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" A long time in the past in a galaxy far, far away... "

... 10 years have passed since the events of " Star Wars: Episode I: Typically the Phantom Menace. " Personal turmoil and unrest have engulfed the Old Republic as 1000s of star systems leave the ancient regulating body and join a new offshoot the Separatists, led by a former Jedi Knight, Count Dooku. Padme Amidala, the one time Queen of the planet Naboo, is now a leading representative in the Republic Senate, struggling to keep the crumbling galactic federal government together through diplomacy even as more and more senators argue for war. Any time the young senator hardly escapes an assassination try, Chancellor Palpatine, leader of the Republic, requests the aide of the Jedi Order, specifically Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, to protect the woman. Reluctantly, Senator Amidala relents and soon finds herself meeting the brave Jedi Knight again, and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. Yet Anakin is no extended " that son (Padme) met on Tatooine. " He is a young man, strong in the Force, ready and keen to be a Jedi Dark night. He is also someone whose heart never forgotten the beautiful Padme.

This is actually the backdrop of " Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones, " a comic adaptation of the 2002 film by George Lucas, creator of the " Star Wars' Saga. This second chapter about what is called " The Prequel Trilogy" was originally published by Darker Horse Comics as a 4 issue mini-series comic companion to the space fantasy film, authored by Holly Gilroy, and illustrated by Jan Duursema and Thomas Kryssing, based on the screenplay by George Lucas and Jonathan Hales. That is being republished by Marvel Comics in a hardcover edition collecting the complete 4 part comic adventure plus additional substance. It is part of a series of hardcover volumes the business is producing featuring the sequential art types of the " Star Wars" movies.

As in the theatrical film, the attempt on Padme's life causes more mystery, taking the trio of senator and Jedi from the bustling streets of the Old Republic capitol city world of Coruscant to the idyllic planet Naboo, in which a forbidden love is confessed; the stormy drinking water regarding Kamino, where Obi-Wan discovers a clone armed service and plans years in the making. Anakin and Padme also travel to the desert planet of Tatooine, the location where the young Jedi Apprentice, compelled by distressing dreams, wants to15325 reunite with his beloved mother Shmi, but fatefully reveals a darker part of themself. Ultimately this galaxy comprising tale takes the reader to the planet Geonosis, homeworld of an insect-like competition allied to Count Dooku, in which a confrontation erupts that will decide the future of this " universe far, far away. "

" Attack of the Clones" is ably modified to comic form by the team of writer Henry Gilroy, and musicians Jan Duursema and Thomas Kryssing. While a comic book can not match the full effects of a motion picture, these designers translate the excitement, theatre and romance of " Episode II" to the comic page in a richly imagined manner. The special treat found in this version of the impressive adventure are added clips of dialogue as well as scenes not featured in the theatrical movie. Mr. Gilroy's script provides elements to the story modified out of the ultimate film, bits of personality interchange here or an extended scene there that offer a higher level of enjoyment to this adaptation, particularly when you're familiar with the original cinematic version itself. Penciller Jan Duursema and inker Ryan Kryssing bring a realistic, illustrative style to their perspective of the story, striving for consistent interpretations of the actors portraying the figures appearing in film production company, as well as the settings and technology that are such an integral part of any " Star Wars" film. On rare occasions, their quest for detail go too far, like a panel showcasing a 'portrait' shot of Master Jedi and Main Jedi Archive Librarian Jocasta Nu, which seems extremely embellished to this reporter. Additionally they endeavor to repeat the emotion between the characters. For example, when Anakin and Padme discuss their first kiss at a beautiful, secluded natrual enviroment retreat, the artists encompass the young lovers with red roses, a storytelling technique often used in Japanese Shoujo Manga or " girl's comics" to symbolize important romantic moments. Ms. Duursema and Mister. Kryssing accomplish the challenging task of being true in their recreation of a visually ambitious movie like " Attack of the Clones" while at the same time being faithful to how to tell a story through comic publication sequential storytelling. With their collaborators, original colorist Dork McCaig (with additional color work done by Digital Chameleon, Dan Jackson, Jason Hvam, David Nestelle, and Chris Horn), and letterer Steve Dutro, they develop a comic tale worthy of the " Star Wars" Saga.

This reviewer would like to extend a special appreciation to Ms. Duursema, a talented artist who I consider one of the great " Star Wars' comic musicians, adding to such works as: the first  Star Wars: Darth Maul   comic mini-series in 2000, becoming the guide penciller on Dark Horse's ongoing monthly " Star Wars" comic series (2000, 2002-2005) (  Star Wars Omnibus: Quinlan Vos - Jedi in Night   is a fantastic collection of her work with this comic), and collaborating with writer John Ostrander in co-creating the committed " Expanded Universe/Legends" comic sagas, " Star Wars: Legacy(2006-2011): " ( Star Wars: Legacy Volume level 1 , Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2   and  Star Wars: Legacy Volume level 3   ) and also " Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi:   Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 1 - Force Storm , Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 2 - Prisoner of Bogan (Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi (Numbered))   and  Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 3 Pressure War . Ms. Duursema has created a traditional body of " Star Wars" comics, " worthy to be contained in the Jedi Archives! "

This hardcover collection also comes with a special art section, which highlights the various covers created for earlier editions of this comic series as well that current edition. For example, the 4 " photo covers" to the original 2002 Dark Equine mini-series are spotlighted on a later page of the volume; meanwhile the beautiful " art covers" coated by Tsuneo Sanda are featured as chapter drawings, dividing this 4 part comic adaptation. Also showcased are: the romantic " Attack of the Clones" movie poster by Received Struzan, which also offered as the Dark Equine trade paperback edition series of the comic series, another Tsuneo Sanda " Episode II" painting published in the Dark Equine " Star Wars Tales" #12 anthology comic from 2002, a set of pages committed to reproducing the art created for the cover of this collection by Mike Mayhew, including pad drafts and finally a full color draft and the final color artwork. Mr. Mayhew continues the striking color style he first introduced with his cover painting to the earlier " The Phantom Menace" hardcover comic adaptation. Readers will notice Mister. Mayhew imbues his cover illustrations to the prepared three book series of " The Prequel Trilogy" with a brighter color tone than the trio of paintings created for " The Original Trilogy" adaptations done by Adi Granov. Readers will appreciate the fact that all the aforementioned works of art are reproduced without the famous " Star Wars" logo or other cover texts so to better feel the beauty of the individual drawings. The book concludes with an ad featuring the covers to another comic adaptations in this series including the upcoming reprinting of Darker Horse's 2005 " Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" adaptation.

Like its predecessors, the " Star Wars: Event II: Attack of the Clones" hardcover comic adaptation gives the reader the possibility to once again enjoy this dramatic chapter in the " Star Wars" Saga through the special genre of sequential fine art. It is a well crafted creation and comes with my sincere recommendation.

Might the Force be with you, always!, hit all the high points. Moves the Skywalker Saga to the next step. Not bad for the middle volume of a trilogy., Like the movie, AWESOME!!!!

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