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This STILL is more complicated as as well as " the Saga" goes on, but at least SOMEONE has made a stab at simplification--
I used to be happy to find this volume., If you never seen a Star Wars movie this is the guide you need to get., I just got this book yesterday. Theoretically, it was for my grandson. In fact, I'm the one whoms fascinated with it. He has not even seen it yet, but I'm beefing upward my Star Wars knowledge from it. First, I want to impress him with how much I understand. Nevertheless, secondly, other than the facts and personages (for lack of the word) that are relevant to the first 3 Star Wars that were released (I believe they were 4, 5, & 6) I was pretty ignorant. Actually, We didn't know as much as I thought about 4, 5, & 6th either. The book is organized the way my mind thinks: in order of release so 4, 5, & 6 are addressed first.

I really like the way the book is arranged. You don't have to read in collection and the loose organization by film makes getting at the facts you want clarified pretty easy. Should you want to learn something specific, there is an index in the back. Or you can just open the guide to the page and start reading. In addition, it addresses Celebrity Wars specific issues like exactly what is " The particular Force. "

The guide also works with Star Conflict TV programs, which We didn't even know existed and Rogue I which, in a normal world, would have been no. 8 but apparently isn't, the Last Jedi is #8 and apparently came after Rogue I which might or may not be truly a part of the series. From this article you can see, you still come out somewhat confused at the ending however you are absolutely entertained and informed by the book.

The particular book itself is a hard-copy book, 9. 5' x 7. 25" (sort of unusual size) imprinted in color and dark and white with some photographs and a lot of illustrations. Very good heavyweight semi-gloss paper and easy-to-read print., This beautiful book is designed as a guide for newcomers to the Star Wars universe. While aimed at young people, this book is a wonderful read for anyone who is interested in learning what millions of Celebrity Wars fans obsess about. In case you are already a lover, whether you are an Imperial, Rebel, Jedi, Sith, trooper, bounty hunter or more, there are some things here for everyone. It covers all the films and an overview of the Clone Wars and Rebels shows as well. This guide evidently explains everything from the basics showing how it was created, some causes of why it is so popular, good guys, bad guys, vehicles, somewhat about the Force and the basic difference between the Jedi and Sith. Each film is evidently described with a simple to follow guide map and solutions to major plot details, people, places and things. It also has easy to follow diagrams of the major battles so you can evidently see how the opposing sides match up. It particularly works well for the prequels, as they are more complex plot smart than some of the later films. There's also a peek at the upcoming Last Jedi. A glossary and section of famous quotes circular out this book, written in a fun, comedic style.
Although this book is made to cover the films much more depth, with mentions of the shows Clone Wars and Rebels, Star Wars is much more than just the films and TV shows. Knights of the Old Republic, Battlefront and other games are also popular. There is also a big book and amusing universe that cover eras, characters and situations sometimes mentioned in the movies. The book does not cover the games or the book and amusing series. Most of the books were known as the EU or Expanded Universe and many were written when new films were not being produced and before Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney. New books and comics are considered Canon. We have a number of incredible authors who have written Star Wars books including James Luceno, Timothy Zahn, John Jackson Miller, John S. Kemp, Drew Karpyshyn, Alexander Freed, Christie Fantastic, Claudia Gray, Chuck Wendig and more. As for me, I'm an Aged Republic Jedi (that's over 3000 years before Show 4, A New Hope) fan. For new enthusiasts and the ones who have not read the books or comics, I hope you try some of the books, comic books and even the audiobooks. http://www.yodasdatapad.com/booklist.html The audiobooks have songs, sound effects, character voices, superb narrators like Marc Thompson, Jonathan Davis, Jan LaVoy and more. It's like listening to the films and the creation quality is excellent. You may also link with fellow enthusiasts on Facebook in the countless groups dedicated to all areas of the universe, including a group I'm an Admin, Star Wars Docking Bay 94. May the Force be With You and welcome to the Celebrity Wars universe!, I consider myself somewhat of a Star Wars aficionado so if I approached this book from that point of view I would have probably given this guide 3 stars. But We had to reboot my thinking because on the cover there is a label that says " A BEGINNER'S GUIDE IN ORDER TO A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY". If you know about the Star Wars saga and are able to beat Star Wars Trivial Pursuit without splitting a sweat, then this book is not really for you. It is what it is. We gave it 5 stars because it IS perfect for a youngster or adult just starting their journey into George Lucas's universe. In order to me, the best applicant for this book is a kid that went to see Episode 7, The particular Force Awakens, and loved it, but has never seen one of the other movies. They might be asking yourself who Luke Skywalker is, who Darth Vader is, etc.

The layout of this book is beautiful with lots of pictures drawings, and easy language. In addition, it says " Trip to Star Wars: The particular Last Jedi" on the front, but the 4-5 scant pages about the upcoming movie are old hat now and nothing new.

Star Wars Manufactured Easy spends almost all of its pages on the movies. There are a few pages about the cartoons Clone Wars and Rebels but merely a few. There is NOTHING about the present Marvel amusing book canon. So avoid expect information about those two aspects of the Celebrity Wars universe. It covers all the major characters, politics, spaceships, conflicts, and storyline points (so watch away for spoilers)

One of the amusing things that made me chuckle is the two pages dedicated to " The Great Jar Jar Binks Divide" which eventually ends up being an apologia for the hated personality. There's a subheading entitled " Can it be Wrong Regarding Me to Like Him? ". Personally I never understood why everyone resented him so much. This individual was comedy relief. Just what did you anticipate? King Lear?

Again, once you know a great deal of info about Celebrity Wars, have watched the movies many times, this book will be a waste of money. Believe of it more as a gift for somebody that might have only seen The Force Awakens or get someone that has never seen ANY of the movies to capture their interest.

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