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Nice, painful, courageous and funny woman. I never married or had children but I now have a glimpse of the emotions that what it is to love, lose and start freshly courageous even when frightened to try again., Entirely enjoyed this book even wanted to help bad Kate. I figured the ending out but loved getting there & desire this will help some other move on with similar situations, Loved this book. Story line was wonderful and characters were good. I will continue to follow this author and I look forward to reading more of this creator work., Type of your normal love story with a few new twists. Katie and Ryan are a perfect match, but each struggling with the past. Good story!, I loved this book - it makes you realize how life is so precious and never be taken for granted!, Good, I received a duplicate of this book in swap for the honest review.
This is pretty classy stuff. As someone who doesn’t normally read romances, I was fascinated to see if the author could hold my attention throughout after i pretty much know how the plot was going to play out. I’ve have to say; she could and did.
The very first thing I liked about this novel is that it is actually easy to read. The second thing is that it is actually easy to read. No big words, no intricacy, just 100% give attention to the characters – which is great because is a real journey for Kate from the nightmare of her current life condition to a much better place. Author J. Saman has done a great job of setting her story on the road as it helps us as visitors travel with Kate as she rides her emotions all the way through. Also i liked the switching chapter POV between Kate and beau Ryan as it helped drive the story and offer us a broader view of occasions as they unfold.
The dialogue is superb in that it isn’t overwrought or gabby, in fact Saman simply leaves out just enough that her characters have room to consider – even obsess – over the other’s thoughts and intentions. All this creates a wonderful turmoil that draws us on and on all through the storyplot.
Sure there were a few typos and errors here and there but ~ who cares? – if a story’s good enough, those things don’t issue. And guess what, they didn’t.
Ill be reading J. Saman’s books again., Let me personally start by admitting that I’m not normally a fan of romance, but the touch of depth and emotion in this story kept me involved and turning the pages. First of all, from a technical perspective, this is a very clean piece – something hard to find among indy work. I do notice a couple typos, but overall sentence construction, pacing, grammar etc. were practically perfect. But all that just makes the story readable, what made it good was the real, deep characters, their highly believable interactions, their stories of loss, and the privilege of watching them overcome their pasts.

The reason why I gave 4 stars as opposed to 5: For me personally, 5 stars is book that makes me forget I’m reading and that keeps with me despite I actually put it away. This specific story, although fantastic, didn’t quite cross the club (few books do). A new few of the loss reactions just didn’t feel completely real to me personally and the romance itself was a little immature and lusty for my tastes. But new relationships are often immature and I could easily see how that could be what someone would need to overcome the loss Katie suffered. Regardless, it was certainly fun to read with a lot of wish-fulfillment moments. I actually imagine for any true fan of romance, this book would easily pass the 5-star mark.

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