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A fascinating book, well researched, but I found it somewhat narrow. It doesn't contain much about steam getting generated for warfare at sea, or other traveler attempts around the world. I understand that the author in no way promises this, and decides to deal almost exclusively with the competitors within the US and UK, but in so carrying out I found the guide repetitive, too much involved with minute details, plus dealign with basically unpleasant characters., Very interesting story but would have already been stronger if it offered details on the interesting technical side of steam power., A very exciting book on a subject That i knew very little regarding even though I read many marine history textbooks. The author really do his homework to compose this detailed an bank account of the owners, their ships and the dangers of crossing the Atlantic., Superb book! Helped me recreate what was like upon a transatlantic steamer. Since a historian myself, I appreciate the author's achievement., For much of the past 250 years or so, the US plus Great Britain have been specialized and commercial leaders, plus so it seems logical that one of the areas where competition would develop would be the capacity to transport men plus material over the Atlantic Marine. From Ben Franklin worrying about mail deliveries to be able to the Concorde SST, the 2 nations have always had a serious, if somewhat friendly, rivalry. In Steam Titans, William M. Fowler Jr. examines a key portion of this competition, the rise of the steam-powered ship.

=== The Good Stuff ===

2. While Fowler certainly provides some impressive academic experience, fortunately he doesn’t compose like a professor. The book is written in a light, somewhat informal strengthen that is easy to be able to read and avoids the 30-letter words and two-page paragraphs of serious “academic” writing. The book placed my interest throughout, plus stimulated some thought plus day-dreaming.

* The guide is nominally about the rise of the steam-powered ocean-going vessel, both since a carrier of shipment and passengers. But like many new technologies, steam vessels really couldn’t contend well with the present sail technology, and therefore their growth becomes a new story of government contracts, favorable legislation and party favors from men in powerful positions. Of course, this qualified prospects to years of conspiracy, murky deals, improbable éloge and issues of “national pride”. It doesn’t have a great imagination to observe the parallels in some other modern businesses---Boeing and Airbus come to mind.

2. The book spends a new great deal of period on the efforts of several men, Edward Knight Collins, Samuel Cunard plus Cornelius Vanderbilt as these people battled the other person for superiority of the Atlantic steamship routes. The men had very different strategies, various levels of government support, plus varying degrees of success in their endeavors.

2. Fowler also highlights the many present-day consequences of what seems like a new 19th century story. With regard to example, Nyc is fortunate with an excellent possess. That made it essential in the 19th millennium, when commerce relied greatly on water transport. Yet Nyc has kept of which dominance into the modern day, even when a big part of the business is more about the circulation of data than freighters.

=== The Not-So-Good Things ===

* Maybe it really is my engineer side, but I would have desired more details on the specialized side in the ships plus less concentration on the political machinations of postal mail subsidies. I understand of which without being heavily subsidized, steam powered ships would have got been delayed another fifty years or so, but there were some significant engineering advances that offered major increases in effectiveness. These got only quick mention and minimal explanation.

* Similarly, the author leaves some tantalizing dead-ends. Steamships relied on loans, and forced the introduction of some large financial institutions in the the United States plus Great Britain. A number of these nevertheless have relevance today. We would have liked for this specific area of the book to have got been developed further.

2. Finally, portions of the book got a bit dry. Many of the great 19th century “sea-battles” had been really fought on the floor and cloakrooms of Congress and Parliament. Try out as you might, this is challenging to make fifty years of legislative horse-trading exciting.

=== Summary ===

I enjoyed the guide, and found it a nice look at how technology, commerce, government and personalities all intermixed to modify the way men crossed the ocean. Fowler do a nice job of tying the story collectively and keeping it exciting and relevant to contemporary business. I had been surprised at how long it was a little while until for steam to be really competitive with sail technology, both on cost plus speed. Also, the variation in business strategies in between the various moguls involved (luxury, safety, proven technology) made the narrative better.

=== Disclaimer ===

I had been able to read a good advance copy through the courtesy of the author and NetGalley., An interesting historical past that will appeal to be able to a really narrow audience (history buffs with particular curiosity in nautical affairs). The book centers on the competition between the Cunard steamboats based in England and the Collins line quartered in the usa. They are competing market of transporting individuals, mail and goods in between Europe and America. The tremendous amount of analysis and detail went in to this study. I loved it but I educate history at a jr college., This book Has been an extremely interesting read and very well researched. I learned much from this specific book I was not aware of. If you are enthusiastic about transportation, especially upon water, This is a new book you need to be able to read. Kudos to the author over a job properly done., Very interesting great the beginning of across the atlantic travel

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