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A pal of mine recommended this guide, understanding I have a flare for learning about topics not often mentioned. Mary Roach does an outstanding job of taking the reader along her quest for more information what happens to human body after dying. She takes a deep dive into the world of human cadavers, specifically the bodies of these good people who donate their remains to science. She doesn't sugar coat her findings, but she she is able to provide just enough humor to lighten the tone of the material while preserving the seriousness of the matter. She opens the book discussing her trip to a practice session for face-lifts (of course virtually all her findings are not so seemingly trivial). Roach is simply prepping the reader for further discussions on the limits surrounding the use of human cadavers, and the occasional animal.

Each chapter provides a fascinating and startling purpose for using human cadavers, and she also touches on the ethical and moral ramifications. Just as interesting, she addresses the history showing how cadavers have been used and areas of research of testing which have opted for alternative subjects. A new candid and thrilling read, your will breeze right through it and find out more on cadavers than you ever expected., My husband likes this guide so much that he has bought many many copies just to give them away. If you love Mary Roach, this is a perfect example of her writing., Jaunting between the present and earlier, Stiff examines the aspects of the human body post mortem. Roach's method takes on an incredible human being aspect that more than scratches the surface, but does not become engrossed in the gory details. The girl book is interesting and flows nicely. I feel going to read more of her writings., Outstanding book! I enjoyed learning about cadavers and their importance to research. Mcdougal added subtle humor on the way which I thoroughly liked., I truly enjoyed reading this book. It absolutely was very interesting to learn about what can happen to a cadaver once it has already been donated for organ removing, etc., Certain areas of this book are definitely not for the weak of heart. Fascinating read. We couldn't input it down. A single thing I will let you know is that if you were thinking about giving your body to research, after reading this book, you just may want to think again about it., This is the best book ever. Mary Roach is a fantastic author who sees the laughter in everything, including cadavers, and delivers it like smooth butter. She love exploring science, history, and the human experience, and loves sharing it with the reader. It was a really inspiring book for me going through anatomy and physiology, and how much respect and generosity go towards anatomy education. In case there was anything that could change someone’s thoughts about the medical field, this book would be it.

For readers not in the medical/anatomy field, this could be considered a graphic book. Mcdougal doesn't try and hide it, but doesn't go out there of her way to gross you out, however there are a few situations that she describes which could gross someone out there. In fact , when you get past (some of) the gory details, her laughter is the perfect tone of darkness that makes you feel really good about being a human being. Like I said earlier, this book conveys and really inspires how much respect in the medical education community people give cadavers, and could possibly encourage someone to donate their body for research.

Bonk, Spook, and Packing for Mars are typical good reads and of similar mood for sex, the afterlife, and space, correspondingly. Mary brings the same 'light-dark' humor in the deceased, and really makes you feel good about being a human nowadays., Really interesting examination of dying and exactly what happens, or should happen, to our 'mortal coil' once we shuffle it off. Ms Roach really does a nice job penalized gently descriptive even when the topic could be a bit queasy.

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