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Seldom do I come around a book that I should read in one sitting down (lying, standing) but this specific one kept me adhered from first page to be able to last. Like the author, We had a love of flying from an early on age and worked since he did diligently in the direction of a career in aviators. Unfortunately, (I thought) I chose another career which has been quite successful, but We always wondered what that would have been as though I had taken the road of my early on dreams.
Right now, my mind can rest. The trials, the faiblesses, the sacrifices that youthful men and women deal with because they strive to rack up those flying hrs necessary for a opportunity too left seat within an airliner are hard to imagine, unless you study this book. Even when you never attain or even even want a pilot's license - if a person are only a passenger upon a regional airline a person should know that the person in the Flight Officer's seat is making much less money than the man who picks up your current garbage and likely offers had only 6 hrs sleep in the previous 2 days.
This book is a must read with regard to anyone from the youthful student pilot to the entrepreneur who regularly flies the airlines. As the author highlights so well, the airline industry plus the FAA care little about your safety. Typically the airline will cut any corner, break any principle to create a buck. And the FAA is really lax within their supervision the people that run the aviation enterprise literally get away together with murder. Congratulations to the author for finally realizing that his pursuit of a great aviation career had not been almost as important as the love of family plus a more realistic lifestyle., I read this publication in two days flat, and only put it down because I had to go flying. It's an amazing story, and I found myself identifying with all the creator throughout. I'm an flight pilot(not in the UNITED STATES though), and know about the conditions many of the youthful guys just starting out there need to endure with the regional airlines in the USA. When the creator finally made it into one of those local airlines, the treatment he or she received was shocking plus made my blood disect because of the sk?desl?s attitude of his superiors when he raised real safety concerns. The weak salaries paid to local pilots in the USA is furthermore discussed, and it is an eye-opener because these are people who are entrusted with lives every single day, must possess qualifications and skills that are highly specialized, and move through examinations and checks of their proficiency every single six months, the failure of which can result in instant unemployment and possibly the end of a career. A local airline pilot in our country flying a 40-seater turboprop earns double the salary that the creator describes for your US local pilots, that is certainly the way it should be around the world. It is a must-read not only for those just beginning their careers, but in addition those who made it into the big airlines, merely so they can see how thin the line could have been between getting their goal or missing it altogether., Not a 5 star quality book, thus it will get four. Not much of a 4 star publication, but it's so worthwhile of reading that that gets the 4th superstar. And not because that sucks... but it's not a GREAT read.

What it IS, is an ESSENTIAL study. In the event you fly as a new passenger often , you really should know how things really roll.

If a person are an aspiring professional pilot, you MUST study this, and also you need to be able to use this information to be able to formulate the deep plus important questions that YOU need to ask yourself, your current flight school, your one hundred thirty five employers, and your 121 employers... as you move forward.

I will be not within the commercial flight planet. I am a Military Flight Engineer, and fly Combat Rescue in the MC-130P. Therefore i can't talk directly to the topics he covers, but I will be in-and-around the system. We know lots of people (and fly with said people) that make their civilian residing in the system. What this guy writes right here is NOT new reports to me. I've heard this story before, plus I'm sure that they are all telling the truth about it.

Nevertheless for individuals that are NOT in the system, you ought to know about the reality.

And if you still want to get within this business, you should be FAR BETTER than the problem folks you may read about. YOU need to make this specific business BETTER. ONE preliminary each time.

Hold yourself to be able to a higher standard. PERIOD OF TIME. Maintain integrity, and be able to look yourself in the mirror, each day, and be proud of the pilot you see looking back toward you.

Also if that means getting to decline a spending job, and choose the right path. Not the economically advantageous one... and also the one that earns the most multi or generator hours... nevertheless the RIGHT one.

Easier said than done.

If you are thinking of an Ab-Initio "Street to be able to Right Seat" program in a major academy that "guarantees" your quick path to be able to the Regionals...

... than when you DON'T check out this publication, and research all of the open up doors that it opens for your mind... you ARE WORTHY OF whatever you GET.

Good luck. It's an incredible career within many ways. Nothing more can quite compare to be able to making your living within a cockpit, flying the Flight Levels (or the Low Level routes like we do, 500 feet AGL, through the night, lights out on goggles). HOWEVER if you create the wrong choices to be able to get where you are going, you will possibly not ever get there.

You might not get ANYWHERE but within the first few pages of an NTSB record.

READ and HEED., We am a specialist pilot myself and have to say of which I did experience the Business Aviation side of the industry, which has been not very much various than the airlines (in terms of pressure, operating conditions, and so forth ). This book reveals that the general public perception of aviation is entirely different than what goes on in reality. I saw the flying freight enterprise and can only agree with Peter on what is going on there sometimes. The book is not hard to be able to read and it is well written. I see a new lot of young students that have no idea upon what to expect any time becoming a professional preliminary, I do believe that book ought to become mandatory reading with regard to them. It could show them what is wrong with all the entire industry and they should demand better operating conditions which would push the industry to finally change. Please spread the word and maybe all of us can convince the general public and demand change!

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