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In recent months I heard an advertising for this book while playing Hay House Radio stations. My immediate reply was, "I need that guide! " Being the guide junkie that I am though, it isn't (currently) in my budget to buy every book that sounds interesting to me. Therefore i looked it up at the library. No duplicates. Drat!

Several weeks later, I spontaneously found me personally browsing the Hay Home site and came up on their blogger community. That, I now realize, was miracle #1. This particular community allows bloggers to obtain copies of certain textbooks for free in swap for an overview posted to the blogger's website. I actually signed up for this software and received the guide merely a few days later.

If you are into spirituality, the power of intention, quantum physics, or anything along those lines, you would love this book. It's absolutely ideal for the one who has done extended reading on the subject areas (me! ) but can't manage to move beyond the feeling of being stuck. Sure you may come up on a little proof of the Universe doing work in your favor now and then, but it's soon forgotten and sucked into the void of feeling like you have no power over your life.

This guide provided me with the necessary guidance I needed to truly know that my thoughts have power through 9 cut and dry out exercises. Want to know the best part is, Ms. Pam Grout is produces in a language that is accessible, humorous and the very opposite of boring. The lessons are concise, to the point, and best of all - offer NO SPACE FOR QUESTIONING. At the finish of every experiment you KNOW that God noticed your plea.

When it all boils down to it, what these experiments aim to do is solidify our faith. You either believe or you don't. You can't be wishy washy and that's where almost all of us get stuck. You also aren't send mixed signals... Just like, "I really want to lose weight, but I actually also really want to have 10 pieces of chocolate cake today. inch You have to be honest with yourself about what you really want. That's the other place where we have stuck. We avoid truly know very well what we want.

Through practicing the experiments in this book, you can commence to hone in on what it is you're truly seeking. Since Grout states, commence with simple things first. Several things take longer than others. Don't expect to become a millionaire over night. Also, keep your eyes and intuition available. You must recognize that your question and desires have been answered. Sometimes the answers don't come the way you wanted, or expected. Most important of all though, is avoid waiver in your idea. Most spiritual traditions educate this critical aspect and now it's supported by science. The observer creates and changes the noticed. It's true.

Finally, just to prove to you that I'm not only writing this for naught, I actually will share two stories about thoughts/things I demonstrated while going through the experiments in this book. The first one comes in the form of a Needak rebounder (a mini trampoline). I've wanted one for several years, and have had a cheap one in the past, that only lasted me about two months. I had developed only been reading E-Squared for a couple of hours when suddenly the phrase "rebounder" popped into my mind. A few minutes later I used to be on Craigslist ads where, lo and view, someone was selling two Needak rebounders for 50 percent of their original price. I have NEVER seen a Needak on Craigslist ads in all the years I've been looking for one.

I now own the rebounder. And, just to add to the delight of the tale, it's worth noting that the person I ordered it from - the complete and total Craigslist ads stranger - was also quite definitely into miracles, Wayne Dyer and other things along this program. She even had what, "I am entitled to miracles" written on her forearm. There's no denying God in this equation.

The second example is more subtle. I actually happened to drop my camera directly on it's contact lens in the middle of my son's birthday party. I had experienced trouble with the lens before and tried everything I actually could to fix it. I couldn't. I was sure that this was it for my poor little camera, which I actually use for one of my jobs. Drat again! The little later in the day, one of the chapters was guiding me personally to manifest something specific, immediately my mind told me what I wanted, "a camera! "

A few minutes later I came across me personally on YouTube looking up instructions how to fix my camera. Even though I had already abadndoned it. I pretty much thought I was about to take it separate and really ruin it. Instead I came up on a simple guide that said to punch the camera on your palm and gently guide the lens out. Can you believe this worked? Abruptly the lens that was absolutely stuck and would not move a millimeter was working just fine. I had developed a camera again. Sure, it wasn't a new camera, but I actually gave the Universe 48 hours to offer me a camera and I got one within 30 minutes. I accepted it with gratitude.

Please don't believe that the only thing you can manifest are material objects. These examples are important because we like to have the ability to see things physically. But we can also use this book to ask for guidance and help manifest peace and love in our hearts - that's where the real power lies. Like I actually said before, it's really about cultivating and keeping faith. So yeah, read this book. I obtained it for free, but if I knew then what I know now, We would have gladly paid for it. Thanks Pam Grout and thanks Hay House!, I'm slightly flipped off by the put culture references, but apart from that I highly recommend this book for it's easy understanding of physics and metaphysics and techniques to get you where you want to go. If you are acquainted with the Seth material, you'll recognize this, however you don't need to be. I got good results from the beginning., I am sure that this guide has helped me focus and am am expecting many positive changes in my life. Most self help books start out interesting, but as you read further you feel they are lacking something basic. All of her words resonate with me and my way of pondering that there is so much more, but how can I tap into the good and release the negative? I believe the lady has given me some essential tools to use and I'm sure I will re-read and implement the tools given in this book., First off, the 3 star rating is simply centered off the book, but I feel it's important to note that I totally messed up and did not realize I was ordering the " mini" version of this. It's really, really small. Like, the size of the hands of my hand and pretty much just includes the experiments, with only 2 pages or so of background for each and every section. So be sure to want the small version before you order this! Or more you'll finish up comically disappointed like I used to be.

Nevertheless as for the product itself: I'm only giving it three stars because there's so very little information about each of the experiments that I felt a little lost. I know some individuals got a lot of great things out of this book (as well as awesome results! ) but since this version is so condensed, I did not. I liked the idea; I'll probably purchase the actual book next time I actually see it in a book store. But as far as I'm concerned, avoid waste your time with the small version, and just go get the original. Not sure why the mini book even exists., Easy to read, this guide states universal principles in understandable language. To comprehend the principles/precepts under review, Pam Grout has devised experiments to challenge the ideas presented that then also test a person's capability to stay focused to the instructions, thereby training reprogramming the thoughts a person entertains and shifting the energy field regarding what is being attracted into one's life. Any exercise of this nature is helpful and the creator has simplified the strategy to get down to the nitty-gritty of changing your own thinking to be able to away from destructive or restricted ideas that trap you into your own self-made prison or restrictive world. The quotes from various authors are helpful reminder mantras (one liner type) to stating principles in a condensed format. Everybody can utilize the practice(s) advocated that eventually will help to alter attitudes to positive references to make life encounters flow with the aid of the quantum energy field that is impersonal but still the source of life energy and surrounds us constantly., Worth many re-reads. The total joy and eye-opener. Sometimes, a person needs to hear the same thing in a new way for the concept to really land. Pam Grout has that gift—the gift idea of communication. Immensely enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) everything about this book—as well as her others.

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