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I will start by saying that I received an ARCH of this book in exchange for a good and honest review.

Now that that's out of the way... I adored this guide. I thought Old Ruins was fantastic, so obviously jumped at the opportunity to get an ARC of the sequel. The tale picks up pretty much right where Ancient Damages left off, and evolves from there. Pretty much every time Phynis and Sistina were alone they proceeded to be ridiculously adorable. Just how they handled things with the Jewels, while mostly left to background, was well done.

Kelvanis continues to be nasty and thoroughly unpleasant, though it would appear all is not quite as it seems on that front. Further insight into Sistina and who the lady once was is given, and contained a pair of surprises, at least for me. The turn definitely raised some questions I can wait to read the answers to.

Simply by the ending of the book, the board has been set for a pretty major confrontation, that will have dramatic repercussions regardless of which way things go (though one would desire it will eventually go well for our heroes ultimately, certainly! ) and I eagerly await the conclusion in Halls of Power., We just recently read book one and was really excited to learn book two was coming out so quickly. This book, and the series, is very good. There is certainly growth in the characters, a complex world, good bad guys, bad good guys plus some really cool magic.

Read the test of this book, you ending up buying it and impatiently wait for the next one!!, We gave this book the highest rating because it will EVERYTHING right.

The particular characters have personalities and depth and you see them grow with the story. The main antagonist is not one-dimensional evil guy, and you may appreciate why he chose the means to his end.

The particular story is well crafted. Even though there are gods and high magic there's no impression of anything being over powered. Every power has a cost and preparation behind it. The pace is steady and never uninteresting, jumping between all the characters so that you know of, or at least get glimpses, into all the political and magic machinations occurring in this tale., Potential to be a 5 star book but falls short. The characters were difficult to relate to. Only the main figure Sistina engaged my interest and that is likely because she unfolded as she remembers more of her past. I disliked the first book because evil was done and not punished. While We realize this may be reality it aggravates me personally reading stories when this happens. We am also particularly frustrated by forced sex/rape. Sapphic love does not take the time me and was dealt with discreetly. In second book some come uppence is delivered. Sistina seems to be her own biggest enemy as nobody else can match her in her domain. Her biggest weakness is incomplete memories and he or she cannot safely leave her domain.

The side plot of a dungeon with creatures and prizes for eradicating a level seems foolish. It only makes sense as a launch for game. This book is better than merely a release pad and this dungeon stuff just distracts and confuses.

The most irritating thing concerning this series is that the books do not really stand by yourself, coming to no ending point. Consequently if the author wanted ot distribute this as a three set she should have presented all three books We would therefore suggest you wait until all three textbooks are out and determine if you would like to commit to reading three books. It actually seems like it might be worthwhile. I hope the author does not renege and decide to try and lengthen this into more books, milking the series. Assuming the 3 rd book relates to a conclusive ending I could recommend this series., This is a quite wild take on the dungeon genre. The world and politics surrounding it are extremely well fleshed away. I feel this second book spent a little less time giving enemy points of view which I much appreciated. The whole enslavement and identity death stuff certainly helps it be evident who the bad guy is. Yet even then there is nuance and redeeming qualities.

All in all, great stuff, looking forward to the next book., To give perspective on my reviews, RAH's " The Celestial satellite is a Harsh Mistress", and the majority of his other published works, are 5 Star works of speculative fiction. Weber's " Honor of the Queen" is a great 4 Star book.

For Mr. Medrano, We can easily assign a 4 Star review.

Mr. Medrano is an expert with his chosen tool, the written English language. No missing letters, no missing words, the correct spelling of " their" and " there" in context. And he actually knows the correct use of " then" and " than".

The particular plot is complex, the tiny details make the tale line interesting. The characters are diverse and well developed as individuals.

We look forward to the next volume., The overarching storyline is good. However on the whole the author manoeuvres the characters into the desired positions (to progress the story) by making them overly naive. This results in an antagonist who easily succeeds in everything he does, except when he Faces the leading part. Because then there are no limits to what can occur. A very good example is the deal including the two royals. Just the reasoning how the two royals ending up in the hands of the antagonist is a little simplified and unlikely and way to much the same as the antagonist wanted. Additionally the transforming of the two is littered by naive and gullable behaviour. We are speaking about an elfen california king, somebody who ruled for years, maybe even centuries and she just takes the bath because she would like to please someone the lady shouldnt even be having faith in at all. And regrettably this is simply not the exeption to the rule, but the rule in this tale. That makes this tale 3 stars and never 5.

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