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I enjoy every page of this issue. And Steven, Lapis, and Peridot definitely figured out a thing or two about art and friendship!, The ninth installment of the 2017 amusing series for Steven Galaxy is around Steven, Peridot, and Lapis taking art lessons with Vidalia (featuring Amethyst as a model). The particular paper issue I own has the cover by Missy Peñ a!

Plot: Steven proudly shows off his art to Amethyst, but while trying to reward him she accidentally insults him by misinterpreting his drawing. She offers to bring him to the girl traditional artist friend Vidalia for art lessons, and he decides it'll be more fun with more students. So he attracts Lapis and Peridot, who attend grudgingly, suggesting their superiority with meep morps means they can't possibly learn from Vidalia.

Amethyst provides poses while the students try sketches. Vidalia offers feedback. Steven takes the advice to heart, while Lapis is a little nervous about getting " you're too loose" feedback and doesn't want to be more controlling, and Peridot believes the girl with above criticism so Vidalia just leaves her into it. Lapis and Peridot are annoyed with each other after Peridot thinks she's better at art and Lapis's artwork becomes fancier when she adds water to embellish it.

The Gems try fresh paint, but Peridot's splash damages Lapis's painting. They begin to bicker and combat, water powers versus steel powers, and Steven's artwork gets ruined. Eventually the characters have to recognize that their fighting is destructive and competing with each other doesn't lead to better art. They fix Steven's art and choose to keep working on their art.

This was among the best comic issues! Every figure was so themselves--I love how well the authors know these fictional individuals. The art was also very on-model and everybody's expressions were on targeted. (Though there were a few talk bubbles that didn't have tails to show who was talking when it mattered, which was weird. ) You are able to pretty much hear them talking. It's great.

Notable bits for fans:

1. Vidalia's an adorable mom, and it was nice to see her without the event focusing on her kids to be honest. The lady kind of mommed Steven, giving him the right kind of supportive advice for his art, and it was perfect.

2 . Amethyst's wearing her sleeveless purple top with a drooping shoulder strap and her black pants with stars cut out. This is a throwback attire from before she reformed in " Reformed, " and she's also reformed since then in " Crack the Whip. " Interesting that they proceeded to go back to this outfit for the art, especially since Lapis and Peridot doing meep morps should indicate a later outfit for Amethyst. (Meep morps were revealed in " Beta, " that is a good forty-plus episodes after " Converted. " )

3. Amethyst reprising her role as model for Vidalia (well, her students) is sweet. She also wears the outfit she wore to model for Pearl and Peridot's robot war in " Back to the Barn, " but with a ponytail!

4. Vidalia's art advice is actually really good?

5. The particular characters' execution of these artwork styles, as well as the description of the actual need to concentrate on to further improve, was really accurate.

six. Peridot: " Wow thanks for the praise! " Hahaha.

7. Vidalia shows Lapis that her sketches are extremely loose and flowy, but are also hesitant and directionless. She encourages her to be more confident and Lapis resists applying more control, because that's always been devastation in her life. I actually love that this is at here for individuals who watch the show to understand what she means when she's reluctant. She's also disappointed that she obtained constructive criticism that she accepted heart while Peridot just brags about already being an expert, so is actually very Lapis-like for the girl to internalize the negative.

8. Steven likes piece of art and experimenting with color, but painting Amethyst, he's mostly just using purple. It's adorable.

9. Peridot still has no idea what subtlety is and I actually love it.

10. It is nice that the characters were able to work out their dissimilarities without Steven specifically present coaching them through their image resolution. I wonder how much Lapis and Peridot combat at the barn?

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