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Index Gwen is an incredibly good series. Volume 0 is amazing, and a must-read. Volume 1, when the standard series began, is good, but doesn't have the narrative flair and style of the miniseries that is collected in Volume 0. Volume 2 swings the other way (pun intended), with dispersed plot points and unpredictable characters. This battle versus the Punisher is fairly unsatisfying. It really isn't a mature story.

There are numerous great moments and details, and the art is stunning (though once or two times some panels are creatively incoherent). If the first two volumes got you addicted, you will enjoy this one., As one of the their reviewers mentioned, this doesn't occur right after the previous Spider-Gwen tpb so be sure you obtain the Spider Women tpb to fill in the gaps. There is a one page summary at the beginning of this volume but not enough to really make clear it all plus the Index Women tpb is quite enjoyable. Not as pleasurable as this though. Much better than the other tpbs of the series with a tale that retains progressing throughout the whole volume level (outside of the Halloween short but hey mysterio! ). The story is more about the Punisher pursuing Gwen with both Abgefahren tech hand cannons and help from Kraven. The particular series dialogue is always on point and the art and colors are as vibrant and well done as ever. Hope the series continues pushing forwards., Previously in Spider Gwen, Cindy-65 mananged to take away her powers and tried to take an aresenal of weapons from Earth-616. Silk, Spider Lady and Spider Gwen stopped her with the help of Agent Jesse Drew who had recently been working together with Cindy because this individual believed that she was keeping him alive with a cure. When he found out that he experienced been cured a long time ago he let them know where to find Cindy and helped bring the girl down and she is now in the custody of Earth-65's SHIELD. Jesse provided Spider Gwen some isotopes that will give the girl some spider powers if she injects them into herself. But she only has so many. Index Woman tries to persuade her to give up her life as Spider Gwen and live a regular life, but Gwen doesn't want to.

And in a means the lady can't. When the Martha Janes take her for a night on the town to try to cheer her up they end up at the new Dollar Dog. A man decides to stay up the place and Gwen is thinking about using one of her isotopes when Detective Frank Castle strolls in and takes treatment of the guy. He then zeroes in on Gwen and tells her this individual knows who she actually is. Then he tosses the girl across the room. Gwen injects their self and picks Castle upwards and tosses him away the window. Now the girl friends are wondering if she is Spider Gwen.

Gwen heads to the girl dad's home after saving a pizza delivery guy from being robbed. The lady tells her father what has happened. He shows her that she is going to need the girl powers if Frank Castle is gunning for the girl. And she will. Castle is teamed up with Kraven the Hunter. Kraven used to be a part of Stark's bloodthirsty mercenaries known as CONFLICT MACHINE. While in this capacity he met Outspoken Castle who was a soldier. A secret bloodstream debt was made between the two men and given that Castle needs Kraven he could be here to help him hunt down Spider Gwen. Many animals invade Captain Stacey's house. Gwen is unable to inject their self with an isotope. Aunt Mae from next door comes over to help and the three of them manage to fight the animals. Kraven and Castle show up and Stacey knocks Castle out. Gwen knocks her dad away who is trying to get her to leave and trust the police to do the right thing when Gwen knows they can't.

Gwen will take them to see Reed Richards to correct her isotope injector and finds out that one is missing. What will Kraven and Castle do with that isotope? Is there anyone Gwen can turn to for help or is she combating this fight alone? The particular plot is fantastic and the dark blue and violent red colors go well with the dark storyline. Incorporated is a comic that happens on Halloween where Gwen and the Martha Janes go trick or treating and wind upwards at the haunted Carnival. Will the trick be on them?, I can say enough good things about this series. The character is great, the artwork is great, the story is great. The particular alternate universe frees you as the reader from having to know 50+ year's of comic history, and in turn sets the article writer free as well. Index -Gwen has become the only Marvel book sick read., Some of the issues were a little upwards and down, but SpiderGwen Vol2 is still fresh and compelling. i really enjoy the fact that the writers will take real dangers in this sandbox. In addition, there are always plenty of Easter eggs and inside jokes for the big fans., Spider-Gwen should be one of the very most relatable heroes in print today and my personal favorite. If if you're a fan of the other books you will enjoy this one. It picks up after the events in the Spider-women cross over TPB so you may want to check that out before reading this, however I don't feel is actually entirely necessary to understand what's going on., Story is great and got it the next day even though it's a two day shipping. I'm looking forward to collecting the series. But am confused about gwen start as spiderwoman, Volume one is issues 1-6, volume 2 is issues 9-13. Needless to say, I'm just a little peeved. But I love Spider-Gwen (and Jason Latour), so I'm not going to rake this over the coals, even though I had created love to. I'm going to hope my local comic shop has issues 7 and 8. Now i'm not sure why this was done. I didn't check before I bought this, because I've never encountered a continuity issue with volumes. That itself warrants 1 star, but I rated the story not the publishers faulty planning.

The story itself is... unsatisfactory. I'm probably a little biased, because I was at first very confused credited to the missing issues. SPOILERS AHEAD BE WARNED. Volume 2 starts off with Gwen having lost her powers, seeking help from other spiders. I found myself wondering the whole time " How performed she lose her powers? When are you going to tell me? Now i'm dying to know here. " Well, I never found out! So Now i'm going to assume that's in issues 7 and 8. Or possibly another story line. Anyways, throughout the story they show The Punisher stalking Gwen. That has been eh. The fight they ended up having was eh. I wasn't completely in to the whole story. Again, and I'm sorry to repeat myself, it's probably due to a confusion over her without having powers. I wanted that question to be answered before we went on to other battles.

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