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Like all the other textbooks in the series, this is an exceptionally faithful adaption of the typical story. I hope that this team comes together to tackle "Salem's Lot" or "It" in the same comic format.

However, this was a strangely anti-climactic finishing. It's not their problem, since the source material won't change. But, because the dramatic conclusion in Todas las Vegas is not actually the END, it wraps up the "action" very quickly, and leaves the reader with a quiet epilogue. It's a bit of an anti-climax, similar to "Lord of the Rings" when they still have to get back to the Shire (of course, in those books, there's one ultimate fight... ).

And, it just seems like characters we have invested a great deal with ending up disappearing very quickly. It all gets concerned about four pages, and it seems like more could have been done.... but a good book will leave you wanting more, so that's a positive as well.

I was disappointed in 2 1/2 things.

1. They censor Lloyd's final line of dialogue. You know what I am talking about.

2. They use the "Complete and Uncensored" Circle Closes bottom line. I'm sorry, for that to be the last page simply leaves a sour taste.

2 1/2. There is a cameo that's type of adorable and funny, and kind of stupid. I fell more on the stupid side, even though We appreciated the thought.

Yet - still a simple four-star book, and a four-and-a-half-star series. In case you are trying to decide if you wish to handle all six volumes, it is a faithful and very well-done adaptation. We doubt a King fan would be disappointed., The particular Stand any of my favorite stand alone Sophie King novels and it can awesome to see what was in my head in comic book form, hoping they do the same treatment to IT, Great adaption of book. Very good artwork and the format made reading it frame by frame easy. We only wish entire series was offered in one book, Such a well crafted way to present a well written book. Well done to all, and if you are not a fan... You will be!!!, upgrading my books to hardcover, I was so sad to see the series end., I would recommend this series/graphic novel to anyone who loves Stephen King's books especially when they love The Endure. The artwork is amazing and the story rocks !., All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, that's true for great things, too. Marvel's graphic novel collection of The Stand has earned just about every positive adjective you can think of to identify the quality of the artwork, the writing, and the drama packed into each monthly installment. The final arc, The Night Provides Come, is complete, and while it's sad to see such a great series come to a end, it's also exciting to own a full graphic adaptation of any masterpiece from my favorite author, Stephen California king. The only visual association to the novel before now was the year 1994 TV movie, which had some great moments, but fell in short supply of the level of mastery exhibited by King's novel. Now, King enthusiasts have a still-by-still pictorial companion to the book that really just could not be any better.

The particular Night Has Come begins with the grisly murder of the Judge as he or she travels in the direction of Las Vegas, and ends with Flagg's re-emergence on a beach in certain remote jungle. In between, the poker site seizures depicted include the full account of Dayna Jurgens's failed spy quest; Harold Lauder's pathetic and tragic death; Nadine's fateful "marriage" to Flagg; Stu's broken leg; the deaths of Glen, Larry, and Ralph in Vegas; the nuclear explosion that destroys Flagg's forces; the quest home of Stu and Tom; and the beginning of life for Stu and Fran as they leave the Free Zone with Fran's healthy infant, on their way to Maine to get started on a family of their own. From the thrilling ride through the climax and resolution of King's book.

Flipping through the pages, I feel as if I'm reliving the story. The drawings ask a sense of understanding through the artists' enthusiastic attention to detail, making full use of King's propensity for vivid symbolism. His visual descriptions from the novel are translated into emotionally resonant pictures that any fan of King, or of The particular Stand, should recognize on sight. In addition , the writing has been superb all through the series, capturing King's voice with many pieces of dialogue and narration taken directly from the book with little or no changes. By the end, scriptwriter Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa hints that other King adaptations could follow The Stand, noting that he'd prefer accepting Salem's Lot next. Regarding me personally, I'd suggest It, which seems properly suited for visual novel format, but that's just my opinion. What ever they decide, I firmly hope they re-assemble they from this series, because following the Stand, I'm confident they'd do an absolutely amazing job with any other book by Sophie King.

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