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At the. K. Johnston’s Star Battles: Ahsoka commences following the adventures of the Togrutan Force user exactly one year following your establishment of the Galactic Empire. This specific Young Adult novel is intended for ages 12-18 and grades 7-12. Yet , this 40-year-old reviewer loved the book, mainly because of to my unashamed love of Ahsoka Tano and The Clone Wars. In this article are some of the highlights.

Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano was first released in the Star Battles: The Clone Wars animated series and quickly became a devotee favorite. Viewers watched her grow from a “snippy, ” brash padawan learner to a confident young warrior who frequently saved the afternoon for her master, Anakin Skywalker. Thrust into the crucible of combat with the besieged clone battalion and their Jedi on the earth of Christophsis, Ahsoka had to learn quickly and be a strong warrior from an early age. With the remainder of the Replicated Wars, Ahsoka was present at several key battles and forged tight associations with many, including Replicated Captain Rex, the astromech R2-D2, and Senator Bail Organa. All three of these characters figure into Ahsoka in important ways.


The novel features many flashbacks, interludes, and scenes which answer some lingering questions because the finish of The Clone Battles, raise a few more, and provide detail that help link the prequel and original trilogies. In this article are some of my favorites:

' Maul and Ahsoka at Mandalore
' Ahsoka’s previous interaction with Rex (until Star Wars Rebels reunites them)
' Insight into Anakin’s thoughts as “Obi-Wan’s new padawan” approaches Christophsis
' Obi-Wan’s solitude ~ and finding a vintage good friend – on Tatooine
' The origin of Ahsoka’s white lightsabers and the codename Fulcrum
' Ahsoka’s thoughts about Barriss Offee

The majority of of the plot of the novel centers on Ahsoka’s life as the girl maintains a low profile to avoid attention from the Empire. She has to find odd jobs to get by, and tries not to form close associations with others. Her reference to the Force is vulnerable. She thinks of the “family” she has lost as a result of destruction of the Jedi Order, and searches her feelings to try to discern Anakin’s fate. Readers can feel her loneliness. Ahsoka happens to be a jovial, outgoing person, quick to make friends and gain others’ trust. Since it turns out, her panache and leadership qualities have not suffered since the finish of The Replicated Wars; she continues to draw others to her and gain their trust, despite her efforts to live a simple life. As can be expected, she quickly finds their self at the center of the conflict. Also as can be expected, she must determine between using the Pressure to save the day, thus exposing herself, and sustaining her anonymity and allowing her new friends to suffer.

Overall, E. K. Johnston absolutely matches the feel of The Replicated Wars and Star Battles Rebels. Ahsoka does a fantastic job of linking the gap, though it does not account for the whole time period between Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Purchase and her first appearance at the finish of the first season of the current cartoon series. Maybe there are more textbooks forthcoming – hopefully also penned by Johnston!

Ahsoka is available too as an audiobook narrated by Ashley Eckstein. Eckstein, of course , is the only actor who have ever voiced Ahsoka's personality. For what it's well worth, I could hear Ashley reading most of Ahsoka's lines in my head when We read the print version. It's unavoidable.

Fans of Ahsoka Tano, The Replicated Wars, and Star Battles Rebels will devour this guide. Highly recommended., I loved the book. Ahsoka is one of the people characters that is simple to love. I wish it went into a bit more background on what happened during the past with Anakin to help frame the story a little bit. People who haven't watched the Replicated Wars or Rebels should watch those series' before reading this book. Extended live the rebellion!, This specific review contains mild termes conseillés for the book, as well as major termes conseillés for " The Replicated Wars. "

" We have to sort this out on my own. Without the Council. And without you. "

And with those words, former Jedi Ahsoka Tano walked off into the sunset three long years ago, delivering " The Clone Wars" to a powerful and poignant end, but leaving behind millions of viewers in an emotional lurch, thinking where her loyalties would turn and what way she would follow now that the whole foundation of her 18-year old life had recently been torn asunder.

2 years later, in her celebrated return to the screen on " Rebels", we'd learn what she'd become - an intelligence agent for the burgeoning Rebellion, although not how she decided to walk that path. " Rebels" was told through the eyes of the Ghost crew, not her, so she remained shut and mysterious, while followers clamored for answers.

Plus now, finally, three and half many years of viewer conjecture, mind-canon and fan stories, the gloves have come off. For the first time, LFL takes all of us directly into your brain of this fascinating character that for many, including many outside her surface demographic, is just about the eyes and ears by which they view the GFFA. Her feelings and conclusions about the Jedi Order, the Republic, the betrayal of Barris Offee, her abandonment of the Order that had failed her, and exactly how she'll manage with her post-Jedi life - it's all here now in this 350+ page work by EK Johnston in her inaugural Star Wars novel.

This specific is a unabashedly character-oriented story, and the first to be crafted not under the direct control of the titular character's creator Dave Filoni, and therefore, the main question is will Johnston understand what makes Ahsoka tick?

And the answer is, absolutely. This specific is the traditional Ahsoka. Even though I'm reading the dead-tree version instead than the audiobook, We had not the slightest problem hearing Ashley Eckstein's voice or picturing a rather older version of the " Clone Wars" Ahsoka (despite the fact that for whatever reason, the Rebels version of the character has dominated LFL's marketing and merchandising the past year. )

Moreover than the mental looks, her feelings and motivations make sense. This is a war-weary and emotionally damaged Ahsoka - removed of the innocence and naiveté about the real character of the Jedi the girl held through a lot of the series, but her persistence, kindness and basic optimism hasn't been damaged - merely severely examined.

