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We are not a creative person. I want to be. I think like most people I want to create something. I want to write something. Create something. While searching for something new in the books section of Amazon online. com I hit with this title. I knew nothing about Austin Kleon. I actually am not really a poetry lover so I would not know about the Newspaper Power outage book. I actually judged this book by it's cover (and the description to be honest). I read it in an hr (you can too - it is a brief book). Then I read it again much more slowly with a highlighter. Most of what he or she writes about may be trite to those "in the know" but for me this book said I could type in the world, find something I really like and tweak it bit to make it mine. In addition to in doing that I actually could show the inventor that his work motivated me to create something. This book also told me personally that I already had the tools to be creative. Since I know that I like Kleon suggest that I study why I like it. Discover out what makes it work for me and then use that as a jumping off point. But even these words do not convey effectively enough how inspired I actually was - I read it again - I actually added his blog and tumblr feeds to my daily readings - I actually follow him on tweets and purchased some publications he recommended. Finally - rather than sending him an email telling him how wonderful this publication is - I was following his advice and putting those same thoughts in a review. A tiny publication awakened a lttle bit of interest for being creative. Not a tiny feat. A small book but a large heart. Hope all these words add up to this - I love this book., If you are a artist or perhaps wish you had been an designer then PLEASE read this book. It frees you from the thought that art ideas must come from thin air or if you're a fraud. I buy copies in order to hand away when I see someone struggling with this street block in thinking., I actually enjoyed this because he or she kept his advice light and focused. It was all very logical, yet said in a amusing way., One of the best books I've read in quite a while. It's amusing because the length of this publication can be decieving. Thus many books are filled with fluff that it felt good because this book was straight, clear and concise. It informed me of some important matters that you don't have to reinvent the tyre. It's ok to copy. And that by copying you eventually will become a master too. I actually love this book and is actually in my top 12 books., Clever book, aiming out some things you might not think of all on your own. As an artist want to be, I frequently copy other artists. Hate to admit that but I actually guess everyone does it. This book made me personally laugh and made me personally feel better., The publication is true to title, and much of the advice in it is from other artists, much of which I've observed before. I was able to read it in one sitting. I recommend the book for younger people. In all fairness, the amazon kindle price should be fallen., I am an designer, have been for quite a while. At my mature age this publication makes so much sense, and reaffirms all I think to be true, about the creative art world and creativeness in life itself! Sure there are many things in the publication you may already know, but it is great to reread things and remind yourself about important things to consider when creating your work or ideas. I realize that I was constantly opening my own eyes to what other creative people are doing in so many mediums. These creative ideas become an inspiration and spring board for my creative interpretations and expressions. I teach fine art also, We are constantly promoting this premise Steal Like An Artist!!! because my students are always i am so happy with my creative ideas and productions. I have purchased and given this book to a lot of people that are in a creative field of work, including my younger son. In first he kind of scoffed at the publication and said he realized all it had to offer. Since time has exceeded he realizes the reality of what this publication promotes and has applied it to his own creative work. He is constantly telling me that Steal Like an Artist is the way to expand your creative imagination to its fullest and rewarding potential, in whatever your passion is in life., I used this publication as help in a seminar I taught on building a color reference record and I found it to be very helpful in teaching people how to " steal" artwork and make it their own. (Don't panic on the word " steal", at no point in time performed it encourange one to DUPLICATE someone's artwork. ) Presently there were lots of little ideas to use as inspriation and lots of humorous antidotes and drawings. A quick read, it is worth a replicate visit on a regular basis. I just wish Mr. Kleon had incorporated his chapter on " Quilting vs. Weaving" since both interest me but I guess some editing had to be done. Maybe he'll put it in his next book for me personally.

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