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We've all heard of just how important technique is in raising weights... finally... Doctor Horschig sets us straight in addition to breaks down the LIFT in a fundamental in addition to scientific way. This guide will change your thinking on the value in the lift in your life. As a Texas high college strength and conditioning & football coach, this is a must have for anyone who wants to take their individual ability or professional information of exercise to the next level!, Perfect blend of content in addition to readability. The book is usually 125 pages, but full of content. By focusing only on the squat the author gives himself plenty of room to elaborate on essential points and also to adequately clarify the value of every principle along the approach. I love an e book that will doesn't shy away coming from telling you why, in addition to in The Squat Bible this is addressed in a way that is usually readable and the complex concepts seem simple., This specific book was amazing. I had slipped a compact disk in January 2015 in addition to the book really allowed me to understand which squats set less force on our spine and how to be able to strengthen my core to be able to help me improve our performances. This book was also really a simple go through with a lot of information. Definitely recommend this to any person who is considering area or improving their contact form and stability and range of motion overall., Excellent book. Shared by joint screenings to get the problem(s), mobilization, foam moving, and stretching for every shared, and a break down of different squat methods with some extra chapters sprinkled in. Clear, simple read, great content, I don't see how you could want much more. I'm very happy with this book. Thanks Dr. Horschig!, This book belongs in every gym in the world. One of our professors in college usually said the best textbooks come in small deals. Even though this guide is short; it is usually very straight to the purpose. As a professional coach, I don't believe you need anymore compared to the Squat Bible by Doctor Aaron Horschig to correct any kind of problems you have together with your squat. Just go through it through and through and you will find success by making use of all the techniques in addition to procedures outlined in the book. One of our best quotes "... movement before an exercise. ", This book is extremely sport changing to a squat routine! not only made it happen enhance my performance around the different types of squats but it properly provides readers knowledge of what it means to seriously lift and remove ego raising. Proper steps to relieve common squat injuries and the way to prevent them! Dr. Aaron Horschig is my motivation to become a much better therapeutic massage therapist and also to be the physical therapist like him or her one day! Extremely higher ROI!, Simple and easy to understand. Great for newbies. Also great for individuals who else need mobility fixes., A single of the best textbooks I have ever go through! I have made actually impressive improvements since I started reading it!

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