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I really like the Dover Thrift Editions - they are so affordable and comprise truly great classics of literature. I have been slowly collecting the series and "Great Speeches and toasts by Native Americans" is one of my most favorite in the series. This contains about 82 speeches and toasts that cover approximately five centuries of history of the encounters between Indigenous Americans and non-indigenous people.

The collection of speeches and toasts here range from emotionally stirring speeches by great leaders of the Indigenous Americans such as Red Cloud's "The Great Spirit Made Us Both" in 1870 and Sitting Bull's "The Life My Individuals Want is a Life of Freedom" in 1882, to lesser known orators and even unnamed ones. Each speech is forwent by the context in which it was handed, which provides valuable historical insight in and of itself.

This can be a must-read volume that will give you insights into the Native American culture and history. It should also be required reading in schools., I have kept this on my Kindle because I keep going back and forth between a few of my native history publications a family history and this book and frequently I go to one of some other because of what was stated in one of the speeches it helps focus my research in certain eras. I relate to it on several occasions because of what was said by these great people is beneficial for us today. Great good., Great selections, and at the right price! However, If only that Blaisdell had simply given more context for every single speech. Because it stands, this collection is a fine source of understanding the native's perspective on American history, as well as crucial events and wars. Although it can far from perfect when one considers the chance of important ideas and qualities disappearing in translation from the native's language to English. This is an important issue which Blaisdell completely fails to discuss in the introductory note., This collection of speeches was good from the perspective of what the native Americans wanted. Which was only to be left for their lands and not encroached after by settlers. In only a few instances was this varied from. The publication gives good insight but the eloquence of speech and vocabulary bring to question the accuracy of the transcription., ALL politicians should read this book and of course others also. This amazes me
we called the Indigenous Americans 'savages. ' Reading through these speeches one is amazed at the eloquence and depth of personality presented. These men got heart, soul, spiritual awareness. I read once these people were right brain dominated rather than our Western, left brain dominance. This particular becomes clear with every speech. Their link with Mom Earth very real. Their understanding of the surroundings real. It truly is shameful what we did to people. Why we you do not have a few on our case I'll never know. Read these speeches and then you'll know what kind of leader you must election for in the future., Excellent history collection probably not compiled like this anywhere before. Common twine in most all the speeches, from the first to the most recent. The " common thread" is not something that we as a country should be proud of, but is the truth., If you believe the stereotypical view of us all as Native Americans; that we were iliterate savages. If you believe we needed to be preserved from our own savagery by the benevolence of Europeans. Read this., This guide is most informative and shows how really
horrible the white settlers were. The Indians were
innocent people used and abused by white people.
This book should be in High Schools for kids to

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