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I used to be very impressed with the book, from valuable happy to how easy it was to read author's great information of the start upwards evolution though the M curve. It really maps out well the steps that every Entrepreneur should know and understand to navigate the starting up and growing the company.
What I really appreciated about the book, is that author openly describes his experiences, struggles and victories as an entrepreneur and also gives advice from possible of an angel investor. That gave myself a much better knowledge of what each party in this eco-system needs and exactly what each one gets out of the J curve steps. I actually wish I had this guide to guide me when I embarked on launching my Interior planning business in 08, when i didn't know there was a predictable routine that all business go through and that I'm rather than an odd ball struggling thought the J shape.

Simply to name few highlight areas of many; from understanding various kinds of personality and blend of strength and weak points that can be successful in starting / growing the business (even though popular media and articles list only certain blend of traits as appealing and required). Then your change phase where he has highlighted that even most successful entrepreneurs didn't toe nail their business instantly and had to significantly change the direction to get it right. Then it was great to understand clear summarize of the distinction between " missionary" and " mercenary" types of CEO and founders since there is so much glorifying in mass media going on about mercenary types who are callously making money while sometimes not considering to leave this World as a much better place (though that is changing with the new generations). I was always feeling that is a less desirable route in growing the business.
Overall, this guide is so full of great advice that is straightforward to follow, and i also know I actually will be going back again with it to re-read it, since it is hard to find a good, and honest start up guidance that is straightforward to digest, and make sense of when you going through the steps of J curve., I actually highly recommend this book for both first time and seasoned entrepreneurs. For first timers, it is an essential playbook that will save you considerable time and effort therefore you concentrate on the right activities. For seasoned entrepreneurs, it serves as a critical reminder that you have no short cuts before you scale even if you have done it before.
I cut my teeth on my first start up venture and reading each step of the J-Curve was like a lesson review of my start up journey. To a degree, I would say that I wish I read this book prior, but there is something about the experience of going through the peaks and valleys of creating a start up business that makes me appreciate The Startup J-Curve that much more.
While there are many “how to” books out there, few can directly link the process of launching a start up with abundant, personal accounts of how to proceed when things do not go accordingly as Really like does. In many aspects, The Startup J-Curve seems autobiographical. Love takes you on his journey as a serial entrepreneur and is paying it ahead by sharing a repeatable method for entrepreneurial success., An excellent book indeed. Although repetitious throughout, it only stands to excercise the classes that it teaches with examples and more depth. It was a fairly easy read and hard to put down, so it wasn't long before I actually finished reading it, and I am a sluggish reader! By the time you are done looking over this book you will have enough knowledge and wisdom to give your start up the chance it needs to achieve success., Howard Really like has written a must read guide for anybody needing to build their own company. Having been few a few successful start ups myself I wish I'd read this book before because it would have made overcoming all the several difficulties and " failures" alongside the way so much easier. The ability to morph is a key share, it may also help you make the fortune and revel in the journey you deserve., The model Howard developed, together with many illustrations of his success and failure in business, make " The Start-Up J Curve" a must-read book for any entrepreneur! It is just a unique roadmap designed to help founding teams nail all phases of the shape to achieve success, starting from the early levels (" Long Dark Winter" Cit. )
Highly recommended!, At this point after completing this book, I know that I actually am rather than an entrepreneurial person. Anyone who is thinking of starting a company and has fantastic idea that will change the world has to read this guide before proceeding., A must read for each and every entrepreneur. Likely to recognize yourself as well as your company throughout this book and it will save you a great deal of heartache, accelerating you through the inevitable start up learning curve faster., The Start-up J Curve distinguishes itself from the vast majority of other business books by being good. Howard Love plainly is aware his topic well. The book is eminently understandable and full of wisdom, information and practical advice. Especially helpful are the chapters on morphing from an original product offering to one which better meets a market need. I've not read a much better book for entrepreneurs. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking about or involved in building a new company.

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