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This book helped me understand how becoming powerless results in rage which in most cases is repressed. I have been experiencing mysterious physical ailments and have suspected repressed anger since the problem. Merely knowing it has reempowered myself at some level and because of this much of my pain has decreased., Great Book giving you a simple guide to start to understand how repressed feeling, mainly anger/rage distorts human relations., One idea from psychology, as I understand it, is that every symptom, be it physical, behavioural or relational, and so on represents a hologram, or an encapsulated or highly condensed version/snapshot of a long ago developmental " drama" or conflict. Whilst growing up there was a wish (or need) followed by a discovered fear. Later in life, this wish-fear duo " drama" may announce itself to you (and/or others) in the form of something dysfunctional (ie: a symptom) in your life.

A new symptom " is an appearance of unconscious conflict.... a desperate personal communication about [one's] concerns, wishes and fantasies offered in condensed form. It communicates what the [person] has experienced but cannot express. In it is contained a fragmentary version of the [person's] developmental and historical drama - a narrative in its most condensed form, containing the wish and also the fear. " John A new Schneider, 1991

Being a self help exercise, think of any symptom, and inquire yourself, " What's the wish and the fear? " The idea being that with awareness we can start the mourning process, In addition, " the body becomes relieved from the repetitive attempts to find a solution to psychic pain. " Joyce McDougall, 1989

I found Henry Kellerman's article/mini book, The 4 Steps to Peace of Mind, in line with the idea of a link between wants and symptoms, supportive and optimistic

Sept 29, 2017
The Sensation, The Defense and The particular World Between

I ponder about this quote:

" Chronic characterological defense may suppress a drive derivative so much that there is little feeling, and thus, no convincing display of defense. " Wayne H Hutchinson, 1996

This specific seems to offer one perspective on why some score high on the alexithymia scale. Traditionally communicating, a person acknowledges thoughts as a " delightful guest" and feels thankful that the body and mind have open stations of communication with one another. In the event of an inner discord, the person will notice how a feeling desires to occur but then will get rejected with a defense. The person will notice something in the gap between the wish and the defense. With the observation the person will discover " a world in a grain of sand" and that the world leads back to something experienced and learnt long ago. Accessing the storage, the person can recognize the situation and realize that it's now okay to feel again. The particular narcissistic pattern generally seems to " characterologically" discourage a whole lot of this from happening.

It's not uncommon for a person with this pattern " to rest about having lied about having lied, " for instance: that it's too painful to feel and too unpleasant to admit that is actually too painful, and too painful to admit that also, so the design " dissociates" and externalizes unwelcome feelings onto others. Journaling is often pointed out as a path to healing.

A hypothetical example:

Pnp: I think I'd like to start writing. Oh no, forget it.
Fr: A person just said 'forget it' and a second before that you said that you'd like to start journaling.
Pnp: I see what you mean. With warp speed, I negated my feelings and wants.
Fr: Do it feel easier to do so than to stay with the feeling of wanting to journal?
Pnp: You gamble it was safer. After all if I allowed the feeling to occur, I would be reminded of how my wants and feelings were judged to be wrong or unimportant by my self absorbed mother. Everything was all about her and her emotional drama that there was no space, understanding or safety for me to even say that I had a feeling. I don't ever before recall understanding that I even had the justification to say that I had a feeling. I suppose this is what they mean by subconscious transference. I'm projecting my parents from the past into the present.
Fr: Would they brain if you began a journal?
Pnp: No, certainly not. They failed to know very well what these were doing. I am sure that beneath it all, they would have backed my feelings had they known something about their own.
Fr: And?
Pnp: In case I journal, I would be disloyal with them. I actually would be leaving them and I don't want to do that. I actually love them.
Fr: By beginning a journal, you'd be deceitful with them?
Pnp: That's how it feels.
Fr: What do you feel?
Pnp: That's why I desired to start a journal.
Fr: To publish about your thoughts and thoughts?
Pnp: And also to feel more connected with myself.
Fr: But that would mean being deceitful?
Pnp: The particular relationship would change. Deceitful to an old design, but nonetheless loyal to them.
Fr: [nods the acknowledgment of the distinction]

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