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This is certainly another amazing book by Sean Ashcroft that I didn't want to put down and adult instead. Reading the other two publications only gave you a peek at Riley but lead to this book. Riley and Brent have know the other since they were little and they each have been in love with each since that time. They both were to scared to tell the other one; each giving up what they wanted for what they believed the other desired to make them happy. This specific book seems so real and heartfelt that your heart breaks for these two only to have them help put it back again together as they learn to communicate with each for happy ever after., Sean Ashcroft doesn't beat round the Bush when he or she is writing about love. Most of his stories are about the people in the imagination are real to him from the start right to the end. The Family Jules is an unusual gem, unity, unconditional love and acceptance. I adored all three books equally, but I feel that Riley is the greatest and I feel positive that Brent confirms., I just plain failed to enjoy this book. This lacked nearly all of the amusement the first book got. When there was a next book, I would probably skip it., I guy becomes at the altar by his bride. But it all works out because he falls in love and married his best buddy., Loved the whole series! Show's you can't fight who you love., Following Owen & Jude and Charlie & Scott is actually time for the 3 rd brother Riley to find love.
His / her best friend Brent, who he has been in love with since they were young, has just been left by the church by the bride to be.
When Riley luxuries Brent things turn hot all of the sudden. Can lifelong friends be more or whenever they stay friends., I was so excited to commence this book but then I obtained somewhat disappointed. I could not get into the publication as I would have liked and expected by Sean Ashcroft. Maybe it was the speed with which Riley and Brent landed in bed together after Brent was remaining at the altar by his fiancé e, Rose. It felt too hurried to be realistic and Brent felt somewhat like a wus with out a spine.
Yet , it soon turned for the better and the story really became popular. From then on, I was hooked. Brent still came across as kind of a saint but there is more to him or her. He is a good person who wants to help everyone. Inside the end, he shows he is not that gullible. Riley is a wanderer, running away when the going gets difficult and that makes him or her doubt his love for Brent and Brent’s for him.
Mitch Ashcroft did a good job describing all these mixed feelings that come with going from best friends to boyfriends. I also enjoyed Emily, Brent’s sister, who he raised by himself. She is a enthusiastic young girl. It absolutely was great seeing the brothers again.
Overall, this was a well-written history of best friends becoming partners for life. Together with a lot of fun and sexy moments.
This book is the 3 rd installment in The Family Jules series but can be read as a standalone. As there are recurring characters I recommend reading the books in order, though., I was definitely holding out eagerly for Riley's history and Stood Up do not disappoint. But then again Sean Ashcroft has crafted a string that. has been packed with warmth and love with extraordinary men. And the Jules Loved ones is the one which is inspiring. Riley the brother who always is on the move, never stays around very long before he or she needs to move together, is back for his best ally Brent's wedding. Things do not go as planned as Brent is stood up at the alter. Always looking to be sure Brent is taken proper care of and happy Riley takes control of the situation to help his buddy and truly the love of his life put the pieces back together. This unfortunate incident becomes the catalyst for Brent and Riley to see what has always been there in front of them. The living way that Riley care for Brent awakens something that was always there within Brent, but having been always scared to acknowledge, and that is he loves Riley back. They share hot and passionate night that causes both men beginning more and more. Stood up brings back the entire family and truly shows what solid and loving relationships look like and Riley and Brent soon challenge to believe they too can have it. I was thrilled in order to read this ARC and Stood Up is yet again another winner in a series that will tug at your heart and give you tons of seems!

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