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The other volume of the current Marvel comic series. It sort of picks up where the last one remaining off. It actually begins with a tale of Obi-wan Kenobi during his days on Tattoonie, where he becomes somewhat negative having lost his way somewhat with the Jedi Order gone and Owen Skywalker not letting him train Luke, who We wan to say is eightish here, and feeling weak as Jabba tax men acquire mater fro the people during a drought... on a desert herb. Only in Star Wars. From then on we pick things backup where things performed leave off. Leia and Han have to deal with Han's wife, who was an interesting character in her very own right. Luke on the other hand will go off to Nar Shaddaa in order to try to get smuggled on Coruscant in order to sneak into the old Jedi Temple. Things avoid go well, confident that's not a spoiler. Han's " wife " Sana was an interesting personality, although her story collection wrapped up a little quicker than I expected. I was hoping it would have lasted another arch or two before the reveal happened, but hopefully she returns in some fashion down the collection. Luke's story was fairly cool but now We have to get the second volume of Vader to see if the end intersected there like they did with hello finding out Luke's last name in vol 1 of their particular story arcs. Either way I would reccomend this volume as a Star Wars lover., I have already been very happy with the new line of Star Wars Books (except maybe Chewbacca). Jason Aaron continues to completely create the world of Superstar Wars between A Fresh Hope and Empire Strikes Back. However, while I cherished the light sabre fight in this story with the whole cast. What really shines are the Stories of Ben Kenobi reports. While one off reports in every of the Superstar Wars stories by Aaron. They really show the lost warrior forced into exile by the fall of the Republic make on a lawless world with one mission. Keep up the great work., Jerr Aaron is hands-down one of my personal favorite comic publication writers. The characters in his Star Wars publications in particular 'sound' just like they do on screen, which is a tough thing to pull off for such a well-loved universe. This series is extremely well put together with beautiful art and coloring. We simply couldn't be happier with the direction that Marvel is taking. Typically the blend of 'familiar', while keeping things unique is very well done. I also love how Aaron enhances little details from the movies which i never really stopped to think about before, providing satisfying glimpses into the stories we know and love that fit beautifully into canon. This graphic novel in particular tells a really strong story regarding Luke on the Hutt moon of Nar-Shadda. The teases to the lore and great the Jedi are well-played, showing how Luke might have been learning a few things in the time period between A Fresh Hope and Empire. Definitely a must read!, Being a life long Star Wars fan I devoured all the Dark Horse Comics, paperbacks & hardcovers upward until about 2002. In addition to then I stopped chilly turkey as there is just such a glut and the stories themselves appeared to not be all that good (especially the Dark Horse material).

We recently picked up the initial 2 volumes of the new Marvel Star Wars ongoing and was pleasantly surprised at how fantastic the book is. Volume 2, is by far my favorite of the two because of Stuart Immonen, who We have really dug since his days on LSH and the Superman books. Typically the writing is top step and the characterization is spot on. I'm especially preference the glimpses into both Vader & Obi-Wan that the series provides...., We never read comics in general, not to mention Star Wars. But I was thinking about the new Disney Marvel Rule and wow this series is unreal. This Starwars story is clever, smart, interesting, unexpected, nostalgic, coronary heart warming, exciting, and it has the spirit of Lucas. This is the stories and movies that will have been made, but haven't been. Read this, read this to your children, read this to your family who love Starwars, because it is a significant story, one which We don't believe anyone should miss. Please do yourself a favor and read the 4 Volumes., Blood & lightsabers. Crime bosses, Bounty hunters & doublecrosses. Jedi lore & new worlds. A lot of action in this volume, Gives details about this world which i didn't think We wanted. The writing is superb, and the interaction between the characters is excellent. Feels like a movie we've been missing for decades, until now., This is the second volume level in the ongoing Superstar Wars series from Marvel. The first issue accumulated in this volume is an account from Obi-wan's diary. I enjoy seeing what Kenobi was up to on Tatooine between Episode 3 and 4.

The character types are written very well in this series. The banter between Han and Leia is on point. We also like seeing the naive Luke from the Fresh Hope.

One great thing about the new Marvel comics is how all things canon are referenced. Luke fights Magnaguards! The imagery blending the aesthetic of both trilogies is so cool. There are a lot of references in Grakkus the Hutt's collection. Oppo Rancisis, Shaak Ti, and Tera Sinube all cameo. There's even a jedi temple guard cover up.

There were a lot of great original characters in this volume. My favorite was probably the Gamemaster. Grakkus was a very different type of hutt. Presently there is a badass looking pirate/smuggler Gungan! Sana Solo added an interesting atmosphere to Han and Leia's mission, although Sana's tale is a little too Firefly in my opinion.

I give this volume a 4/5. I will absolutely be continuing this series. Typically the next volumes are in the Vader Down all terain event.

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