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That is a little bizarre that a popular (at least based to Amazon sales figures) book about passing together media or commentary has gone over a 30 days without having a review posted. I think it's because this is an ingenious, yet jam-packed book that looks at online participation and the sharing of information from a unique point of view that just plain forces you to think. This specific is not a fast read.

While there are a lot of social media books out that look at the "new phenomenon" of sharing as an organizational strategy or as systems of tools as persuasive new ways to share, the authors of "Spreadable Media" look more at the material itself that is or isn't being contributed. What characteristics of materials make people want to spread them? What's in it for the sharer? When folks read, hear or watch something that makes them want to circulate it, what triggers that decision? The authors point out there is nothing really new relating to this motivation. The passing down of keepsakes, family heirlooms, newspaper articles, scrapbooks, family trees, etc. has long gone on for generations. 1st the photocopier and now social media platforms have just made it easier and almost instantaneous.

The particular main focus of the book is on the broadcast, mass-media business structure of "stickiness" of content compared to. the parallel idea of "spreadability. " It's becoming increasingly apparent that if media doesn't spread today, it's dead--like a film/song/book/work of art/best practice no-one sees/hears/reads/studies/tries. So while there's a damage of control in allowing your audience to control and pass along one's creative effort, there's also an expanded opportunity that it will uncover new followers and be more broadly acclaimed than if you protect it and jeopardize users for "stealing it. " Corporations, institutions, colleges and other power buildings are starting to recognize that.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this "Spreadable Media" may be slow to generate reviews with the pure breadth of their research. My personal reason for reading "Spreadable Media" was to create company neighborhoods where members will move along content to co-workers and customers to increase product knowledge and benefits and eventually to increase sales. Some of the most insightful information I've read about this subject should indeed be covered in this book. The authors represent "lurkers" (the bane of online communities the location where the vast majority of members who only consume others' information without contributing any of their own) as only learning and biding their time until they too understand the rules and commence to participate. In Chapter 5 they even identify what makes materials sharable. This will help me personally to completely rethink the development of content rather than just to focus on why community members are either engaged delete word.

The particular density issue comes into play, however, as they go through a variety of entertainment, mass-media examples about how precisely and why we are all moving in the direction of spreadability. These illustrations are interesting to consider but can be difficult to digest. There are probably few readers who have all these viewpoints who can follow these various threads. So if the authors have done anything "wrong" available it is merely the amount of commentary on how much our culture is changing to address ways that we learn across all aspects of our lifestyles. In synopsis then, "Spreadable Media" is a great book but prepare yourself for some pretty deep but original thinking as Jenkins, Honda and Green argue for the increasingly networked world all of us are living in., This specific is a fantastic volume that should be required reading for anybody studying the media. While I would have liked to see more dialogue of the public ball and the implications of the media environment for the evolution of politics processes and systems, the authors are more interested in culture which is clear given their collective past work. And while We may disagree with minimal points throughout the publication, it is a fantastic read that motivates you to truly think about the implications of the altering media environment, Jenkins reinforces his thesis of participative and convergence culture, adding now the idea of spreadable media. People take advantage of digital devices to distribute their artifacts particularly in social platforms, opening chances to build learning neighborhoods, fans activities, globalized actions (grassroots) etc. He attempts to maintain highly critical view, avoiding to uncover alternative paths where there aren't. Especially he cultivates profoundly critical position in face of capitalism's market forces, since these are determined to monetize all social platforms in the name of private income. Well documented in empirical cases and media releases, this book reveals great research talent, critical balance, very good theorizing understanding, and future vision., Outstanding compilation of case studies and thinking about how precisely messages spread. The authors intelligently mix approaches from economics, marketing, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and mass communication to help us understand why messages spread. The dialogue of fan issues and participatory culture are especially illuminating.

It does to usually focus on video examples and entertainment fan communities, however. As a journalist and mass-comm researcher, I would have appreciated more community-oriented examples (as Clay Shirky uses in " Here Comes Everybody" ), but overall, that is a thought-provoking publication about today's media environment. And I loved the e-book " extra" works from other authors., This guide examines the concept of viral media and states for an alternative paradigm based on participatory culture and fandom, where people choose to spread ideas and their interests to other people. It's a interesting book that presents an alternative perspective on marketing, but also on take culture studies, bringing those studies to the modern world by focusing on the role of social media within pop culture. If you are interested in take culture, you'll find this guide useful for understanding how pop culture spreads and if you are interested in marketing this book provides a different perspective to the prevailing wisdom of the time., An e book that was ahead of its time., One of the better media books I've read. Very accessible., For Media Studies teachers in particular, this guide will not disappoint. A wealth of useful new reception principle so that you can digest and bring in into the lessons. Also a must for digital literacy, media literacy people with whole school roles too.

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