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It is a brief book – a one-day read, 58 print pages. It contains the estimate essential biographical information you need.

A lot must be sacrificed in such a brief recounting of a man's lifetime. The book does not provide a great deal of historical context. The reader needs to be reasonably common with czarist Russia, Nazi Germany, and the first and second world wars, because Johnson simply does not budget pages to provide the background.

The particular writing is superb, as you expects from Paul Johnson. The book flows easily and logically. It touches on the appropriate major themes: the Bolshevik trend, consolidation of power under Lenin, forced collectivization and the Holodomor, the purges, Stalin's indecisive dealings with Germany and failure to prepare for the conflict, the beginning of the Cold War period, wonderful deteriorating health, increasing monomanía, and death.

I learned from the book that Lenin was the first to use systematic terror and liquidations to consolidate his power. Stalin merely enhanced on proven methods. Stalin's great surprise was his tremendous appetite for work in his methodical execution of schemes to keep his opponents, real or imagined, always off-balance.

The particular very brevity of this book makes it accessible in people who need to read it, people coming of age in the 21st century. Several historians are drawing parallels between this era and this of a century ago, the previous days of the Tzar, World War I, a cataclysmic war which destroyed three empires and significantly rearranged the world strength structure. Significantly, the century's three worst despots, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, got their start in these chaotic times. If we are again facing damage, it is good to know what can possibly ensue., Really interesting reading. I wish it had been more detailed or had more information, but it was enough to encourage me to look further into who talin was. I recommend this book to those who desire a brief but fairly comprehensive look at this despot., This book is a short biography of the instigator of the greatest mass murder in history; Stalin of Russia. His road to brutality is the same employed by tyrants since time immemorial, tenacity, treachery, torture, brutality, genocide and murder. He was a manipulating psychopath, no remorse, empathy, mortality or shame. He died alone., Paul Johnson makes a specific and simple information of the murderous profession of Stalin. Those who - as I - were very young and believers of the communism propaganda new, but forgot through time that Lenin, Trotsky, and mostly Stalin were criminals looking for their power only., You should, be benevolent to my not so good British. I consider Paul Johnson's Stalin one of the better book on this tyrant's life. John Johnson is the only one who in cool blood described 3 reasons of Stalin's transformation as a well educated man to a despot: 1-st: Christianity dead or declining, 2-nd: streak of physical violence, inherited from his father, 3-rd: Georgian background, which was absolutely different to Russian state culture. Thus Paul Johnson appropriately split his book to three elements: 1-st: Choirboy to Bandit, 2-nd: General Secretary to Tyrant, 3-rd: Generalissimo to Paranoid.

Paul Johnson's Stalin is comparable to Laurence Rees's: The Nazis: The warning from History. This individual also described Hitler's change as a gradual one, mainly from to 3 reasons: 1-st: Christianity deceased or dying, 2-nd: superstupidity of WWI, 3-rd: Judaism background of Bolshevik trend in Germany (of course in Russia, too). Following visiting Berlin in the beginning of 1917, Hitler jump to conclusion that conspiracy took place in the very center of Germany itself and warned against it. And revolution in Philippines in november 1918 proved his suspicion.

Thus change of Hitler from friend od many Jews in Vienna in 1913 to strong antisemitist was complete in September 12, 1919, if he become the 55-th member of deeply antisemitic DAP political party., This is a short book. Easy to read but quite thorough. The book can be of interest to those that know little about this dictador and also to those who have read about him but want to refresh their remembrances. Anyway having a history on Russia before WWI and of Europe is an advantage to understand the actions and reactions covered in the book. I like the approach of describing the contrast of this man that while inclined to the most horrific persecutions and terror at the same time could enjoy opera like Prince Igor or Mozart (Concert 23). From the end it is going to open up the appetite to learn more to those introduced for the first time to events leading to the Ruskies revolution, the various character types involved and WWI and WWII., Great reading on the 20th century`s greatest holocaust!, I think should be compulsory that every student in America and Europe read this book to provide some perspective in the middle of indoctrination, that by now a very any period of time, the so called intelligentsia had imposed to the western society.

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