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Superb explanation of the location of Africans in typically the history of spirituality, beliefs, and logic. Stolen Legacy shares the great sciences of Egypt that had been stolen from the Greeks; which the Greeks claimed as their own. The publication makes comparisons between typically the two systems and an individual can clearly see how typically the Greeks were influenced simply by the Egyptians., Good hard work to make the viewer understand the real supply of some of our own philosophy. The real Egyptian was a differing people through what our historical teachings are, and what mcdougal believed them to become.

The Egyptian of nowadays is a mix of various African/Arabic/GrecoRoman/Turko peoples, far various than the Egyptian from the early dynasties.

Had mcdougal been able to study information that has been found later on on, his opinions would certainly have been at typically the least different.

Never typically the less the knowledge and sagesse of the ancient Greeks, was sourced from the historic Egyptians and primarily found in the Library associated with Alexandria and from typically the teachings of the Egyptian Priests where Plato, Pythagoras, Aristotle, etc got their particular education. Unfortunately a Coptic Pope Theophilus, and also Julius Caesar, Aurelian, last but not least typically the Muslims destroyed irreplaceable records, to keep peoples through knowing Truth of history., An intensive review of typically the early Greek philosophers writing with a detailed comparison for the Egyptian Mystery School teaching showing that typically the Greek writing were dependent on Egyptian material. This specific occurred after Alexander typically the Great conquered Egypt and acquired their library. It is suggested that the Greek philosophers were initiates in typically the Egyptian Mystery schools. The particular Egyptians were the put the foundation for beliefs not the Greeks., Carefully enjoyable, a critical work and viable reference for individuals who may question the belief that African people possess not made any efforts to society. It shatters the stereotype and falsehood that has allowed several to romanticize with therefore called Roman Philosophy. Common sense along with a little common sense should be sufficient in order to squash the nonsensical belief of African inferiority yet historical propaganda, fear and ignorance have led many astray
with false notions associated with superiority. This book does what we in typically the conscious community have known for years and possess tried to wake upward the AA community in order to
your Real Legacy, peace, I strongly agree with the author especially with such understanding from very trust worthy sources:
Nevertheless then for people who first introduced PHILOSOPHY, and the consideration associated with things Celestial and Work among them, like Pherecydes the Syrian and PYTHAGORAS, and THALES, With only one agreement agree, that they DISCOVERED what they knew associated with the Egyptians and Chaldeans and WROTE but TINY
Flavius Josephus
Herodotus acknowledges that the Greeks learned ALL they knew, which includes the sacred services associated with the temple, from typically the Egyptians, and because associated with that, their principle temples were consecrated to Egyptian divinities
H. P. Blavatsky
From old Egypt have come the basic esoteric and occult teachings that have so strongly inspired the philosophies of ALMOST ALL RACES, nations and people, for several thousand yrs. Egypt, the home from the Pyramids and Sphinx, was your birth of the Hidden Wisdom and Mystic training. From her secret Cortège ALL nations have borrowed. India, Persia, Chaldea, Medea, China, Japan, Assyria, Historic Greece and Rome, and other countries partook liberally at the feast associated with knowledge which the Hierophants and Masters of typically the Land of Isis therefore freely provided…
The Kybalion, This specific book is amazing. This is a great attention opener based on facts & supported with recommendations. This is a fantastic book to learn about Historic Egypt (Kemet) and offers those of color some thing to be proud associated with. This book ends along with more words of knowledge on coming together than anything I have observed or read. This is an inspiring work that will needs to be in colleges & homes around the world. Highly suggest reading & sharing typically the knowledge using this book. Great exposure of where the roots we place so a lot homage to should be with regard to philosophy, geometry, spirituality and so much more. I cannot say enough about this great read., Loved it til I discovered out there is was authored by a new prince hall mason and published by the masons., I am in typically the process of returning typically the book because it is not the real publication as advertised. This is not a comment about the Book titled " Stolen Legacy" by George G. M. James that is a wonderful author and writer. This really is to alert the public that publication with this cover is actually a copyright infringement book. The initial book published by Philosophical Library in 1954 : First Print - included 190 Pages. This backup only has 166 Pages. There is no talk about of the publisher or even copyright inside the 1st page of the publication.

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