and cried like I actually never have before. Pity, regret, terror, and a broken body were all this drinking was bringing myself. The good times with booze were really and truly gone forever. And even greater, to continue consuming certainly meant death. Of which was about all I actually knew. And that was once i really surrendered. I actually didn't pray to a God, so much as I begged for a lot of type of guidance, some type of help out of the mess That i knew of I was in. I thought returning to this book, and how it had opened the chance that I could be one of those people who found a way out of the darkness, and I noticed that it was that taste of hope that had oriented me towards the light in the first place. The good examples of people for whom Carr's technique had worked always reported this " Eureka" moment occuring, wherein they suddenly and certainly realized that they never desired to drink again. Nicely, this was my instant, weeping on a trail in the woods, and lastly knowing that I would never drink again. I actually was finally done with it.
Of which was about six weeks ago and I've never looked back. There have been some big life changes and small. The biggest change is hardest to define, though- I just feel like I can listen to who I will be and what is actually important so much better now. I realize how much I was just looking at of life by drinking hard the way I once did. This book, while not an immediate or completely easy fix (despite the " Easyway tm " label) for me, was what started the process of real recovery in my life. It offered me a way to talk and think about sobriety as a real and achievable prospect, instead of something that only " other people" can do. I will be no person special, with no great talent for self-control. Great, thanks in large part to the first impact of this publication, I am aware that I will live a really happy, genuine life without alcohol. Is actually almost strange to say it, considering who I actually was not too long ago, but I no longer WANT to drink. What I want now is to live such as a real man, someone I could be proud of, someone who can contribute to the world in a positive way. There isn't even really a choice to be made, or if there was, it's been made already. I chose life over alcoholism, and will never reverse from that until the day I die.
In order to change your own life for the better, to be free of alcohol, then please do it in whatever way you can. You know launched time to give up the booze, so why not spend a little time processing what this publication contains and find out how your own thinking changes around the subject? In worst cases, you won't really regret it, with best, you too will reduce alcohol, just like I am, and like so many others are. It might take some work, it might take some processing, but this is an possible goal for anyone with the honest will to see it through. If you're up next: You too can say " I actually am now free! "

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