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We read a great package and constantly have too much to learn, so We have gone through a lot of speed reading stuff--videos, books, software, you name it. And I retained getting frustrated as it had not been working like it was supposed to. Now, thanks a lot to David Butler, We know why.

Anybody desires to learn speed reading, I suggest they go through his book first. (I certainly wish We had. ) That way when they start coming across weird eye motion training, or odd things you can do with their hands on the page, or instructions to read without understanding (which by some wonderful process is supposed to kick in later), and so on, they will have a decent context for it. I am going to not judge anyone who gets value from that stuff, but it didn't work away for me.

btw - This states I am critiquing the Kindle version. Possibly my mistake, but it's too much of an inconvenience to fix this. We did obtain the Kindle version, but I acquired the printed version, too. And that's the one We read. Good thing, too, because I was able to mark it up.

Brian Butler's concept of " speed comprehension" works significantly, far better. Also, this individual switches into lots of conversations related to speed reading, a brief history of it, how the mind processes information, and so on.

We read one chapter a day--very carefully--in order to let the exercise at the finish (which We read twice) call and make an accumulated effect. As there are twenty chapters, that required twenty days. I like my progress and enhancement so much, I will do it all over for another round. As a bonus, there are a lot timeless classics (which he used for the exercises--he used the first 1, 000 words of each) I now want to read. Also, there are other texts formatted by him and he has a free online training software that I want to get back to (after screwing it up to start with a couple of years ago).

The reason I'm not jumping straight into the excess stuff right now after reading Butler's book is the fact his novelty method of alternating black with gray text in order to emphasize conceptual groupings of words on the webpage is clever, also it probably helped, but I did not find it essential to increasing my reading. My conceptual groupings appear to drop naturally to slightly bigger amounts of words than his. Still, I use the same idea and it is extremely powerful.

Frankly, after one failed try after another at velocity reading, I'm relieved to discover that I'm not ridiculous or mentally deficient. (At least not because of speed reading trouble.: ) ) That alone is worth the value of this book. But it's good to know I can improve my reading--both speed and comprehension--for real, as We have already done. Not super-speeds, but solid. It can also good to know I will improve even more over time with this system and, based on my own experience, know it will continue to work., Method does work and has helped my reading improve. I really do recommend this book, I founded it highly articulated and getting together wisdom and information., Easy to understand and provides great reading examples to practice with. Illustrations are excerpts from Traditional books! Great way to speed up reading speed! May get eliminate ALL the other books of this kind!, It is a great book with a powerful message. By the finish of the book my speed increased by 20%., very helpful enjoyed the exercises, Very interesting view on comprehension and basic reading problems.
Wisely written, nice to read., I have tried all the speed reading plans. That one is different, starting with concentration rather than speed. Worth the price just for the historical past chapters.

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