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It had been nice to see several of the things that Yoda did between the Identical copy Wars and the first time he is seen inside Episode 5., Great collection, keep the Marvel reports coming., Not as great because the previous entries nevertheless good story none typically the less., So I completed this one the additional day after reading typically the negative reviews. Even though I will say it isn't a negative comic, I will certainly say it wasn't totally necessary either.

Spoilers in advance:
The guide picks up in late Typically the Last Flight of typically the Harbinger with C-3PO inside the hands of typically the Empire. R2 takes off in order to rescue him and Luke continues to read Ben Kenobi's journal. The relax of the story deals with Yoda feeling a call from the Push leading him to a strange Lord of typically the Flies like planet.

Typically the story isn't terrible, however it doesn't really do anything either. It doesn't enhance the current story nearer towards Empire Strikes Back again (which is probably why they did it therefore they can keep the comics going) and the just purpose that I may find for your Yoda history is to show that will Jedi must be very humble in their abilities. Nevertheless we already saw that will from Yoda in his / her three part series in the end of Typically the Clone Wars.

The art work is absolutely good though. So there's that.

If a person want to read a good ok side story, go for it. Or if you're just like me and collect a lot of the extended canon then still proceed for it. But if you would like to just keep heading in our story and not necessarily read Yoda, wait regarding The Screaming Citadel. All you could miss here is Scar tissue Squadron is planning in order to use 3PO as trap for our heroes., This can be a tough review for me personally to write. On typically the one hand, the guide looks great. Excellent artwork. And, how often perform you read a story about Yoda? I give Wonder huge props for trying something different. This isn't a story about the Rebels vs. the Empire. Is actually something new.

The problem is that will I felt like a new Pink Floyd album, where you seem like there is a message there, nevertheless you're not quite positive what that message will be saying. Constantly reading this particular story, I kept pondering to myself that the conclusion of this--this interesting story--is going to come together and blow my mind. But, it didn't quite do that. And, if it is there upon the page, I positive didn't get " it" on my first move through the story.

In the end, I assess a book by just how much I want to proceed pick it up once more once I lay that down. With this guide, I wasn't as intrigued ?nternet site should have already been. I really wanted in order to get it read in addition to done. It's a loable effort on Marvel's portion to try such a history, but for me, that just didn't deliver.

The storyplot does tie in a bit with the original three set, but my prediction is that will you could skip this particular collection and not skip much in the on-going Marvel series.

I will certainly note though that this collection also includes the next Star Wars Annual. An individual get the Yoda history plus the Annual. Plus, that's the bright side, because the story in this particular second Annual is quite good. It's a basic story, contained in typically the one issue. But, is actually a story I discovered compelling, and it features a new character, Pash, that will I hope we notice again., A big glass of " meh".

I will be a huge fan of SW, and I have enjoyed what Marvel provides done with the business since they reacquired typically the license, but I gotta say, this was their first misstep, in my opinion. Its not it turned out bad; it was merely type of pointless. It has been an unnecessary delay of the main storyline that will we could have completed without. Even though Yoda will be a favorite, Issue history had to be told, it could have been completed in half the time. Not necessarily a bad trade, merely pointless., Ooph.

For my money, this is typically the weakest story yet–not merely from Aaron's " Celebrity Wars" run, but inside all of Marvel's Celebrity Wars output since receiving the license in 2014. Now i'm usually a big fan of both Aaron's creating and Salvador Larroca's design, therefore the thought of typically the two of them integrating on with an arc–let only an arc focused specifically on freaking YODA–really experienced me jazzed. Color me personally surprised and disappointed that will neither writer nor performer appeared to operating at their full potential here.

I could just on about all of the things that didn't work here, whether it be the plot itself–which demonstrates definitively that there will be such thing as a Star Wars story that will is TOO out there–Larroca's linework, which seemed strangely unfinished here, or even just how a arc rests rather uncomfortably alongside typically the broader Star Wars lore (no spoilers, but if you've read, you know of what I speak). In fairness, there were times every now and then that worked, specifically in early stages, when it sensed like Aaron had a far better grasp of the type of tale he wanted in order to spin. But the lengthier this arc dragged upon, the more eager I was for it in order to wrap up. And now, mercifully, it has.

Celebrity Wars Vol. 5: Yoda's Secret War (Star Wars (2015-)) , The new Wonder SW comics have, regarding the most part already been great. The Vader publications are, for me personally, the leading tier but the SW run has been quite good as well. Unfortunately there is only a great deal storyline to fill between Ep IV and V in addition to it feels like we've filled that gap completely. Now we have filler such as this story.

Difficult terrible but there is nothing memorable about it either other than the art work which is great.

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