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I actually read this in continuing the Darth Vader series, I possess not read the Star Wars comic series yet, so it was a lttle bit different returning and forth between Darth Vader and Star Wars between issues. All in all, this was a great crossover series, but the art styles and even the writing styles appeared to clash a bit. I felt that the Star Wars writer didn't really capture the Aphra and Triple-Zero figures in quite similar to the way that the Darth Vader writer does, although it was very interesting seeing Triple-Zero in the realistic art design of the Star Wars comics. It was also a lttle bit confusing to find this collection when Amazon online does not include it in the Darth Vader series page. If you follow what that states you will miss a big chunk of the Darth Vader story., This TPB takes place right after the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Desire. Darth Vader comes out of hyperspace in his lone TIE Interceptor nose to nose with 2 squadrons of Rebel X Wings. Excellent action sequences occur. This is my first acquaintance with the Celebrity Wars Universe in Wonder comics (apart from the 80's books) and if Vader Down is an accurate representation of the quality of work, it's just like the fantastic job Marvel did on Stephen King's Dark Tower prequels. This was also my first digital getting any comic for my Amazon kindle. While having a hard copy of the comedian will be a lot preferable, the . 99 purchase price was a bargain to own the story., I actually had in the past comics and Celebrity Wars. I was 10 in 1977 and don't have lost my love for the characters. With that being said until just lately I hadn't read many SW comics because the original Marvel run.

I decided to check out the recent Vader comic after listening to the Star Wars Theory channel on Facebook. I'm glad Used to do., Since I've said elsewhere, Aaron and his team do something that hasn't already been done in 20 years in these books: they make Vader scary again. He is a force to be reckoned with, and this is one of the sole stories series that brings him into contact with the initial trilogy heroes, enjoying them off of the minor characters that we've been introduced to in the ongoing Vader books. Han, Chewie, and the droids all meet their doppelgä ngers in tremendously enjoyable ways. The Vader series is far better than it has any right to be, and Vader Down is one of the best tales to come out of it., If you're excited for Rogue One, or simply like Darth Vader, this collection is great. This is the Vader we all want in the upcoming film. An excellent conjunction with new canon, and the best story between Star Wars and Vader comics. If you're not gonna buy both collections then get this one. Art is wonderful, story is superb. My only complaint was some clunky discussion in one or two panels. That's all the negativity I could gather about Vader Down., This is incredible. The assault is great, Vader is intense. Luke Han and Leia are at their best. Tripple - Absolutely no is at his most insane Betee is a sniper and a bomber. And Dr Aphra is funny. This is a must read., Vader Down was a perfect Celebrity Wars comics it captures the look characters and feel of the galaxy. I can't wait to finish up the Vader series., Lots of fun, thrilling background on charecters...... worth thr time to read.... the only con would be, no captain would sacrifice thier ship so easily.... it's their ticketed to freedom.... but you'll have to read the story to determine why; )

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