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To summarize the book says as the best you have to have the genes. The book seems to layout that 1) you need good genes like being able to transport o2 to your body a lot better than normal 2) be raised is the right environment like being raised in a high altitude to develop bigger lungs and 3) practice which is the least important of the three. Depending how much of the first 2 you have will determine how most of 3 (practice) you need before you become great. Exciting examples that seem to be to go on a little by the conclusion of the book. Not a publication to get if you are looking for ideas how to improve being an athlete. The book is a great supplement to other publications like The Talent Code and Outliers which kind of imply that 10, 000 hours of practice is needed. The Sports Gene says you could be a master in 3, 000 hours or flat out there never depending on what genetics you have., I first learned of this publication from Paul Harvey's syndicated radio spot. I was so intrigued by the topic because of my own athletic background (as paltry as it may be) and my passionate interest in sports. I wanted to know very well what this publication had to offer to the argument of foster versus nature.

David Epstein does a fantastic job digging in to the argument and unearthing qualified evidence to support both sides. He remains objective and professional all through the entire treatise. Within the 280 or so pages he spans the globe, ranges the sports landscape and spans the genetic chart to find out what makes superior athletes superior athletes. He or she interviews scientists, authors, professors, trainers and athletes. He or she references research from many different scientists and scientists to support their claim of genetics or environment or history or other. I've never had such a thorough lesson in genes and gene mutations.

But don't let the content intimidate you or scare you into assuming that this book is drab and reads such as a text book. It is very interesting and utilizes a somewhat storytelling style to convey the facts, opinions and anecdotal evidences. It was very interesting to read how certain genetics were found in certain athletes or how poverty or lack thereof can lead to athletics. Poverty and the absence of facilities and training has hindered some nations and riches has hindered others! Yes, when you have cars, plenty of food and video games with no need to walk to school and no interest in working as there is no need to--then your nation will lose runners.

It was great to read the several ideas, their evidence and their conclusions. I believe David performed a very objective and fair job in presenting everything there was to provide. Even the conclusions he presented in a very non-biased way and leaving behind them open for the reader. Ultimately there are so many factors that go into being a superior athlete that no person thing can be pointed to but it is just not stop us from trying to find out., Any time Malcolm Gladwell popularized the concept that practicing ten, 000 hours was the key to talent, the egalitarian in all of us jumped for pleasure. The only thing separating me from being Padraig harrington or Yo Yo Mother was practice. It was beautiful. It affirmed that we were all the same and capable of greatness. But we all knew there had to be an unspoken asterisk to Gladwell's idea, particularly when it came to athleticism. Go to a coach station and look around. Usually are we really all in a position of being Michael Jordan?

In David Epstein's TYPICALLY THE SPORTS GENE our bodies' diversity and limits are encoded in the very cells we're born with. The book is complete and far-reaching. It's an exciting (and ominous) time in the science of genetics, and Epstein's research sizzles with the breakthroughs and questions that are escalating every year. Within minute detail, he deconstructs the science revealing what distinguishes an Olympic gold medalist from my Great aunt Linda with the sluggish eye and buttocks-softened sofa.

The book's most stimulating aspect is its search of the innate variations between genders and contests. This is where Epstein deserves a lot of credit - he boldly plows through the briar patch and comes out there unscathed on the other side. With Kenyan runners dominating marathons and sportsmen of African descent showing statistical superiority over a range of sports, everybody knows there needs to be something to the idea that there is a genetic element of athletic prowess. Epstein delves into the subject and offers objective reasons for the phenomenon.

The writing is bumpy at times. E. g. "Like soaring fighter jets, no person participates for too long without an injury. " (Uhh... ) Writing an e book about genetics for the typical viewer is challenging given the complexity of the topic. TYPICALLY THE SPORTS GENE does sometimes slip into wonk - boredom and wonk being conjoined twins.

Despite the fact that Usain Bolt has a genetic proneness for athleticism, Epstein never says that people can't make astounding improvements through training and determination. All men might not be created equal, as it seems in TYPICALLY THE SPORTS GENE, but that doesn't imply that 10, 000 hours would be a waste of time.

A good and worthwhile addition to the issue of genetics., I am both a sports fan and a devoted reader of Malcolm Gladwell. I've read almost all of MG's books and enjoy the way in which he works numbers and science into fascinating stories. David Epstein's 'The Sports Gene' is better than anything I've read from MG.

A new radio interview prompted myself to buy the publication. DE displayed a enthusiastic understanding of a field that may be experiencing the most rapid scientific development: genetics. While his focus is on the nature/nurture debate in sports, DE simplifies the role genetics play in most aspect of our health.

DE is very thoughtful in handling issues around race and athleticism. He doesn't make-believe there are easy answers, but ducks none of the questions.

I expected this book to be informative; I didn't expect it to be so entertaining.

DE is an ex-jock with a comprehensive understanding of sports. Most importantly, he's a great story-teller. 'TSG' smoothly transitions in one sport to another, comprising decades of amateur and professional athletics.

This is the type of book I'd buy for a rabid sporting activities fan like my daddy and encourage my mother to read after he's done.

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