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Things switch into high gear with this second volume of the complete adventures of Rogue Squadron. Stackpole gets ever more comfortable and playful and locates his artistic soulmate.

- Rogue Squadron Special - we kick off with a forgettable one-shot, a test-run of sorts for the new pairing of Stackpole and artist David Nadeau. The artwork will improve and find their footage in the next installment, but Nadeau - while not the whole master Biukovic (Phantom Affair, Final Command) was, has a sure hand with the technology, and quickly retreats into the characters as his own. 3 stars.

- Issues 9-12 - " Battleground Tatooine" - part one of the Sate Pestage arc, or the alliance sparring indirectly with the Emperor's heir obvious, this story is a fun marriage of old and new. It brings us back to a familiar world but digs much, much deeper, denying us any apparent villains or answers. Nadeau comes into his own and the action is fun and diverse. This is the X-wing saga as you will come to know and love it. 4 stars.

- Issues 13-17 - " The Warrior Princess" - Star Wars meets Anastasia. The series continues with its newly acquired balance of fun plotting and dynamic artwork, and introduces two of its best characters: Nrin and Ibtisam. Additionally, it dares to go to very dark places, but Stackpole's mastery of the universe by now is such that everything combines together flawlessly in what remains a high-point of the saga. 5 stars.

- Issues 18-21 - " Requiem for a Rogue" - one of the series' best reports is, unfortunately, followed by one of its worst. The Rogues finish up on a forest planet with weird vides to save a freighter's worth of Bothan tourists... except they might be more than they seem to be and the weird vibes are decidely malevolent. Artist John Nadeau requires a short hiatus and visually the quality scoops, and while the storyline has its interesting occasions it simply is not on par with the relax of the series. Things reach a higher point near the end, where two of the sweeter characters meet their finish in a surprisingly affecting moment. 3 stars., Star Wars Omnibus: X-wing Rogue Squadron Quantity Two compiles several multi-issue arcs of the Darkish Horse comic book fable in one handy volume. The basic of the omnibus books is to give Dark Horse a way to present novel-length reports in a single selection and also to give a home for single issues or short stories that might otherwise be neglected. The book includes about three four-issue story arcs, alongside with a single issue one-off. The presentation of the omnibus is incredibly appealing and clean, with a lot of content loaded between the covers.

The four stories are as follows:

"Rogue Squadron Special" - This story is the one issue story and it takes place a few weeks after the Struggle of Endor. Wedge and the Rogues liberate the planet Tandankin from Imperial oppression, but are dismayed to find the people criticizing their methods and the collateral damage caused by the battle. Fortunately, Luke Skywalker is still a member of Fake Squadron and he steps forward to describe to the mob why exactly Wedge Antilles is a great guy. It's a fun walkthrough of Wedge's movie highlights and also determines him as the fearless leader we are to follow in the upcoming comics.

"Battleground: Tatooine" - An Alliance agent is on Tatooine investigating the struggles of local warlords to take control of the entire world and their possible Imperial connections. Rogue Squadron is brought to assist the girl in any way required. This story was fantastic: action-packed, lively, varied, along with an interesting mystery at its core. Bib Fortuna makes an intriguing appearance in a drastically altered form (inspired by a short story in the book Reports from Jabba's Palace), and we take an fascinating side trip to the Twi'lek homeworld Ryloth.

"Warrior Princess" - Rogue Squadron receives surprising news: one of their pilots, Plourr, is actually a little princess on earth Eiattu! The team sets off to the politically-divided planet to help Plourr reclaim her heritage and fix the broken government. This story features a terrifically unsettling panel of Darth Vader using toy TIE fighters and X-wings with a psychotic child member of the royal family. The plot overall is solid but fairly predictable.

"Requiem for a Rogue" - The Bothan passenger liner has gone missing and Fake Squadron sparks to find out. They succeed, but all is not as it appears on the 4th planet of the Malrev system. This story droplets an interesting Sith aspect into what are usually more military-focused plotlines with the Rogue Squadron series. The villains are fairly cheesy but the compromise required by the aviators at the tale's climaxing is affecting.

This omnibus provide excellent value and is a nice long read for those of us who don't fancy collecting individual issues of comics. I'm looking forward to reading Volume Three sometime in the near future., Also, very good graphics. Within fact I can't think of anything to make a complaint about. I've been reading Omnibus 3 in the dead tree edition and I think the kindle edition is much better., A good read., It has nice backstory however the story is not as good as Star Battles Empire Darklighter., Omnibuses like this one good if one is trying to save room from mind-boggling collections... like mine. In addition to they sit nicely on a bookshelf., These reports are great. Lots of content for young minds and many hours of fun. These graphic works of fiction are well made, well drawn, and seem to be to go on forever., This book was amazing I can't wait around to get volume about three. Star wars is the best saga ever written. STAR WARS

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