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Okay, as a 50 12 months old golfer playing over quarter of a century, I think We have tried and read most philosophies on the golf swing. I have been a 20 problème for years, have taken a few lessons, but could not put in the serious time it takes to get consistently better. I have felt what it is like to compress the ball, but could not replicate it with uniformity. I saw Sam's video clip, downloaded the Kindle guide, and decided to try it out... why not, tried everything else.

I possess swung the club with a strong grip before, however, not with Sam's method. I enjoyed the idea of not having to consider wrist cock, getting the turn under my chin, or all the other things I possess read to get the ball to compress. All I did was take the strong grip, rotate my body, and golf swing. All I have to say is OMG!!!! Inside 10 minutes I was compressing the ball consistently!!! You know you are doing it right when you feel like the golf ball is following you following the swing. I was striking long, constant shots one right after the other. We don't know if this was easy for me to get because of my many years of swinging the club, but it clicked right away.

Even with the driver, the swing felt strong and the long down the fairway. I will be by using this swing going forward., I'm a 7 problème who moved from a long, wide-open newer built country club to a quick parkland 50's built golf club with tight fairways and small greens. Have struggled all summer to keep the ball in play and score, as have historically been able to struck it, find it, hit again for last 10 years, but now need to try out with precision. Years ago I intuitively hit wedges by using a home-grown version of this swing and it worked quite well. Needless to say forgot all about it and moved onto other things. After reviewing multiple swing methods, was attracted to Sam's S2S, as it looks like Stricker & Z Johnson's shifts -- they seem to be " simple, " effective, and require little maintenance. Grew to become interested after trying to emulate D Johnson's smooth wrist towards the top to take my hands from the equation--had some success, but simply hurt my left wrist--and still had way too many moving parts.

Former swing was long, handsy, wrist break down at the top, and so forth; to date, the biggest obstacle is mental: convincing personally that the actual short, attached backswing is far more than enough to have it out there 250-270 from the tee; have picked up 5-10 back yards on long irons (where I typically struggle). Furthermore, I find myself looking at what I think is the target, but conclusion up a bit left, so am learning how to aim a bit right of the target--ball goes straight or small draw. Dead simple and effective. Highly recommend examining it out to anyone who attempts to emulate visit pros, but, like me, accept that you simply have no the athleticism and hand-eye coordination to do what they do.

After 3 days and 2 rounds (I browse the book, watched the videos and have spent about an hour on the range), finally shattered through 40 on your back nine yesterday (at my former club typically chance high 70s, yet to get there this year). Love Sam's demeanor and how he doesn't " over sell" the golf swing. He recognizes that there are many ways to hit the ball, and simply encourages you to try what he suggests to see if it works for you., Most beginners at some time or another have an issue with their club head transferring the hands prior to impact. This is certainly caused in large part by the shoulders slowing prematurely in the downswing or stopping altogether at the golf ball. The resultant release of the club - which can't be stopped by most humans - will cause inconsistent contact. Square to square teaches you to focus on the shoulder change in both directions, with emphasis on the left shoulder as the innovator of the movement. Typically the Sq2Sq method makes it easy for this action to happen by eliminating arm and wrist action, and loading the right lower leg and pre-setting the fingers. With nothing left to worry about during the swing, all you do is turn. The guide is rather short but explains all the items effectively. There are links in the book to Sam's YouTube videos which are an appropriate section of the experience. And, you will find the videos without getting the book. But, We think (a outter of Pinnacles? ) is worth it to have the written explanations and swing emotions. Some may wonder why there isn't more your money can buy. Frankly, this method just doesn't require it., I am in my late 30s and started golfing this past spring. I experienced taken several lessons, but was having a lot of trouble with consistency and accuracy (distance seemed fine). I had read Sam's book one night but had decided to hold off on trying the technique when i worked through some things my instructor experienced suggested. The next day, I was frustrated trying to struck my gap wedge and decided to give S2S a try. The first chance went straighter and further than the last five I had tried! In a nutshell, this technique has already been a quick revelation for my irons. Not only feel I hitting the golf ball more consistently and straighter, but I also picked up ~10 yards average on each of my clubs! The learning contour has been a little steeper for my hybrids and woods, but they're coming along as well. I was being a little frustrated with this new effort of mine, nevertheless feel having a blast. Thank you Sam!, This book is so simple that some golfers might overlook the gold within it's pages. This theory actually works and works well. The same day I read the rebook, I played 20 holes and hit the best iron shots We have ever hit. We highly recommend adopting is actually principles and watching your golf improve.
Thank you very much Sam for sharing this information., This is the an authentic studio. After being frustrated with the variability around my golf swing We watched the YouTube videos and was unsuccessful in using the square-to-square golf swing. The frustration continued so I acquired the guide and he covers some details not found in the videos, and We went out and chance my best round of the entire year.

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