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Great book. I'm very delighted. I acquired this book since I needed to find out SQL and I needed to be able to learn it quick! Each and every lesson took me regarding 15-30 minutes to move through (I read slower, and then I likewise did a lot of playing close to with the databases from work), but it offered me all of the background We needed to start programming.

I recommend this book for anyone new to SQL that just needs to learn it quick. It moves through the most frequently used SQL statements and their clauses, gives different examples for the many common DBMS, defines phrases (like SQL and DBMS), and is short. There are usually a lot of sophisticated topics in the final lessons that he just breezes over (to maintain it short), but that's exactly what SQL in 24 hrs is perfect for -- to describe advanced topics. Honestly We thought about getting a greater, more in depth book, but I'm really glad I got this smaller sized book. I would have got been overwhelmed with virtually any others. I seemed this specific book left off correct where I wanted to be able to just begin and commence programming.

Who this guide is not for: People not new to SQL (It just covers the basics and skims over more sophisticated topics -- but it wasn't written for sophisticated users; it's just an intro. ), people buying book about databases (this book only goes into the essential SQL stuff, though it does mention a couple good practices for database structure), anyone who wants an in-depth book about SQL (it actually does just cover the basics).

In a nutshell, this book is for newbies who require to learn SQL swiftly: only the basics, an introduction into more advanced topics, it's very user-friendly, effortless to follow, and a person can get through it in an afternoon if need be. Strongly recommended., I am a fan of seeking up references in publications before going to google. This specific fits perfectly in my in-office library with my other coding references. It can been useful when We require it!, I love it! This book helped me therefore much in the planet of SQL! My companies thanks you and so do I!!!, As an intermittent user of mySQL, We discover that I need to be able to research the methods to issues with some of the queries I want to write. We have a selection of books to refer to be able to, but for some cause this one seems to be able to have the actual pieces of information I am looking for. It is not designed as a reference book, but the index is good, and the Teach Oneself format means that the examples are explained nicely enough to allow someone to extrapolate from them to be able to the code variation that one is looking for. My objective is not necessarily to become a fully qualified SQL user, but for use it as the tool for that limited applications that I have, and for this need this guide is invaluable.
Highly recommended., I purchased this book for work--I need to understand just how to report out of MS SQL, having simply no experience using SQL. This specific book's explanation for any rookie like me was perfect--I could not be more pleased with the method and layout and also the practice exercises. Obtaining the book in paper format and IN COLOR is very helpful to make notes to be able to refer back to--I would advise having the paper above Kindle. I additionally liked the fact that multiple systems (like OpenOffice Base) were discussed, as I applied Base for this understanding, so as not to disrupt my companies actual reside DB. I Recommend this specific book for people new to SQL, with simply no prior knowledge in order to make use of it. Well done Dan Forta!, You really could teach yourself with just 10 minutes a day. This small book offers made my job simpler and saved me lots of time by migrating from Access to SQL Server when retrieving considerable amounts data. It even stored the day during the month end when info was updated late on the Server. If the up-date was finished, I tapped directly into SQL Server and got the info I needed in just below 2 minutes. Normally We would have used Accessibility to url to the dining tables and run the append queries to be able to process the data. It would have taken me at least one hour for the entire process within Access and management needed the financial reporting as soon as possible. Fortunately, I had written the code using this book's help and just ran the problem. I was able to supply on time., Well, more accurately " SQL in 10 Minutes Per Lesson". SQL is not the hardest thing to be able to break down as it is therefore focused on one thing and relatively simple. That made the format function out fairly well. I am no expert on SQL yet, but this guide seems to fit with exactly what I knew coming within, and what I've picked up since. With any technical book in print, a person do must realize a few of the stuff will certainly already be out of date by the period you pick the book upwards. There weren't too several awful practices, at least none that couldn't end up being solved with a quick search and asking around., This guide is not really for those who want all of the little details of SQL. It's also not for all those married to a single DB and want all of the little provide that particular DB provides. It is a excellent book for programmers who need a quick reference. It's also a excellent book to examine if a person want to stick with mainstream SQL.

Some nice things about the book are that the author mentions common differences in between systems that are popular. If he mentions anything along these lines, a person probably want to know about it. It is the perfect book for people to be able to learn/use the things i call " common SQL".

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