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We don't watch Rebels, but I read this guide anyway.... AND IT'S GREAT!

I can only think about that, for a lover from the show, this guide is doubly good.

This takes place right because Order 66 is given. Stick to a padawan, Kanan, following his master is destroyed and the whole universe, it appears, is out to kill him.

That can have an effect on ya, ya know? I may care how strong a person are in the Push. Kanan is young. Simply no contacts. No allies. Simply enemies and no best places to run.

Good stuff., We enjoyed reading Kanan's origin. It appears that maybe with recent news of which Han Solo is not his real name that may follow this design. Not to say Han is really a Jedi, but from the beginning of the particular Empire many individuals changed their names and their to flee the Empire. An interesting story, yet that did not feel authentic. Still entertaining., What might you do if a person were blacklisted witchhunt style? Of the many choices available in regards to be able to new SW comics, We chose Kanan because We generally wanted a fresh story with new character types I'm not familiar together with. What I finally got within return for having a opportunity on this book was a compelling story of one Jedi's struggle to evade and survive the purge of order 66 taken out by the replicated troopers. Throughout the history, Kanan must learn to be able to adapt to a world of which has turned on their kind by transforming their identity in ways of which mostly reject his Jedi teachings. If you want adventure, excitement, and a sense associated with danger at every switch, Kanan will serve a person well., The dialogue plus artwork are both genuinely done. If you happen to wanted to be able to know more on among the best characters from the rebels series this is that. I started reading that and couldn't put that down. This is the particular first half of a limited 12 issue operate that they're doing for this character and the next half is due to be able to release together In my opinion within May. I highly recommend this to A) comic book fans B)Star Wars Fans C) Star Wars Rebels Fans, I adored this!!! I need there to be a next one right this next! Now I'm not your current typical star wars lover because if I'm being honest I favor the prequel era for the original trilogy. We just believe it is more exciting I I think the particular Clone wars TV sequence is the greatest thing ever manufactured under the star battles name. And I'm therefore happy that Disney isn't just ignoring this era like ibwas worried they might. This is great We love seeing kanan because a young Jedi We wished they showed a little more of him or her throughout the war itself but oh well I find the particular character fascinating and We didn't want to place the book down! It's fantastic., Loved seeing the back again story of Kanan Jarrus. Didn't care for the particular fact that it is continued in the next issue, but that may be how comic books work.: ), This is the beginning of the career associated with Rebels' Kanan, told skillfully by series scribe Greg Weisman. Highly recommended with regard to any Star Wars lover., Having read EU substance such as Tarkin plus the Vader comics. We expected a mature romp through the Galaxy. Although that is still a romp this story is plainly geared for the more youthful audience. With that getting said, the first volume of Kanan the Final Padawan is both fascinating and touching! Who understood someone could be therefore diverse? In A Fresh Dawn Kanan is their formed self. Realized following the events of these comics. It is outstanding to see the level of thought put into one of Star Wars' fresh leading men.

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