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The writer posits that there are really 3 sides to the debate of ethnicity disparities existing and persisting. The three sides are segregationists, assimilationists and antiracists. His definition of racism, i. e., the re-homing of racist ideas is a simple one, and as such you will see some famous people that will surprise you to be labeled as racist at points in their profession. W. E. B. DuBois is certainly a name most readers would never associate with as being a " racist" during his long illustrious career.

A very important factor that is most important in these varieties of arguments, is for everyone to be operating from the same definition. So to the author's credit he states his explanation of racist ideas early. Keep in brain, we are not talking about racism, but racist ideas and how these ideas have influenced and contaminated not only Americans but world citizens. " The definition of a racist idea is a simple one: it is any concept that relation one racial group as inferior or superior to another racial group in any way. I determine anti-Black racist ideas—the issue of this book—as any idea suggesting that Black people, or any group of Black people, are inferior in any way to another racial group. "

Understanding that, author Ibram Kendi compiles a comprehensive historical past of racist ideas, using historical " tour guides " to traffic readers through a landscape beginning in mid 1600 to present day. Kendi here makes a powerful statement with this book about how exactly these racist ideas have led to continuing racist discrimination.

" I held racist ideas of Black inferiority before researching and writing this book. Racist ideas are ideas. Anyone can produce them or consume them, as Stamped from the Beginning’s interracial cast of makers and consumers show... Fooled by racist ideas, I actually did not fully realize that the only thing incorrect with Black people is that we think something happens to be wrong with Black people. I did not fully realize that the one thing amazing about White people is that they think something is extraordinary about White people. "

That's a potent admission for someone writing the " definitive" historical past of racist ideas. Yet I think it is important to this wonderful work by Kendi. Since he goes about revealing these ideas, readers may be surprised to find themselves subscribing to ideas that, by Kendi's definition are obviously racist. As we move through the 5 eras, with our guides, you will be captivated as these ideas and the results of them are brought to light. Thoughts that you have given little awareness of, and have become part of your consciousness will hopefully be liberated.

Something that black people generally do when they hear some terrible news item, one of the initial thoughts is hoping the perpetrators are not Black. Does that hope spring from our buying into the racist idea that Black people are pathological? And we will be judged by the actions of the perpetrators and therefore be seen as defective? Will be this a racist idea?

" Already, the American mind was accomplishing that indispensable intellectual activity of someone consumed with racist ideas: individualizing White negativity and generalizing Black negativity. Negative behavior by any Black person became evidence of what was wrong with Black people, while negative behavior by any White person only proved what was wrong with this person. "

Just about all the techniques racist ideas have worked together with discrimination are unearthed here. And it may come as a surprise to some that prominent Black leaders of their day held tightly to racist ideas, like uplift suasion. The concept that " was based on the idea that White people could be persuaded far from their racist ideas should they saw Black people enhancing their behavior, uplifting by themselves from their low station in American society. The burden of race relationships was positioned squarely on the shoulders of Black Americans. Positive Black behavior, abolitionist strategists held, undermined racist ideas, and negative Black behavior confirmed them. "

Sounds a lot like today's concept of respectability politics, if we would just pull our pants up, stop being attentive to that damn music, not be so high in volume, etc. etc. If we would just present yourself towards a more respectable manner, we could then usher in that post-racial epoch that some say is here.

The journey through the racist idea history has to include the players and events of the time periods covered and Kendi does a good-job of incorporating that history and integrating the ideas that girded those times. The book clocks in at 500 pages, but it is well worth your time and investment., This particular wonderful book give a clear and readable history of racism that everyone and particularly Americans should read. Being a white immigrant Christian of moderate means, I am the type of who conveniently succumbed to the implicit racism of America, and was frequently shocked by the rapier insights Kendi offers in this critical review of racism in the usa from early slavers to the Metabolic rate, segregationists, abolitionists, assimilationists, and modern white supremacists. No one is safe from his bright light on the blatant and subtle varieties of racism, from Jefferson, to Du Bois, to MLK, and Angela Davis, and today to the racism of Trump, who covers his otherwise ebullient racism by calling blacks " Thugs". What shocks me most is how naïve I will be in believing I actually hold antiracist positions, only to realize that Kendi's evaluate blows holes into some of my beliefs. If I can be so naïve, perhaps so can you. This can be a thoughtful and detailed historical summary that helps describe so many of America's current trends and ideologies., I do not usually leave reviews but this is one of those books that creates you to increase in compassion towards others after reading it. This book is well-written and eye opening. It has caused me to take a fresh and honest look at America today. I’m pleased Ibram Kendi took on such a bold accomplishment and conquered it. By doing so he met a desperate need. The schools are not teaching this aspect of historical past though it deeply impacts today’s practices. Great read and worth the time., This book should be required reading in all historical past and African American studies programs. Actually, everyone should read it; it is a finely investigated, thoroughly documented, and well written history of competition as a concept and as a foundation for understanding the causes of competition relations in the introduction of this country. Dr. Kendi performed an outstanding masterpiece., Great account of racist policies throughout the history of the United States of America!, Great book! Uncooked, honest and accurate. A new must read!, Most enlightening book I possess read to date., Good reading and great book.

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