And tested it is. The story makes clear from the outset what a serious position well known Togruta is in. Everyone she once counted on and valued is gone. She remains powerful in the Pressure but cannot reveal it or use it in combat, for the would endanger her and the ones around her. Nevertheless much more than the physical threat, every path the girl can take feels like a trap. She's rejected the doctrine of the old Jedi Order and for good reasons - she aren't detach from everything and everyone and become a cold, unfeeling monk like Kenobi laser-focused about the same investment for the future - that's just not her. Nevertheless nor can she become the warrior and general that she once was - she's observed in the most personal way what that can lead a Jedi to. The dreadful transformation of her closest friend Barris Offee from a gentle healer to a murderous terrorist who could only lash out destructively at what the Jedi had become still cry at her. Her trust in people has also been shaken - Ahsoka has seen the data corruption and fall of every institution she was at one time devoted to, and faced personal betrayal at their hands. This shows up in the story when even when joyously reunited with a dear old good friend that's fought beside her for many battles, there's a distance - none one can be completely open or forthcoming with other about the techniques they hold.

And on top of all of this, she bears a heavy burden of survivor's guilt as (to her knowledge) all the other Jedi were wiped out in Purchase 66. She had good reasons to leave the Order but nonetheless feels like she abandoned her Grasp and her friends. Actually knowing that much of that period was spent helping build the very Empire that's now oppressing the galaxy.

Is that enough feels, anyone?

Another plus is that much of " Typically the Clone Wars" lore exists and impactful in the story - Johnston has clearly done her homework. Although introduced in 2008 since the padawan of Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka was actually a planned character in the series long before Lucas insisted on giving Anakin and other prequel character types a major role in the series. And fittingly, Ahsoka did not your time series merely following Anakin around as his partner. She had a personality arc of her own and many characters, including those outside the Jedi orthodoxy, influenced her education and growth. From Padme Amidala, she found that the primary approach (Anakin) wasn't the only way to handle a problem - this influences Ahsoka's strategy at one point in the story. The friendships the girl formed with various senators - a life form often viewed as lower than anything short of a Sith by many in the Jedi upper echelons, pays off here as one particular Senator, Bail Organa has worked with her and sees that she can be a trusted best friend. All this serves to make Ahsoka the split, multifaceted character she is. She bears no malice against the Jedi but knows how they failed during the Clone Wars and the rise of Palpatine and how her personal way can't be the same as theirs.

And finding that path is what this novel is about. It's about connecting and communicating with people and the significance of this. The prequel-era Jedi were well-meaning but had lost touch with the ability to communicate with those that don't fit their mildew. When Hayden Christensen foretells Yoda about his anticipation of losing a close on in Episode 3, Yoda's advice amounts to " About to lose a loved one are you? Delight! " Real helpful there. Insulated in their ivory tower, the Jedi lost their connection with all types of people and this only dished up Palpatine in turning open public sentiment against the Jedi and solidifying his strength. Through the events of this novel, Ahsoka finds the middle ground between detaching entirely from the affairs of the galaxy and suffering of the common people under the Sheev Administration, and reproducing the mistakes of the old Jedi Order - spreading war and darkness throughout the galaxy that helped conceal the darkness that was right under their noses. She becomes the shadowy vigilante, delivering acts of kindness to people and increasing the amount of light in the galaxy. Knowledge and communication becomes her weapon against the Empire as the girl takes on the mantle of the intelligence broker Fulcrum.

Having said what this guide is about, is actually important to understand what the book isn't (and doesn't strive to be. ) This may not be a story about the yet unproduced arcs of The Replicated Wars. Filoni clearly still hopes to produce these in animation some day, as that's the medium those stories were written for. This is also not a chronicle of the whole 15 year space between Clone Wars and Rebels - the story recommendations up about a 12 months after Order 66 and covers maybe a few months of her life. This is not the definitive story of Ahsoka (there's a little show called " The Replicated Wars" that serves that purpose. ) There are still plenty of stories to tell about her. Though the path of Fulcrum is just about the best for Ahsoka at this point in her life, nobody to know this character would consider it's an easy one. She'll still be making judgements that send people to their deaths (as in " Rebel Resolve" in season 1 of Rebels), and it's a life of raccourci and deception - not one of her primary strengths. The PR for the book did say " her story will start to be advised. " and there are plenty of stories left to tell, some of the seeds of which this book seem to be to be laying.

So give thanks to you, LFL for delivering this novel to all of us, but know that we have an appetite for more. Bring on " Celebrity Wars: Fulcrum! ", I'm a little bit puzzled why this book received such a high rating.

Maybe, like me, people really like the character Ahsoka Tano? Maybe they desired the book to be as great and well rounded as her.

Sadly it was not.

I'm not saying that is actually bad, or boring, is actually not, but it's just.... ok...

My personal thoughts were that it looked rushed and underdeveloped, and nothing really was explored.

The finish fight with the Inquisitor was such a let down. Too easy. Underwhelming. More of a soft fizzle when compared to a bang. Typically the way she got her lightsabers was glossed over. The relationships with the other characters were document thin.

I did however, enjoy her use and exploration of Bail. I really liked his character is this novel... and R2D2. Both were well extended and a respite in this somewhat lackluster plot.

Overall, hmmm... it was ok... i suppose...

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