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I love this book because it contains several excellent tricks for stopping the dreaded "over the top" move. That is also useful for developing a repeatable on-plane swing action even if coming over the top is not your primary problem. However , I would have loved this guide a lot more if the author had left out all the references to chopping wood. By attempting to teach golf swing action movements by comparing them to wood chopping movements simply makes it more difficult for the average readers to understand. The justification of the appropriate take-away is excellent, and teaching golfers to not rotate their arms during the first section of the take-away is excellent advice. We have that, eventually, so why complicate it by including an analogy of the wood chopping swing?, As a new golfer, once I actually started making constantly solid contact with the ball, I thought my battle was won. However, to my discompose I found I was a culprit of the dreaded beginners bane: the slice. Not a mere push, but that horrifically side spun curvature right over to another gap or the OB area... or worse.

With research, I found that I was coming over the top, mostly because I truly never understood in my head what my swing action was supposed to look and feel like. With mikes book---which will require effort and patience on your readers part, as it does not simply " come" to you like a magic " aha! " Moment---and time spent dealing with the positions and exercises and visualizing THOROUGHLY the ideas and swing shapes that mike explores in the book, I was able to acquire my slice once and for all. That was something that three a few months of playing golf had not done. I cannot recommend this book more highly if you wish to tame your own swing. Thanks, mike!, The woodcutting analogy to illustrate how never to swing a club took a few reads plus some thought to understand, but it feels right. This book made things simple much more so than the countless other golf textbooks I use read. I used the OPT (one part takeaway) to shoot a 91 which is about 9 strokes below my average. My ball striking and ball flight was much improved using Mike's suggestions. Was on in regulation much more than normal but putting was off. Hopefully this remains with me. So much, so good though., Guide is helpful on the main one piece takeaway and downswing. I thought it offered detail in the downswing that others do not. Important thing: it has helped me., Forgot about placing into effect tips from here and there or various swing ideas that populate magazines, youtube and so forth Without the fundamental understanding of the way the body should move in a golfing swing it is all pretty useless. Such tips and ideas can however build on the fundamentally correct swing that guide describes, which it will so more simply than anything at all I've ever seen or read. If you avoid understand the concepts explained in this book a person understand the golf swing action. You can get these fundamentals elsewhere, but why not here? Short and simple, a half hour read and you're there!, That will have I ordered over the years. This guide was special because it helped me to understand that I have a shi**y swing that no guide or instructor can fix. Its simple, I'm a fisherman and don't belong on the golf course! Thank you Mike Southern for helping me find happiness!!!!!!!!, I had purchased this textbooks some time ago and went trhough it very quickly. For some reason I proceeded to go over it again and something caught me and later on the golf course saved me.
I do believe it is a difficult read, however the advice is sound and it truly solves the Over-The-Top by replacing it with sharp iron shots.
I loved it as it really helped me
thanks Mike, Superb book. I finally stopped coming over the top and gained more knowledge about the swing. It's been years (10) and it has never been described to me why I kept coming outrageous. As soon as I understood why it was easy to make the necessary adjustments. This is the key thing that's been killing my swing for years. I've been taking pga certified lessons for a two years and this solved the equation for me immediately! I wish that I could individually commend the author!

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