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If you are male or female, this specific book does a very great job of explaining the particular philosophy behind wicca/witchcraft and how it diverges from organized religion. It also does an exceptionally good job regarding explaining how organized faith has conspired during the last a number of centuries to oppress women and convince us that we are second class citizens who must submit to an exclusive group of men who claim to end up being religious authorities. Unfortunately, a lot of the " feminist" and pro-equality content tackled in this book is still heavily relevant today, 40 years after the publication, especially considering that the activities of the 2016 election and now suffering beneath a president who coldly disrespects and objectifies women on a regular foundation.

I believe this is a new must read for every person of both genders that cares about equality for women, since you must understand how this inequality came into being in the first place in order in order to take action against it. As Starhawk points out, patriarchal organized religion (Christianity, Islam, etc but most remarkably Christianity since it is the most insidious) is ENTIRELY to blame for the subjugation of women. Even if you avoid want to be a new witch, I would recommend reading this specific book to inform oneself about what exactly Christianity has been doing to us above the last several hundreds of years of forced submission in order to misogynists who appoint themselves to positions of religious and political power after which make use of their political capacity to force their blatantly discriminatory women-hating religious beliefs on us all as a societal norm. Starhawk also explains how the inquisitions and the witch hunts were nothing more than a way for guys to silence the sturdy willed and intelligent women that threatened their illegitimate self-appointed authority.

I provided this book 4 stars as opposed to 5 because is actually mostly simply a spell manual with pages and web pages of prayers to replicate word for word and rituals written out inside play format with every coven member's " lines. " I wasn't planning on over fifty percent the book in order to be a set of lines to read out noisy by rote with the particular coven you probably don't have got. I would have enjoyed to read more regarding Wicca as a method for undoing the damage Christianity offers single handedly completed the particular collective female unconscious., Acquired this for a fantastic niece who wanted info on the practice of WICCA, and I know this specific to be the standard on the particular subject. It is such as given a young female Our Bodies Our Selves for her 18th birthday!, It's great? What can I say that hasn't already been mentioned?, I am pretty sure this is widely known and popular already... I was a fan myself, also, now. I think this specific is a great guide for the beginner in order to Paganism!!, So far We am enjoying this guide., A very complex guide, for someone that offers been studying Wicca and has a good understanding., I didn't know a lot concerning the Craft, when We went to a meeting inside a nearby college; mostly hearsay. But Starhawk trained me everything I needed to learn in her first book. I still consider of the Craft since knowledge and beauty hidden mostly in Nature. Within fact I see absolutely no way one can separate the particular two. I loaned out there so many of this first book, when I startred teaching, that I zero longer have any. The majority of didn't keep coming back. I have got the 2nd edition nevertheless , and it seems quite much just like the first. Now i'm thinking of ordering the particular newest one as properly., I feel that I am creating a slightly redundant overview.

This book is extremely well-written. The magical workouts as well as the magical world-view is very well explained.

As for the historical validity, I am not also concerned, as people will make up their particular heads.

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