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This guide was really good. I was unsure if I’d like it or not because the first section made me nauseated from all the graphic details. I pushed through though, and was amazed. Yes there were gory elements, but I read through those quickly. Audrey Went up is an amazing heroine. I am not sure I would have been able to fix the case as fast as she did. Obviously this is about Jack the Ripper, and it provides nice little spin overall mystery surrounding that time working in london. I’ll be honest though – the only reason I check out this is because the second publication is called Hunting Prince Dracula. If that book is just just like this one was, I’ll be one happy reader!, “Roses have both petals and thorns, my dark flower. You needn’t believe something weak because it appears delicate. Display the world your braveness. ”

Kerri Maniscalco's first appearance novel is a particular must read for fans of mystery and suspense books, and is sure to be considered a hit! I was blown away by how much I enjoyed this one, and I certainly didn't expect to like it as much as Used to do. Let's face it, there has been a TON on books discussed Jack the Ripper, and they can either be really good or perhaps eh. Fortunately, Kerri did an excellent job at weaving cloth the Jack the Ripper mystery into a very unique story that keeps you gripped right from the beginning. Her writing is excellent, and she informs a macabre tale that you've got a want to stop reading. The characters are a definite highlight and truly make the whole publication, and I'm interested to see where she will take the story in the future.

“Wield your property like a blade, Relative. No man has created a corset for the brains. Let them think they rule the world. It may be a queen who sits on that throne. In no way forget that. ”

The main character, Audrey, is far from the perfect lady that her daddy (and society) would like her to be. Interested in forensics and slicing up dead bodies as opposed to sipping tea and learning embroidery, you could definitely say that Audrey has some trouble fitting in. However , the lady has found her niche and she's sticking to it! I admired that tenacity and determination the lady had. Audrey was such a powerful female lead and I loved reading from her perspective. Audrey is a girl that is determined to prove society wrong... that girls are able to do more than just look pretty and discover a spouse. She wants to show that women can attain great things and are capable of much more than speaking about the latest gossip and the newest bachelors. She is reckless and impulsive, but that just makes her a much more enjoyable character to read about! It was that personality that attracted a certain British hottie called Thomas Cresswall.

“Thomas smiled at my eye roll, puffing his chest upwards and standing with one foot proudly resting over a chair as if disguising for a portrait. “I don’t blame you, I am rather attractive. Typically the tall, dark hero of your dreams, swooping in to save you with my vast intellect. You should accept my hand at once. ”

Thomas critically had me swooning. Who knows why because he's arrogant, cold, and faraway... but he's also hilariously sarcastic, witty, and constant to the core. He cares about you a great deal about Audrey, and I adored how protective he was of her throughout the novel. Thomas reminded me a lot of Mr holmes and perhaps that's why I enjoyed his character so much! Plus, the banter he and Audrey got was pure gold! Could possibly be always bickering back and forth, getting on each other's nerves... you see where this is proceeding. Honestly, the attraction and chemistry between them is undeniable, and I adored watching their relationship form.

“I promise. I’ll be as silent as the dead. ”
“Ah, ” Uncle said, putting a hat on and tugging it low, “the dead speak to those who listen. Be quieter than even them. ”

The entire backdrop to this story was amazing. I thought that Kerri did an excellent job at weaving the Plug the Ripper story in to the plot, and it made for this exciting read. There were definitely some graphic scenes (this was just due to the descriptions of the homicide scenes), but this is Jack the Ripper, so it's was pretty gruesome. I actually applaud Kerri for not shying from Jack the Ripper's unpleasant work. The way the lady told the story made everything so eerie and I felt like I was right there next to Audrey and Jones walking the foggy streets of London trying to solve the murders.

“Fear is a hungry animal. The more you give food to it, the more it grows. ”

Kerri Maniscalco's debut novel is excellent, and I recommend checking this book out immediately. While there are some graphic scenes, I think this book will interest many readers. If you're even remotely considering the Jack the Ripper tale, you'll definitely enjoy this read. With strong characters and a plot that is the perfect blend creepy and cool, Following Jack the Ripper will certainly be a hit!

Happy reading: ), This publication was honestly just.... okay. While reading it I could not put it down and the plot was very fast paced. What I had a problem with was the characters. I tried so hard to link with Audrey Rose's character but just couldn't. (Also, Thomas annoyed the heck out of me) The book kept claiming how smart Audrey was but it seemed all the clues she found were by accident or large luck. I also disliked how the book made all of the other female characters dizzy and weak. This book is a weak shot at trying to display feminist ideals by pushing down other women to boost Audrey up. However, this is the perfect read for right before Halloween and it was super creepy! I would recommend for a creepy murder mystery but that is absolutely it., In case there were 100 celebrities available to rate this book, I would light them ALL up!!!! LOVE this book! I can't hold out to see Audrey's and Thomas's next wild ride adventure!!!!!!!, Been wanting to see this book for awhile and am so glad Used to do!! (Also glad I desired til the next publication is almost out! ) Loved Audrey Rose, the strong female lead and Thomas!! The historical facts and pictures from that time were great. Can't wait to see where their next adventure will take them., An interesting new spin on Jack the Ripper with a lot of witty banter! Lots of laugh out loud moments. It's just like a feisty Elizabeth Bennett fulfills her match during tragic events.

Thoroughly entertaining. Would certainly wish to see another Audrey Rose and Thomas book., This story was thrilling suspenseful. There were some predictable plot points. Typically the story was captivativating and all around fun., Adored the idea of a woman's vantage of science in the 1880's. In addition to while this is purely fiction the science is near and could lead to curious readers learning more science.

This is a great read for teens and adults

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