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This is certainly Star Wars at its' strangest, and that's a new very good thing. Lomaz and co. fighting through what could easily end up being Dracula's castle is a new fantastic experience. I avoid desire to say more regarding fear of spoilers.

As a new note though you will get more out of this when you have been following the Star Wars and Dr. Aphra comics. However you can get by with out that knowledge as well., So…this was a point.

Star Wars: Volume 5’s Yoda-centric story ended up being my first genuine disappointment in Jason Aaron’s Star Wars run, therefore i had a ton of hope pinned to “The Screaming Citadel. ” The particular fact that I ADMIRED the first crossover Celebrity Wars event that Wonder did last year, “Vader Down, ” and of which this was being created by the same authors of said event, Aaron and Kieron Gillen-the last mentioned of whom’s “Doctor Aphra” series I have significantly been digging-had me genuinely psyched to find out what this would be like.

Well. Now I know.

Points don’t begin terribly, which makes the story’s ultimate fall into Syfy-channel-ish composite all the more discouraging. The one-shot that kicks things off has fine art by Marco Checchetto, in whose work on previous “Star Wars” series “Obi-Wan and Anakin” and “Shattered Empire” rank as some of my favorite Star Wars art EVER. And he or she doesn’t disappoint here, blending Gothic-horror with standard Celebrity Wars visuals to produce something that’s distinct, interesting, and utterly gorgeous in order to behold. The story begins interestingly, too, with Physician Aphra recruiting Luke Skywalker on an adventure in order to help her open up The Ordu Aspectum, the ancient Jedi thingamajig through her first arc. Their own destination: the not-so-welcoming abode of the Queen of Ktath’atn. I won’t mess up the fairly obvious affects on the story, due to the fact that’s part of what little fun “The Shouting Citadel” winds up offering, but suffice to say, this will be a story that dons its inspiration on the sleeve.

For the majority of issue #1, points click along well enough, and it looks as if the seeds are being planted for something truly interesting.

Then issues #2-5 happen.

It’s hard in order to dig into WHY “The Screaming Citadel” jumps the shark/screws the pooch/pick-your-“[VERB] + [“the”] + [random animal] metaphor since badly since it does with out getting into spoiler territory, so I’ll just point out this: there’s a skinny line between fun, original, aged fashioned Saturday-morning-sci-fi-serial storytelling, and tiring, derivative, schlocky Saturday-morning-sci-fi-serial storytelling. For the most part, both Aaron and Gillen have done an admirable job in everyone of their respective Star Wars series at keeping on the right side of of which line. Unfortunately, in “The Screaming Citadel, ” they will don’t a great deal step more than the line because they carry out careen over it.

Plus that’s really too bad, since the potential was there-as evidenced by the high quality of the arc’s initial one-shot-for a Star Wars story that was truly different and fresh through other things we’d ever become. You must give points in order to Aaron and Gillen and artists Salvador Larrocca and Andrea Broccardo for seeking to do something fresh within the realm of Star Wars…but when you don’t pull off what you set out to carry out, there’s only so a lot praise that deserves in order to be sung., Wow. Exactly what a fantastic story. Jogs my memory of the Night Sisters of Dathomir. These usually are the weird unusual points that make the Celebrity Wars Galaxy so exciting and fun. If you're keen on the weirder parts of Star Wars you'll love this., If you are someone who claps and cheers for virtually any product using a Star Wars label into it, than this is for you. It is a Luke-Dr. Aphra story, along with appearances by the torture droids and Leia and Han.

There are in least three different main artists, and not only will it lead to a new disjointed visual storyline, but the quality of provides wild swings. The fine art in the first concern is by far the best, and then it requires a terrible nosedive. Presently there are also different authors, so the characterization and dialogue is inconsistent.

I will give Marvel Star Wars books one more chance after that, and if this doesn't change, Soon we will be gone.

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