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Following the Battle of Devil’s Crater, the Stone Raider's Guild continues to make cable connections with new allies and build up their guild, and people. Yet , all their plans for improvement make them new foes. Lord Esamael’s trade monopoly was hurt when the Stone Raiders built a new teleport pad near his. Besides this driven lord want on overthrowing his king, he’s also planning on taking revenge on the Stone Raiders on his way to the throne.
The very first 20% of the novel is almost totally updates. There are numerous people and groupings in this story that it takes that long to update someone on what everyone is doing.

At the 40% mark the novel shifts into about two months worth of preparation and training. Everyone in the guild gets training galore. Dave learns new skills, gets loads of stats, and crafts some pretty nifty stuff. The particular Stone Raider’s Guild also builds a hub that they plan to associated with center of Emerilla and there’s lots of construction stuff. There are personal developments for characters you have come to like, including some that just made me go ‘Awwwww’.

At the 60% mark, God Esamael finally makes his grab for power and not only attacks his own king but the Stone Raiders too. Plenty and lots of battling. In the event that you where looking forward to seeing Lord Esamael get his due, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, a good story if you enjoy crafting, kingdom building, and action.

Score: 7 out of 10., Some of the best male and female relations between the primary character types in recent memory. An exciting premise and cathartic. By simply consistently providing entertaining work the author has easily earned the trust and support of his visitors. The dialogue flows well, the plot and subplots are believable and enjoyable. Foreshadowing is not overbearing and while a clearly transhumanist work in practice also clearly not targeted to slander people of faith..

Well well worth buying the series., Here when I thought that our heroes are at the top of the world, he plays a fast one and bring in level 500 and level 1000 enemies...

I am now again enthusiastic about how they progress. I hope Jordan does not go ridiculous with Power Creep again.

Regardless is a very fun book to read from cover to cover., The Stone Raiders finally show their true strength. They are caught upward in an attempt by a angry Lord for taking over a kingdom. He plans to crush them and grab their stuff. Then he'll make use of it to take the kingdom. Too bad he thinks they're a bunch of push overs., I recently love this series! What can I say the characters are great and the world he has created is merely jaw dropping. I also really appreciate how every book in this series is a contained history. The author brings a tale line from start to summary, and while he results in hints and threads about the over arching history, which will keep me anticipating the next book. I was not left anxious about whether or not a killing blow will fall or how a personality will survive or pass away after falloff a high cliff etc. Only a pleasure to read!, Awesome just about any with: story, action, comedy with a little bit of cheesy romance. This book focused a little to story more, but I was necessary for the big battle of dark baddies that is to come. Can't wait, but We will, Omg another awesome and entertaining book. We CANT WAIT FOR TYPICALLY THE NEXT ONE.
I realy enjoy the characters in this course of bookes. I would not minde see this in a movie or anime, I use enjoyed this series a lot and could hardly wait for this guide and will be looking for the next in this series as soon as possible.

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