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Addison Cain has done it again! This series brings us to another Cupola set within the apocalyptic Omegaverse that housed Tholos with Claire and Shepard. Bernard Dome contains probably the most priceless works of artwork, and oftentimes the most cruelly savage Alphas yet!

We meet Brenya in this tale, a strong, determined Omega who didn't know she was an Omega until a little ways into the story. Because she learns her new place within the Cupola at the hands of the cruel, vicious Jacques Bernard, Commodore of Bernard Dome, we see her personality get started to surface, evolve, and I found myself cheering for her within the first few chapters.
Jacques seems casually mean enthusiastic, flippantly cruel, and willing to twist whatever this individual can, whenever he can, to get his way in things. Shepard was caring in his own way within the Alpha's Claim series, but Jacques seems only willing to see to himself. Just time will tell if he does in truth contain a heart worth nurturing for.

In the intervening time, we also get a glimpse of Claire and Shepard, with their new lives. The unpleasant, gutting ending of Alpha's Claim continues within the pages of Alpha's Manage and we get to see what happened to the evil Alpha who became worthy of love and the Omega who opened her heart to him!, I love this story. I love the complete series. As usual, this guide had me hooked. I actually couldn't put it down. Now I'm having withdrawal symptoms looking forward to the next installment.

I loved the lecture Brenya gave Ancil at the conventional dinner. It tells you who Brenya is as a person, a good, loyal, hardworking, caring, honest girl, innocent compared to the people she is between in her new environment. In this Claire and Brenya have similar personalities and they both have inner strength to stand up for what they believe in, a defender of people. They are good. But, both are different in that Claire is artistic and Brenya is a very bright engineer who can seem to be to repair anything.

Emotionally you're over a roller coastline ride. Brenya's feelings and confusion is so real as she tries to determine what's happening, elaborate good, what's bad, elaborate right, what's wrong. The lady is in a continuous internal fight as her body craves her treatment but her mind things and is forced against her will. There's that continuous internal conflict.

The plot is good. I actually never knew what was going to happen next. I had mixed, confused feelings. Is Jacques good, bad or both? Exactly what of Jules, Shepherd's right hand man? What will become of him? Absolutely nothing is black or white, nothing is simple, everything is complicated but bushed a good way., Alpha’s Control: Stolen is the imaginative continuation of Addison Cain’s Alpha’s Claim series. In this book, we have two domes: Bernard and Greth. Addison brings her characters Claire and Shepherd along for this ride and introduces Brenya and Jacque. At Bernard, an Omega has been identified. None have been born in decades. Unidentified to Brenya, she has been living the life span of a Beta. As her Omega personality is uncovered, she becomes aware of the privileged attitude of the wealthy Alphas who are in charge of her life, particularly Jacque, the Commodore of Bernard Dome, the Alpha who intends to mate her. I wasn’t sure who I disliked more in this story, Jacque or his second in command. There is much to hate about both men. Having a unexpected twist at the end, we have been left anxiously anticipating the following book in this series., Brenya had been restoring and maintaining Berbard Dome her entire life, she is an exceptional industrial engineer spending her days working outside of the glass dome guaranteeing that the panels are sound, restoring and exchanging them when necessary….
Following a near fatal accident when her rigging had failed and she had fallen experiencing exceptional injuries, she would not realize how very close she came to being terminated, her time spent in quarantine was have much more devastating effect than Brenya could ever have envisioned….
She was shunned by her own, men and women she had lived, worked, consumed, bathed and slept with and the she was attacked in broad daytime by an Alpha who assaulted with such violence it left her with horrible internal injuries, she could easily have died….
As she heals with her attacker caring for her every need she was going to learn that she was the first Omega in generations to have been uncovered inside Bernard Dome, Commodore Jaque Bernard assuring her he would help her recover, she was his lover, his Omega and this individual was her Alpha.
Bernard Dome in the Alpha quarters is lavish, there is not one item that is not exuding excess the life these people live is excess to the extreme. The home truths in connection with subsequent “Humane” murder of folks they consider will no longer useful.

The commodore is in control everyone and anything that happens in the Bernard Dome, the responsibility is great as millions of lives could easily be destroyed if order and control is maintained. Brenya’s quickly learning the numerous truths relating to the control these few men hold, they are brutal, calculating minus mercy or conscience they may be willing to do just about anything to maintain peace, order and abeyance. They are always vigilant, volatile and voracious the sole controlling factor would be their mates when they are in Estrous, at this time the need to mate changes almost everything….
Jules has been true to his word and has waited for Brenya’s accidents to heal, he has maintained her every need, comforting her during this momentous change when even her own is a traitor to her will, she wants to get away and attempts this on numerous occasion however, her mate has eyes everywhere she can hide practically nothing.
His control great reprimands and punishments are both painful and deteriorating but Jules is never going to discharge his little “Mon Chou” she’s his and his alone, this individual has the power to see her flourish or finish her life….
This was an amazing read “The Alpha’s Control Series” is a totally original concept, it was truly modern the characters were so well written that you could easily visualise exactly what was occurring at any precise moment in time….
I cannot wait for the second book in the series it will be interesting to see how the relationship between Jaque and Alpha Shepherd of Guros Dome builds up he is something of an unknown factor, at the moment tending to his recently rescued mate.
Jaque views this as an opening, an opportunity, she is everything to him, I wait with Baited Breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading any future publications; keep up all the great writing.

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