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Once you learn anything about hermit crabs probably you are aware that they are now living in empty snail shells that they wear to protect their tender parts, and you may know that eventually they outgrow the shell that they are moving into and have to look for a bigger one. If the hermit crab who is buying a new home finds a clear shell, explores it and finds that it is too big, he does not merely sigh and head on down the line, he is located down and waits. Other hermit crabs will take notice of the situation, come over and have a look at the vacant shell, and all serious crabs will then form a line in size order, biggest nearest the empty shell. Eventually a hermit crab will come along, find that the empty shell is a perfect fit, abandon the shell this individual came in, and move in. The first crab in-line will move into the shell he just abandoned, the next crab will move into the shell that one leaves right behind, and so-on down the line. Every crab in line gets a perfectly-fitting new home.

This really is the very first thing I learned after i opened Spirals in Period at random and read a page or maybe more, to see if it was a book I would be interested in reading. If you are buying a typical seashell book, filled with masterful color photographs of intricately-patterned shells, this is most definitely not the publication for you. If you are enough of a naturalist to be interested in learning that the intricate shell designs could have served as a memory-aide to the shell maker, helping him create his shell in good order, or in learning that the rasping tooth of the limpet are made of an iron compound that is the hardest biological material known, or in finding away that the marine snail called the giant triton eats tire-sized, poisonous, coral-reef-destroying crown of thorns starfish, then you will probably enjoy reading Spirals in Time. Author Helen Weighing scales states just enough about each of the many subjects in the book to spark curiosity, and if you have all the curiosity as I do you will discover yourself checking google to find out more, and to look at pictures of the quite shells. However with so many subjects covered, the reader may find interest waxing and waning – I actually, for instance, was curious when learning about some of the details of what is known or suspected about the development of mollusks (spell check insists on “mollusk” while google is apparently just as set on “mollusc”) but found myself much less interested in the details of commercial shellfish farming., A new wonderful, fascinating read. Being a kid, I was taken on trips to collect fossils with my daddy. The 'secret life' of shelled and unshelled mollusks through time should indeed be a fascinating one, and Sue Scales does a spectacular job writing a variety of chapters that amuse, intrigue and inform. Very recommended, even to a layperson., This book is filled with fascinating facts, enough to make you want to go to the beach right now. But it is also a bad-news bringer, I the grim conversation about the probable future of the shelled animals that may or might not exactly survive or adapt to higher ocean acidity., Excellent! Must read if you have any curiosity or attraction to sea covers., Brilliant. Studied. Perfectly written., Good book, but I actually expected more pictures., Spirals in Time: The Magic formula Life and Curious What bodes of Seashells by Sue Scales is a very highly recommended, fascinating nonfiction book about conchology, and, honestly, who doesn't appreciate seashells? (Just a quick glance through my home can make it evidently evident that I do. ) " Members of the phylum Mollusca are among the most ancient animals on earth. Their shells provide homes for other animals, and across the ages, people have used shells not only as trinkets but also as a type of money, and as powerful icons of sex and death, prestige and war. "

Spirals in Time is not only interesting and entertaining, it is also a thoroughly engaging look at the history, the field of biology and the scientists (and mathematicians) who study seashells, generally mollusks. The information is presented through stories and personal experience. As creator Helen Scales writes in her introduction: " This book is made up of my choice of shell stories, ones that with each other paint a picture of a remarkable company of animals along with some of the more offbeat, forgotten and little-known tales of how those covers have made their way into the human world. "

Scales is a marvellous story teller. Her sound science and knowledge of the subject make a difference combined with the capability to present the information in an entertaining and interesting manner made Spirals with time an utterly delightful and accessible book. She has some great stories to tell that just happen to move along a bountiful amount of information.

Disclosure: Our Kindle edition was courtesy of Bloomsbury USA for review purposes.

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