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This is a great listen! A few of it was presented before a live audience plus some chapters were just read aloud. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Billy Crystal., Everyone has memories to see the ones that we love, and Billy does just that in this book, and then we realize: Billy loves us.
From his earlier childhood, to his Fantastic years, we read about the highest part in the history worldwide, and that is the second part of the twentieth millennium, and it is simply so because we were given birth to then, and then went on to grow as little kids to loving kids and girls, to nice adults who had significant lives (at least mine was) and also to people who kept foolin' em and loosing our keys sometimes.
It made me laugh, and it made me unfortunate in order to reminded me that as the Beatles once said, we all have a guaranteed ticket to ride coming free at some time soon., I have purchased many sound books through the years from Amazon. I pay attention to them while I'm driving my forty-five minutes drive from and also to work each day. These sound books helps make the long, sometimes, difficult drive on the 405 fwy in Los Angeles easier. Typically the time seems to pass much quicker. So, over the ten years that I actually have made this drive I have heard many different types of textbooks on audio: bios, autographic, mysteries, fiction, and nonfiction, etc. I NEVER TAKE TIME TO DO A REVIEW. This particular is my second time that I wrote a review for sound book, and the longest one I ever gave. However, this particular sound book was so well done that I had to write one. I just completed it today.

Billy Crystal's sound book, Still Foolin'Em: Where I've Been, Exactly where I'm.. is one of the BEST, ENTERAINING, AMUSING AND MOST ENJOYABLE sound books I ever noticed. I actually was having a laugh as I was traveling. I was laughing so much at times that I actually became concerned that other drivers on the road might think I was crazy. He could be OUTSTANDING! Any time I finally finished it, I stilled wanted hear more. He had such wonderful life experiences. I'm glade that he contributed them in this sound book. By the way, he is excellent sound book speaker. I wish he does another sound book, soon! I failed to need it to end, I actually wanted to hear read more about his life stories that he told in such amazing, entertaining way. I have seen him on tv set and I have observed some of his videos over the years. On the other hand, I have to opened up that I was never a large fan of his. After listening to this sound book, I'm now a large fan. I arrived to the view that he is amazing, talented, great guy. He lives a wonderful blessed life. He gives hope to many of us that good fellas do win.

I was so impressed with this sound book, I purchased, on Amazon, the DIGITAL VIDEO DISC of his Tony Award winner Broadway show, seven hundred Sundays. He talked about rendering it on sound book. In addition , I also purchased the HBO movie that he produced, 61. This individual also talked about making this movie as well on the audio.

Finally, I want to say, Billy, if you do check out this review, I'm planning to share this sound book with friends and family. Say thanks to you for sharing your life with us. I wish you and your family well. Thanks!, If you are finding yourself going out to the garage and wondering: 'What the hell am I doing here? ' - this book's for you! Terribly funny, and all Billy Crystal, 'Still Foolin' Em: Where I have Been, Where I'm Proceeding, and Where the Terrible... ' is perfect for you.

Typically the chapters are short, and it's a simple book to pick up and read whenever you want a giggle. I found myself reading passages out loud to others and cracking myself up again and again. I actually think one of my favorite chapters relates to sex and aging, but frankly, they're all relatably funny for those 40+ who don't mind seeing a bit of themselves in the pages of the book.

This would make a great gift for someone who's retiring, or simply feeling the confusion of lost youth where the mind is saying 'I can do that, but only if it's before 3: 30pm because I have to be in bed by 8. ", I've always been a fan of Billy's since Saturday Night Live & Soap. Once i heard him say having been narrating his own book That i knew I actually had to have it - he cracks me personally up! I listened to this book while at the work... with my headphones on... a... ahem... boss from another department asked me, "Do you listen to that even though you are entering inspections? ". Well, I should thought, "Sure, can't every person multitask? " But, I actually considered the source and said, "Sure, it's just like listening to radio stations while you work and it's a lot better than listening to Roy's talk radio from the other cubicle! Basically can here that all day then I'd rather tune in to my books on my kindle! " & especially Billy Crystal I thought. My other cubicle friend listens to Steve Harvey with her headphones on all morning and it is damage up too. Exactly what a great and entertaining book this is., Outrageous, Irreverent and Brilliant! With hilarious (and crude) skits about ageing - then jumping to his own biography, then back to the present - it becomes the most fascinating and informative journey back in time that I ever had. Had to listen to it 3 times to really absorb everything and will keep it around to listen to again. Billy tells a great story and when it includes so many famous people (alive and dead) it takes on the feel of a really great historical novel. " THANK YOU BILLY - YOU HAD BEEN VERY COURAGEOUS TO CREATE THIS PARTICULAR ONE - AND IT IS DEFINITELY A WINNER".

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