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A must read if you're journeying in the backcountry during winter. Awesome book. I will re-read this book before every season, to advise myself and keep in mind things. keep me in the toes, Well worth grabbing this book if you are understanding avalanche terrain for snowshoeing, mountaineering or backcountry skiing, Great book! Very helpful and seems to include all the basics with good depth. I am getting into backcountry skiing and had a last minute trip to wyoming planned so I failed to get a opportunity to do a level one course ( instead I did an intro class). After discussing the book in depth with the trip mates. A the greater part of information from the classes is covered in the book. The Introduction class also included many of the same blueprints and pictures (the book was recommended and used as a source). It can a great book but it can clearly not make up for the hands-on training from a level 1 class or from experience in the field that we do not believe can be substituted by books., If you need to be playing in the backcountry do your friends, family, and yourself a favour and purchase and read this book. Also enroll in some avalanche classes! Typically the " bible" of the backcountry., Words can't describe how valuable this book has been in my personal search for Avalanche knowledge and tricks for staying safe in Avalanche terrain. This book can't replace the on the job experience of an Avalanche course, but it will teach you just about everything else you'll ever need to find out about backcountry safety. Bruce Tremper is a true expert in his field, and a great author too. I've read this book cover to hide about three times. I'd read it again if I thought I had developed anything more to gain from this wealth of knowledge. 5+ stars. Acquire this book., Lots of good info, hopefully enough to keep you safe in the backcountry., I've read 7-8 of the best ranked avalanche books & this is, by far, the best. Flipping thru, it are able to see a little technical, but Bruce actually provides very understandable context for all subject areas & weaves the subject matter together in a very coherent way. He's not pedantic, instead, is clear and straightforward (with some wry humor). It can so chockfull of content that reading it multiple times is recommended. Thank you to Bruce for imparting his wisdom..., This book cleared up a lot of misconceptions I had about avalanches (most likely triggers, survivability etc). I expected a somewhat tedious book filled with tables, but it turned out to be quite readable and easy to know.

While the book does offer you some quick checklists, it also pushes home the point that evaluating avalanche risks reliably requires years of experience (and even then can fall short you), so you definitely can't accuse the creator of leaving you with a false sense of security.

Part of the book was a little too detailed for me (e. g. several different ways to test snow stability), though it might be useful when you are performing a functional course (which this book certainly does not replace).

Throughout the book there are great pictures, some of them chilling. I'd have liked to see more pictures (e. g. terrain examples, snow crystals) as well as in better print quality, even if that had increased the expense of the book a bit.

Now i'm not an expert, and this is the only book I've read on the topic, so I can't judge the accuracy with this book. However the set of reviewers in the acknowledgments section looks like a who's who of influx research, so I'm fairly confident that the information in this book does represent the current knowledge accurately.

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