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We are happy to write a review on the book titled, " Stars Therefore Bright: Book of Groupe (Kiddie Edition) by Speedy Publishing. " This is a great little informative reference book for children about the constellations. The book's layout is great for children and straightforward to follow along with. Every constellation is beautifully created. The illustrations correspond properly alongside the tale on each page to give a beautifully descriptive idea of seen each constellation. Some of the details of multitude children will learn in this book include:
--> How many constellations were officially acknowledged by The International Astronomical Union?
--> Which constellation is usually displayed in the form of a sea goat?
--> Which groupe is associated with the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek Mythology?
--> Where is Aries located?
--> Which constellation's name is Latin for lion?
--> Which constellation's name is Latina for crab?
--> Which constellation's name is the Latin multiple for fish?
--> Which constellation's name is Latin for considering scales?
--> Which constellation's name is Latin for " horned goat"?
--> Which constellation's symbol is a representation of normal water?
--> Which constellation is located between Capricornus and Pisces?
--> Which groupe is represented as a centaur drawing a bow?
Children will learn the answers to these questions and more in this educational book about constellations. This is a great educational research book that would be a great addition to any child's library. I actually was blessed to possess experienced the chance to get these book at a discounted price. I am an individual consumer who have written a review after purchasing this book and I was not affiliated with this company in any way during writing this review., I'm giving this a 4 star review but it would be lower rating if the ebook wasn't offered for free right now. I actually would've been disappointed with it if I had paid even just. 99¢ for it.

That being said, this book has different multitude and some " fun facts". You are able to preview the book by clicking " Appear inside" on the main product page on Amazon. That will will demonstrate the first few pages and give you an idea how the book is to establish.

In case you are in the market for books with this age range I encourage one to check out other book published by Speedy publishing. My general review for those books are below.
There are about 200 ebooks released by Speedy Publishing that are offered in the kindle store for either free or for. 99¢. You can't really go wrong with the books offered for free. There is a variety of topics covered and many of the of the books follow comparable format. (This Mrs. Moo Animal: Sounds Book for Kids is one of a few exclusions. ) You can take a peek inside the books by clicking " Look Inside" and also this is pretty much what you get in each book.

Anyway, overall, I do like theses books for their wonderful pictures (again, this Mrs. Moos book is definitely cartoony pictures. ) It would be nice if the books went into greater detail nevertheless they are extremely basic books that I actually hope will get my children interested in finding more about each subject.

I plan on keeping these books on my iPad for down time for my children when they get uninterested waiting different places like the doctors office or practice for a sibling. I sometimes watch a friends 3 year old daughter and he or she likes to look through the pictures in the phone. I plan on displaying these books to keep her amused. I think she will love them.

***** I received this ebook for free in exchange for my sincere review. *****, This was a really interesting book for our family, and especially to me. We read this book together, with my 10 year old doing the reading (which impresses me every time). I don't remember learning all the star pieces which were included in this book in my years as a child. The illustrations were interesting, though in this book, the reality were more impacting. The book format really highlights the images and gives ample moment for discussing about the pictures. A single spread has an image with a couple of sentences, then the next is just an image. This repeats throughout the book and provides a great format for reading together.
This guide gives enough information to build a foundation, without being too specific or overwhelming. For us all, it was random, for others, it could work well. I also think this book would work well for a classroom, because there is a lot of opportunity for talking about the pictures, or even completing a written or drawing assignment. Personally, as a homeschooler, I love books like this one that give valuable information in a quick and easy to digest format.
Overall: Neat information, as quick or slow as is made it. We loved it, and I believe that most young kids would be interested in looking over this with their grown-up.
The Kindle version with this book was provided in my experience for free, with the requirement that I review it honestly., The text is really hard to read. Yellow-colored text on a white background, really makes my 31 year old eyes that already aren't great, strain even more. Overall, I was pleased with the literature in this book, but there were some parts in this book which were difficult for my 7 year old to understand. While the pictures were interesting, I thought the reality were more impacting. Having been talking about what he learned for a few days after finishing this book. He really loved it.

I received this book at a cheaper price in exchange for my HONEST opinion.

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