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Excellent Book!! Always been a major fan of Steve Williams!! I had developed the pleasure of caddying with Steve in a pro-am back in 1994 on Long Tropical isle (when he was with Ray Floyd). He was one of the funniest and a lot charismatic people We have ever met. He's the real deal and a stand up guy! I actually Very much enjoyed his new book!, This book is the 2nd by Williams following his 2005 book Golf towards the top with Sam Williams: Tips and Techniques from the Caddy to Raymond Floyd, Greg Norman, and Gambling Woods. That book integrated a Foreword from Forest. And while the new book includes contributions from Floyd, Norman, Ian Baker-Finch and Adam Scott, there are no contributions from Tiger, as the two have barely spoken since Woods fired him over the phone this summer.

The book covers Williams’ thirty six years as a caddy, which included carrying the bag for the aforementioned golfers, most notably Forest, which is why Choice to read it. I am glad I did. Because a golfer and golf fan, I found it to be a very interesting read.

Williams, who is now retired, lives in New Zealand with his wife Kirsty and son Jett. He writes of being fired by Norman, who he describes as definitely the toughest guy he or she ever caddied for. This individual states when he made a mistake, Norman might have no hesitation in allowing him know what an idiot he was. On the other hand, if Norman made a mistake, for some reason that could also be my Williams’ fault. He creates that from the course Norman was a wonderful guy and that they had probably become too close off the course.

This individual was then approached by Raymond Floyd, who he or she describes in stark distinction to Norman that nothing distracted him, nothing derailed his attention and he or she never got down on himself or blamed anyone or anything that conspired against him.

Later he was approached to caddy for Woods, younger than the 35 year old Williams at only 23. This individual states that Woods was like Norman in that all that mattered was winning, money wasn’t the principal focus. Woods expected to win, celebrations were non-existent. Woods’ focus intensified significantly in regards to major championships, with his lifetime ambition being to beat Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championships.

Williams calls themself a perfectionist, in continuous pursuit of the perfect performance. He writes that his commitment to Tiger was total. Woods’ obsession became his. He wholly bought into the chase for 18 majors. He desired to be the guy who caddied for the man who broke Jack Nicklaus’s record.

He writes of Woods’ experiencing swing instructors beginning with Butch Harmon, then Hank Haney, Sean Foley and now Philip Como. Williams states when Woods genuinely wants to be able to Nicklaus’s record, he needs to start over and go back to Butch, indicating that is the only way he is able to see him winning 19 majors.

This individual also tells about Woods’ obsession with becoming a Navy SEAL, and powerful physical conditioning.

Everything altered with the revelations of Woods’ marital indiscretions in late 2009. Williams was completely unaware of them, and Woods’ failure to make that clear to the public was disappointing to Williams and caused him and his family pain, as everyone assumed he had to know about them. When Woods returned to golf, theirs was a player–caddy relationship rather than friends. And later, when Woods fired him over the phone for caddying for Adam Scott, the finish of their professional relationship would spell the finish of their personal relationship as well.

1 thing that has become a lot of attention is Williams’ contention that Woods sometimes made him feel like a servant when Woods would frivolously toss a club in the general direction of the bag, expecting Williams to go over and pick it up. The use of that word, when Williams made a lot of money from his connection with Woods doesn’t sit down well with many.

Through the entire book Williams includes interesting lists including:
• His top ten courses
• Best shots he’s seen
• Their top 10 holes
• His top ten wins

To Williams’ credit, he discusses mistakes he is made (comments he’s made, cameras he’s destroyed, and so on. ), but the only thing he regrets is an interview he gave on television after Adam Jeff won the Bridgestone in 2011 when he stated that week was the greatest week of his life and the most satisfying win of his career (which wasn’t true)., I agree with some of the other reviews. Sam praises Tiger and his abilities through much of the book. Being the devil's advocate, he doesn't bash Tiger through everything. Tiget could have substituted him as a caddy and never keep him for as long as he or she did. But he did not because he was an asset to his game. I think Williams is right in a great deal of what he claims about certain pros. I actually worked and interacted with many of those attitudes as a PGA member.... I actually have it. Anyway, I enjoyed this book because as he or she speaks of the tournaments and shots that many of us remember well, it was reminiscent of the past, the tour players I followed and enjoyed watching.
I actually would recommend the book at least for that reason..., A tremendously engaging consider golf from among the best caddies ever. Claims that this reveal is trite, vindictive or self-serving are ridiculous. This book is extremely well written and insightful. Anyone enthusiastic about how a fantastic caddy adds value to his player's performance should read this. In no small measure Steve gave in performance as much as he received in remuneration. Scouting every corner of the courses beforehand to determine distances, best obtaining areas, probable rollouts and worst misses is not any job for the lazy, stupid or inexperienced. This and much more are the contributions of a great caddy. Sam provided this all to great golfers and made them greater. This book makes the golfer-caddy journey insightful and engaging., I am a huge Tiger Forest fan, and like Hank Haney's book " The Big Miss" I'm an even bigger fan after reading this book. Sam praises Tiger significantly more than he criticizes him. It's unfortunate the " slave" comment is getting all the interest right now, because it's being advertised out of context.

It's a must read for just about any golf fan that desires a peek inside the ropes of the trip, and some pretty amusing encounters Steve had with some big name pros.

It's impossible not to feel encouraged after reading Steve's ascend to the most notable of a field he'd set his mind on from a young age., These people tried to sell this book by quoting the one paragraph where he had anything negative to say about Tiger's behavior on the course. Well, that is almost deceptive. The book is about so much more and has marvelous things to say about all the golfer's Mr. Williams has caddied for. And provides us all with many insights about his profession that I had no idea about.

I actually loved his comparing the qualities of Raymond Floyd and Greg Norman and why he thinks Norman, with all his glorious talent, did not win more majors.

He is also very frank about how precisely hurt he was by Tiger and his management firm not coming out and saying that he previously no idea about Tiger's philandering and bad habits. They left him rotating in the wind and harmed his reputation over it. This bothered Williams a great deal, as it will, and still will.

I also would not know that Williams is a champion Saloon class contest driver. That was cool to learn.

A very good read. I enjoyed it a lot.

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